Social Contagion: Colorado Springs Police Arrest Trans Man Who Threatened Another School Shooting

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There’s a school of thought that the more publicity that’s given to spree shooters, the more spree shootings we get. By publicizing what sick, twisted individuals do, other similarly disturbed people are incented to do the same and achieve thier own perverse celebrity.

That’s certainly going to be one of the theories for what apparently almost happened in Colorado Springs where police say they stopped a 19-year-old man who claims he’s female from shooting up a school there.

According to KRDO police were called to the man’s home by a family member following an apparent domestic disturbance. Police then questioned William Whitworth who apparently identifies as female and goes by “Lilly.” Police asked if he was planning to attack a school and he nodded yes.

According to the [arrest] affidavit, Whitworth said the last school she attended was Timberview Middle School in District 20. When asked if that was the school she was going to “shoot up,” Whitworth again nodded yes. When asked why that school, Whitworth stated, “No specific reason.”

During the initial interaction with Whitworth, deputies noted she made suicidal statements. According to the affidavit, Whitworth also said she was “a little drunk” and swayed back and forth while walking down the hallway out of the bedroom.

While waiting for the fire department, Whitworth was asked how much she had been planning the school shooting. She stated she was “about a third of the way from doing it,” verifying again that Timberview Middle School was one of the “main targets” currently and other targets were churches.

Whitworth was arrested and charged with planning a mass shooing.

According to the 18th Judicial District Attorney’s Office, 19-year-old William Whitworth – who identifies as “Lilly”- was charged after an investigation into “threats involving schools in Colorado Springs Academy District 20.”

Whitworth was arrested by the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office and formally charged with the following offenses:

    • Criminal attempt to commit murder in the first degree (two counts)
    • Criminal mischief
    • Menacing
    • Interference with staff, faculty, or students of educational institutions 

A spokesperson for District 20 told 13 Investigates the suspect attended school in the district between 2014 and 2016, during which they attended both in-person and the district’s Homeschool Academy.

Whitworth said he’d been planning the shooting for “a month or two,” so it isn’t clear if he was inspired by Audrey Hale nor not. He’d also started a screed talking about what he planned to do.

According to the affidavit, investigators found the manifesto, a dry-erase board with floor plans, and a list of names in a notebook.

Whitworth said the manifesto was four pages long and had “schizophrenic rants” on them. However, the affidavit states when deputies asked if she was schizophrenic, she replied “I hope not.”

What are the odds? This likely isn’t the last such incident we’ll be hearing of.

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  1. Multiple mistakes made.. Calling a he a she.. This f**king society is screwed if we continue down this perverted path..

    • It is and we will. It’s not that people and societies can’t change trajectories, just they very seldom do.
      Isaiah 5:20- Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
      Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
      Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

      Pretty much sums up “popular” culture nowdays, huh?

    • We are way past that point my friend. Way past it. The sheer fact that the left can riot for a whole year against innocents over some race baiting elitist company ad marketing and the second it gets turned on the actual government itself they buy into the “insurrectionist” propaganda is all you needed to confirm it. There will be no fight in this gestapo’s takeover. We have and will always be domestic terrorist. Been saying it for years.

    • The author of the article referred to him as he. It was the quoted part where he was referred to as she, and yes that is a problem.
      Technically though, isn’t this a trans woman? I can’t keep track of their stupidity.

      • Did you just assume their gender? THE NERVE! Mandatory 8 hour death by power point on pronouns for everyone. /s

        • If its got a penis it’s a man, if it HAD a penis it’s STILL a man so, whatever the punishment is for stating a biological fact (I hear it’s $25,000 Canadian or about $40.00 American in the Great White North) just “fuk em, fuk em ALL to death”…

        • lol $40. We could fix our debt issue in a month if everyone threw into that “swear jar” just once. The lefts heads would explode.

      • Technically though, isn’t this a trans woman?

