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Kansas Senator Roger Marshall (Shutterstock)
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[Kansas Senator Roger] Marshall and his colleagues further warn the rule will “circumvent the U.S. Congress” by working around passed and signed gun-control legislation with “administrative action,” according to the letter.

“The administration has stated its intent to ‘move the U.S. as close to universal background checks as possible without additional legislation.’ But Congress has not authorized universal background checks, and the administration does not have the authority to impose this policy unilaterally,” the letter read. …

The senators argued that the proposal misinterprets the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act’s language in order to place firearm purchases under the ATF’s purview. Notably, the rule ignores the legislation’s exemption for a person who occasionally engages in firearm transactions from being labeled a firearms dealer.

“Make no mistake — Congress has not authorized the creation of a universal background check system, but that isn’t stopping anti-Second Amendment ATF bureaucrats from trying to create that power for themselves. Not on my watch,”  Marshall told National Review in an emailed statement.

“These radical gun control activists are desperate to strip law-abiding gun owners of their rights. Democrats are weaponizing the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act and purposefully misinterpreting the bill’s language to desperately push their anti-gun agenda. Our Second Amendment rights are under attack,” he added. “The Biden Administration has openly admitted they plan to implement as much gun control as possible without congressional authorization, and with the New Mexico Governor’s recent ban on guns in Albuquerque, it has never been more urgent that we stand up for law-abiding gun owners and protect our Second Amendment rights.”

— David Zimmermann in GOP Senators Demand ‘Immediate Withdrawal’ of DOJ’s Proposed Gun-Control Regulation

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  1. Cornyn has been weak or complete disaster on some very important issues. He needs to be replaced post hast with a true conservative loyal Texan American.

  2. If I recall correctly there were 15 Republican Senators voting FOR that POS including the
    “Turtle”, Roy Blunt (Missouri) and RINO Romney it passed by 6 votes which means even a significant number of Democrats voted NO on that assault on our God given rights… All 15 of those traitorous fuks need to be primaried (except Big Mitt, who has already announced he’s not running again)…

    Roy Blunt, Missouri
    Richard Burr, North Carolina
    Shelley Moore Capito, West Virginia
    Bill Cassidy, Louisiana
    Susan Collins, Maine
    John Cornyn, Texas
    Joni Ernst, Iowa
    Lindsey Graham, South Carolina
    Mitch McConnell, Kentucky
    Lisa Murkowski, Alaska
    Rob Portman, Ohio
    Mitt Romney, Utah
    Thom Tillis, North Carolina
    Pat Toomey, Pennsylvania
    Todd Young, Indiana

    • Primaried is not the answer. It gives them an out to continue their traitorous ideology. There is a process in place for those who commit treason against the Constitution. It just needs to be implemented.

    • I believe that a few of those senators have already announced their intention to retire or not run again. Cornyn is one.

      It’s also difficult to unseat an incumbent in the general, let alone the primary.

      • Portman is already out, having “retired” and been replaced by Vance. Vance talks a better talk, but he’s still working on his pudding recipe, so we shall see.

      • Looks like Senator (D) Menendez is toast after his indictment today. The new York Prosecutor for the Southern District pretty much layed the evidence on the table and didn’t hold anything back, this time. Unlike in 2015.

        • NY jury will probably Acquit or Be Hung….Conviction Unlikely, although remotely possible. This might even be a democrat attempt to “clear” him by rigging the jury with loyal crats.

    • The blame needs to be laid at Senate Republican leaders feet, especially Mitch McConnell. He is the leader, he could have told them all no way, but I think he was basically instructing Cornyn and crew to go ahead and get this done.

      It passed at the same time the Bruen results came in, and he was crowing about a double victory, both against and for gun control!

  3. U.S. citizens should not fear the government, apparently Joe missed that memo because today more U.S. citizens fear the United States government than at any time in U.S. history.

    Its not just the 2A. Its all areas and rights under attack by Biden and democrats and unfortunately there are those who are too stupid to realize it and want to help them do it. Say for example, the democrats get their way with establishing a precedent that, say, the first amendment can be controlled by government to prevent firearms companies from advertising – its not about firearms, its about government having control over a constitutional right which is something they were never suppose to have it sets the precedent that they can control any constitutional right. What is it in the left-wing crazy that makes them think a rogue republican or democrat might not use that precedent of ‘government control of first amendment’ for their own pet project to prevent and persecute display of, that near and dear to liberals now trans in public or pro-abortion protests? (yes, there are democrats and republican politicians that don’t agree with abortion or trans). Or what happens when the 4th amendment government control precedent is gained by government under red flag pretense and it gets expanded at some point by a rogue republican or democrat politician to include journalist or others who say things the government doesn’t like so suddenly your door gets kicked in and you get hauled off to a jail cell with no due process under a ‘red flag’ pretense?

    There is a reason the founders basically said “this is the Constitution, these are the peoples rights, don’t mess with either.”