        If you’re in deep enough to know all that crap, you’re already in too deep…

      • And then there’s that weird little shit doing the Bud Light and Nike sports bra commercials… Gave up Nike over Kaepernick, Anheuser Bush just lost me too… Kid Rock said everything that was on my mind…

    • That somewhat amorphous blob looks more like a she/her that wants to be called “he/him,” which is becoming pretty typical these days. Boys put on dresses and demand to be called she/her. Girls get their boobs cut off and demand to be called he/him. They/them- more like it/that. It’s stylish now to be a freak.

      I knew a couple of them in college about 10 years ago. A cute Jewish girl by birth one day decided she wanted to be a boy. She was (supposedly) really smart, a biology major, and got into the combined MD/PhD program at Case Western. Then “he” started taking male hormones and “his” voice turned into that of a frog.

      It’s been the same “people” pushing this for the last century. Now the mask’s off and it’s being pushed by their medical industry, their Leftist parties, and others who plot to disarm normal people and control every aspect of their lives.

      • Maybe we should go back several centuries in English grammar and call each other thee/thou. “How are thee doing, whatever you are.”.

    • Man born man will remain a man….Woman born women will remain women. . Anything else is a Freak azz Democrat.

    • Who cares. We don’t need to know what this dude wrote to know they are all the same. From columbine to every modern one this day – it’s a mental health issue. Even more evident in the fact that he thinks it’s a she.

      • Your comment is awaiting moderation
        Hale was a bitch that thought she was a dude. The reason I want the manifesto published is because it will most definitely be an in your face FUCK YOU to the bastards trying to paint this whore as a victim.

      • Your comment is awaiting moderation
        Hale was a bitch that thought she was a dude. The reason I want the manifesto published is because it will most definitely be an in your face FUCK YOU to the bastards trying to paint this murderous whore as a victim.

      • Should be good for a laugh. But we’re unlikely to see the Hale manifesto for a while because Pr0gressives are in denial that one of their chosen victims has done such a thing. And it already inspiring copycats.

        • We haven’t seen it cause the gov is still editing and rewriting it to fit the agenda.

  2. Why are these people calling this mental midget a SHE,
    You don’t have to be a Einstein to know that’s playing into the creeps plan to be noticed.
    These Waco’s need to be kept on a short leash & put in a mental ward when they get frisky.

    • She identified as a He. This is what leftists sow, disinformation. That is why it’s sometimes confusing.

      • I thought that before I started typing my original comment, but that’s not what the article says. The article says William is the blob’s legal name and “Lilly” is what it prefers. The headline is misleading because it calls it a “trans man” and it looks somewhat effeminate for what is apparently an XY individual.

  3. I just had a brainstorm! Gather up all the schizos and psychos and dress them as the opposite sex. Now they’re stronk, brave and powerful. Mental illness cured!

    • It’s funny how sincere doctors actually believed that for a time. Then they noticed that, not only did it not help their patients, but it actually harmed them. The pioneer of this movement shut down his “transition” center in Johns Hopkins after he saw the light. He shut it down in the 70s. “I concluded that Hopkins was fundamentally cooperating with a mental illness. We psychiatrists, I thought, would do better to concentrate on trying to fix their minds and not their genitalia.”

      Some European governments recently came to the same conclusion, and shut down their “trans affirming” care programs. It was too late. Do you think people living in a delusion are interested in medical facts? Do you think the pharma and healthcare industries are interested in helping people over making profits? Do you think the ruling class lives to help people? The Big Lie is we have to “trans” them to help their health. We’re harming them. It isn’t a theory. This has been known for decades. We’re living in a post-truth era.

      • “Some European governments recently came to the same conclusion, and shut down their “trans affirming” care programs.”

        Yep, it’s starting, and that’s really bad news for the Leftist Scum ™ here in the US.

        Why? Simple – They bow and grovel at Europe, holding it up as an example and a model of what they want the US to be.

        The bad news is, it took them *years* to realize it, so institutional inertia will be a problem here for a number of years yet.

        On the upside, when these converted kids grow up and realize they were a sick medical experiment gone wrong, there should be hell to pay…

    • I wouldn’t even give em that courtesy. Public needs to see this. They cry about it all the time. “Don’t hide the brutality – we need to showcase it in the hope it stops”.

      Wish fucken granted. Swift public execution. Make your next two count.

  4. Well I’m not sticking my hand down there to verify some nitwit’s gender so I’ll just humor them.

    “What are the odds? This likely isn’t the last such incident we’ll be hearing of”…no kidding.

  5. The urge for sexual gratification has motivated some people to commit murder. H0m0sexu@ls are no different. Like John Wayne Gacy. The problem is that h0m0sexu@ls are s0c!@list Pr0gressive in their political 0rient@tion. Which makes them by definition, anti-First Amendment, and anti-Second Amendment.

    But I can mention Ted Bundy, a heterosexual mass murderer’s name, just to make some people feel more comfortable.

    • Geez Dan calling it a she a he?! Yeah I get it’s the original article. Yikes🙄

    • Yea whatever happened to the good ol days where I could just pay someone discreetly to cover my head in a bag and tie me up while blowing me? Now I gotta have them sign an NDA and hope they don’t Stormy Daniels me because the payout for the media attention pays more than they would lose if they lost the court battle anyways.

      • That was total /s btw… Except for that last part. Pretty much sums up current events.

      • I don’t know if she came out on top. How much does she owe Trump & his attorneys now? $600k? No one even mentions that she extorted him.

        • They wouldn’t even bother if she couldn’t profit from it. Probably makes a million from a single revenge porn video based off who she fucked alone. In all seriousness, I think she’s only worth a million maybe and some change. I know she’s racked up roughly $122,000 in legal fees. She was probably only worth that much when it all started. I mean, nobody, and I mean nobody even heard of her before that. In the world of porn, she looks like a failed Vegas hooker and that’s probably where Trump found her.

          Pro tip tho, never take pics with these bitches. Get in, get out. Trash the burner phone and if they follow up, make sure you hide the body well enough… err, have someone else do it – like Francis Underwood and Doug Stamper.
          “My hands are clean” – Francis Underwood
          /s… kinda…

        • Dude,

          I don’t know if she came out on top.

          It is my understanding that Stormy Daniels is happy either way–on top or bottom. Ba-dump-tish!

          (Apologies for the crude humor–I could not help myself.)

        • Hmmmmmmmmmmm, it was actually Avenatti who came up with the extortion thing when he found out she was in Vegas at the same Trump was once upon a time… Payment was made from Cohen to Avenatti (Cohen might have been in on it), Stormy probably didn’t see any of it after attorney “fees” and “expenses”…

        • nobody even heard of her before that. In the world of porn,

          She was a soft porn kinda gal, ran around naked a lot, some “simulated” sex, not much of a “star”… Watched part of some thing where she was a cowgirl or something after the Trump story broke, it was on Showtime After Dark if that tells you anything, hard R at best… Worked more as a stripper/showgirl than a “porn star”…

        • u_s,
          Haha obviously thought of that as I was writing it.

          Pro tip: don’t cheat on your wife, but if you do, don’t do it with a freakin porn star!

        • You can’t really believe they “cheat” though… It’s more like an accepted secondary relationship with them. No way their partners don’t know they both do it.

  6. All of this is connected to the transurrection in Tennessee. They are goading normals into lashing out at the trannies, hopefully with violence. They can then “reset” the violence meter to normals, away from the mentally ill communist exploited trannies and claim they are violently oppressed, all the while the massacre of Christians by a violent tranny is forgotten.

    The only proper way to address these mentally ill commie freaks is to mock them. Mercilessly. Ramp up the insults. Let them react with violence and show the world what they really are.