    • You are absolutely correct. Never was a politician born that would pass an opportunity to corrupt, pervert, or twist a law to their own purpose. A politician to crying about “intent of the law” is an automatic hypocrite alert.

    • .40 cal Booger,

      What you said is all well and good (and accurate even).

      Nevertheless, your commentary implies that our detractors have some level of rational thought and/or respect for fellow human beings–also known as “common decency”–and that we can likely “right the ship” going forward if we simply appeal to our detractors’ common decency.

      I do not agree that our detractors will respond to appeals to common decency for the simple fact that our detractors lack common decency–every bit as much as a violent rapist lacks common decency. Tragically, our detractors want what they want and everything is on the table–just like everything is on the table for a violent rapist.

      While we can certainly plead our human decency to the masses and our detractors, we must recognize that pleading our case is simply declaring our justification for responding with force to our detractors who attempt to violate us, rather than a defense against our detractors. (This is a parallel to our nation’s Declaration of Independence, “… a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”)

      • “Nevertheless, your commentary implies that our detractors have some level of rational thought and/or respect for fellow human beings–also known as “common decency”–and that we can likely “right the ship” going forward if we simply appeal to our detractors’ common decency.”

        Not trying to imply that at all. Its well known for a 100% fact that “our detractors” have no level of “rational thought and/or respect for fellow human beings–also known as ‘common decency’. Its so well known and obvious that I did not feel a need to say it in anyway.

  4. RE: “it has never been more urgent that we stand up for law-abiding gun owners and protect our Second Amendment rights.”

    Had Chip Roy not stood following Uvalde and Defined Gun Control by its History matters would be much worse. So if you want to stand for the 2A then Define Gun Control by its History for America’s spoon fed Gun Control History illiterate masses…They need to react to Gun Control the same way they react to seeing Gun Control’s sidekick mr. noose.

  5. So, how do you go about stuffing the Genie back in the bottle ?… I must have missed reading that particular fairytale as a kid, but I clearly remember the saying “No
    ‘good’ deed goes unpunished”
    Thanks, rinos.

    • That was one of the mantras of a certain office administrator I had to deal with. She would have made a good lackey for Stalin because she openly stated “show me the person and I’ll show you the crime” and believe that contacts, especially employment contracts, were made to be broken. No wonder the company ceases to exist

  6. Cornyn has never hidden his strategic wording of the bills he helped craft. Make no mistake, he has always been as anti-gun as possible to get some pork from the Democrats and still get re-elected.

    The problem is the other stupid Republicans either not reading before voting or failing to understand how new laws could be interpreted.

  7. Gutfeld: Who is this clown? (only first half of video needed… but did you know a trans Ukrainian military spokes-critter answered to the American taxpayer…watch video to see the crazy)

  8. Richard Burr is no longer in office.
    Ted Budd is now Senator. He’s an
    FFL and owns a gun store. Tillis the RINO voted for it.

  9. Republicans seem not to understand that ANY support for Democrat legislation is a fools errand. The Dems block vote everything.

  10. You mean cucking to the myths of bi-partisanship and compromise didn’t turn him into a glorious hero for the ages like Romney or Ryan? I’m shocked. Shocked these clowns still buy into this ancient nonsense of compromise and bi-partisanship.

    You can’t compromise with your adversary and the only time there’s ever been real bi-partisanship is when it screws the people and benefits the globalists see NAFTA, Patriot Act, constantly dumping cash into warzones, etc….

  11. Do you think Larry Keane and the NSSF will eventually “Wake Up” to their folly in supporting Cornyn and his fellow backstabbers in pushing this Bill through?

    They gave them all A-grades on their legislative report cards for last year just a few months after the Law was Rammed through by them and then said that the Bi-partisan Safer Communities Act was “not used in the calculations” for those report cards. That’s coming right out and saying they didn’t believe the measure was a bad thing and tantamount to support. We should all know that Keane and the NSSF fully support Redflag and Safe-storage laws so they were behind the scenes of this disaster whether they come right out and say it or not.


    Put the blame squarely on the shoulders of the “Firearms Industry Representative Group” that stabbed us all and the 2A in the back last year.

  12. “Some Senators Waking Up to the Disaster”

    Yeah, so what? Too late to do anything about it now. I can’t bring myself to believe they actually care anyway, it’s all grandstanding. Agree with .40cal that all rights are under attack from the left, including the very foundations of the constitution. When you point it out to a leftist, they believe it’s for the public good so it’s OK. You can’t fix that kind of stupid. Look back to the anti-smoking campaign for the start of most of the “public health bans because I don’t like it” mentality.

  13. Yawn.

    Letters from a random gaggle of legislators, to any executive department are routinely, and easily ignored. Especially when such letters come from the party majority in congress who act like the minority.

  14. Never fear, Bribems “Office of Gun Violence Prevention” has been placed in the very capable hands of VP Kamaltoe… Judging from her stellar performance as the “Border Czar” the world can rest easier tonight… Just another bureaucratic money pit…

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