    • MADDMAXX April 7, 2023 At 13:52
      Your comment is awaiting moderation
      the massacre of Christians by a violent tranny is forgotten.

      Won’t be forgotten, she/it/whatever is being is being held up as a martyr… Preacher in ND likened IT to the crucifixion of Jesus Crist… Sick fuks in this world…

      And once again I’m being sent to the corner…

    • Wow, still in moderation hell here too? What is it, incomplete sentence, improper punctuation? Can’t be the “quote” I used from the LeBlanc post… Ahhh, I typed “is being” twice, is THAT it? Inquiring minds want to know what the fuk got it moderated, just stated facts from a news article…

  7. In order to salve their hurt feelings trannies want to slaughter kids?

    Let’s treat this the way the fascist left treats guns. One person screws up with a gun so all gun owners must suffer. One trannie commits a crime all trannies must be punished.

    See the standards set by the fascist left. No way that can come back to haunt them, right?

  8. I am always confused by the wording. Is this an innie that thinks it’s an outie, or an outie that wants to be an innie?

    • It’s a mental patient. Whatever symptoms it’s self-diagnosing with are unimportant.

    • The wanna-be failed mass shooter was an outie wanting to be an innie.

      Here’s the sick part –

      If he can get the charges upgraded to federal, in the federal prison he can get the surgery he wants, on the public’s dime… 🙁

  9. Other countries are looking at the ‘focus on drag queen and transgender’ the LGTBQ community and democrats in the US are pushing and think it’s nuts.

    • Fucken guy looks like he’s wearing a skin mask in a zombie style horror movie. Geezus. Creepy AF.

    • MADDMAXX April 7, 2023 At 13:59
      Your comment is awaiting moderation
      Don’t know about all that, $25 grand fine in Canada to protest Drag Queens within 100 meters of a “story hour”…

      Fuck your moderation, if you can’t accept common usage words then fuck you too. Two in row again today… I’m beginning to feel unwanted…

      • You aren’t allowed to go around saying draggg_queen without close supervision. Words are violence.

        • Fuck them and their algorithms? Anyone who thinks WORDS are violence has never been in a firefight OR a bar brawl…

    • Hmmmmmmm, still in “MODERATION” jail, must have REALLY hurt someone’s feeelz, the fucking TRUTH will do that…

  10. Heard on Glenn Beck yesterday that several European countries are getting off the trans train…as in shutting down their surgical and medical centers (that focus on children). The UK, Sweden and France to name a few. So maybe the worm is starting to turn.

    But yea like said above, the Bible predicted this. “Good would be looked at as evil, and evil would be good”

    • They’re shutting it down because their public healthcare has to pay for it and the maintenance that comes with it until they suicide.

      We won’t stop because there’s big money to be made in mutilating and drugging willing subjects for life.

      • The driver is always $$$ and power. This movement benefits the ruling class. They’ve been trying to gain traction for some time. Remember the bathroom policies they began trying to force on us while Obama was in office? People thought it was crazy. Then China helped them out by spreading the contagion via TikTok. Our enemies are laughing at us.

  11. “Whitworth was arrested and charged with planning a mass shooing.”

    Great.. they will want to ban shoes next.

    oh was Whitworth planning on going to the school and start going “shoo shoo shoo … go away”?

  12. This looks yet another parental failure—note that the 19yo psycho last attended middle school, that being 6 years ago and further note the parent’s indulgence of the psycho’s socio-pathic delusion that society must honor his psychopathy.

    Cleary we have parents who knew about the problem that their child presented, but yet they still indulged it; but the district knew about it too with the psycho being removed from attending school for the last 6+ years but participating in some kind of supervised home-schooling.

    Yet, with all that this psycho managed to get its hands on firearms (Im presuming this since its not mentioned in the article—but its seems likely that one has the guns before they plan the shooting) and kept them in the family home.

    Im also willing to bet that the parents succumbed the social contagion of “transitioning” their child and enjoyed the virtue/status concomitant to having done so.

    Lock the parents up, lock the psycho up and toss out any State politician that voted for Colorado’s “red-flag” law.

  13. You KNOW they’ve never had an original thought, you keep givin em wall to wall publicity they’ll keep doin it!!

  14. Yet here we are POTG the most reviled (law abiding) group of “normal” people in the country NOT protesting, NOT killing school children and Walmart shoppers, and (for the most part) NOT running around shouting “hey, look at me” being blamed for ALL of it… All because of a group of people lurking in the shadows hoping to create enough chaos in this country to allow them to take control of it all…

  15. “However, the affidavit states when deputies asked if she was schizophrenic, she replied ‘I hope not.’ ”

    that’s kind of a dumb question to ask in a way.

    most mentally ill people prone to intentional planned violence to intentionally inflict harm don’t realize they are mentally ill before they commit the act.

    even the reply indicates Whitworth thought what he/she was doing (e.g. planning) was ‘sane’ by “hoping” the opposite that he/she wasn’t schizophrenic.

  16. Wait!

    this guy/girl didn’t have any guns? he/she was planning to ‘print’ some, according to the news report video linked in the article.

  17. See? See? Straight people frustrate queer nation such that they are mentally injured to the point of irrationality, resulting in gun violence, or attempted gun violence. 93% of queer nation people committing crimes are desperate to be seen as normal. Making people feel bad about themselves is the major driver behind people feeling bad about themselves.

  18. Anyone who has made “trans affirming” statements in the past should immediately be subjected to weapons confiscation under red flag laws and banned from purchasing or possessing weapons. We already have laws in place to deal with mentally ill people and weapons. Belief in transgenderism is proof of mental illness.

    • I am willing to “secure” those weapons until you can all be deemed worthy to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights. You’re welcome.

    • Well they want to put climate “science” deniers in jail, and they want to lock up WuFlu vaccine “science” deniers so, why NOT lock up biology “science” deniers? Science IS science, does NOT matter what the topic of discussion is… “Believe the science” IS the mantra of the left, as long as it fits their agenda…

  19. “Attempt to commit murder”? In the normal use of language that means the perpetrator had the means on his person and was at the very least was actually physically on the way to a chosen target location. Calling intent an “attempt” makes for a very slippery slope where a prosecutor can charge people with “attempt to” when they haven’t made a single move towards accomplishing whatever it is. That’s a huge step towards making “thought crime” a thing.

    The same goes for the “interference” charge: unless the perp was physically on the premises and actively attempting to prevent people from doing their jobs — or these days, hacking their computer system to make it harder or impossible to use — this is a big step towards criminalizing thought.

    If you think “hate crimes” is an abuse of the law, these charges are a step towards making possible the charge of “attempting a hate crime” because a person talked about harming someone — and that’s a situation that no person who holds value in liberty at any level should want to see happen; at that point a person could be arrested for objecting to allowing trans individuals to use the restroom “of their choice” or asserting that some politician is a danger to society who ought to be removed from office.

    If these two charges stick, it won’t be long before liberal prosecutors will be having people arrested for the mere possession of a gun on the grounds that “guns are only made to kill” and thus possession of a gun indicates an intent to kill.

    While this arrest was something that needed to be done, charges in such a situation should be related to reality, not spun from some prosecutor’s imagination in order to hit someone hard with legal charges. The POTG should be — pun unavoidable — up in arms over this.

    And having written that, if these charges are sustained that sentence would be grounds for some over-active meddling anti-freedom prosecutor to have me arrested.

  20. Was heshe a manual or automatic trans man?
    Transman from Transylvania.
    I just wanna know who my giverment wants me to hate on.
    Blacks, Whites, Brown, Yellow or Transformers?
    United We Stand Divided We Fall.
    Racism works

  21. Its to hard to keep all the pronouns straight. Will be alot easier to just hack it down to “it” and be done with it.

    • “Its to hard to keep all the pronouns straight. Will be alot easier to just hack it down to “it” and be done with it.”

      “Comrade” covers the entire alphabet landscape.

  22. Simply looking for attention. Couldn’t get enough of it it from mom&dad. No one paid attention to it on any platform while “normal” Couldn’t get any attention when it came “out”. But the world pays attention when a school gets shot up.

    If the media would refuse to “say its name” and these useful idiots were buried to the back page, perhaps the issue would cure itself. Unfortunately, sensationalism sells commercials.

  23. And I don’t see how this is worth the current trial. Unless there was some fraud or dodgy accounting involved on the hush money.

  24. “hate” crimes were pulled out of a rat lawyer’s ass, you know – increase dat $$$

  25. Seatbelts Save Lives. ?
    They sure do, because if your the wrong color law enforcement will blast you full of holes.

  26. For the ‘transgender’ pronoun confused – typical ‘transgender’ pronouns (Subject – Object – Possessive – Possessive Pronoun – Reflexive):

    Male/Masculine: he – him – his – his – himself (frequently used to assert a ‘I’m special’ or victim status – used by liberal parents and gender-afirming-doctors as an excuse to pump hormones and drugs into children who can’t decide what their favorite candy is so they can be later butchered by surgery to look like ‘male’)

    Female/Feminine: she – her – her – hers – herself (frequently used to assert a ‘I’m special’ or victim status – used by liberal parents and gender-afirming-doctors as an excuse to pump hormones and drugs into children who can’t decide what their favorite candy is so they can be later butchered by surgery to look ‘female’)

    Gender Neutral: ze/they – hir/them – hir/their – hirs/theirs – hirself/theirself (frequently used to assert a ‘I’m special’ or victim status)

    Gender Agender (similar to gender-neutral but not quite): ? – ? – ? – ? – ? (make it up as they go along – made up on the fly and frequently used to assert a ‘I’m special’ or victim status)

    Gender Bigender: they/them/theirs – ne/nem/nir – ze/zir/zirs – xe/xem/xyr, – ae/aer/aers – ne/nem/nir/ze/zir/zirs/xe/xem/xyr/ae/aer/aers (frequently used to assert a ‘I’m special’ or victim status)

    Gender Fluid (adopts pronouns as mood changes or for convenience): ? – ? – ? – ? – ? (make it up as they go along frequently used to assert a ‘I’m special’ or victim status)

    Gender Questioning: ? – ? – ? – ? – ? (to be determined – frequently invented and used as an excuse by liberal parents to have their very own ‘special’ child victim the use to show how special the parents)

    Gender Queer (similar to gender fluid but not quite with a mixture of undecided opposite sexual orientation or something unknown on planet earth): ? – ? – ? – ? – ? (frequently used to assert a ‘I’m special’ or victim status)

    Gender Murderer: Murderer – Murderer – Murderer – Murderer – Murderer (media and democrats try to not use instead preferring the more ‘victim’ orientated pronouns above)

    Joe Biden calls ‘transgendered’ ‘the soul of America”

    • correction:

      “Gender Questioning: ? – ? – ? – ? – ? (to be determined – frequently invented and used as an excuse by liberal parents to have their very own ‘special’ child victim the use to show how special the parents)”

      should have been…

      Gender Questioning: ? – ? – ? – ? – ? (to be determined – frequently invented and used as an excuse by liberal parents to have their very own ‘special’ child victim they use to show how special the parents are)

    • “For the ‘transgender’ pronoun confused…”

      “He-She-It” kinda covers things.

      • nah… categorizing it into just “He-She-It” is simply surrendering to the ‘pronoun crazy’


        • “nah… categorizing it into just “He-She-It” is simply surrendering to the ‘pronoun crazy’ ”

          Sorta why I first posed, “Comrade”.

        • And ALL of that crap you posted is NOT?.. ANY acknowledgement of that insanity is surrendering to the crazies…

    • Correction for : “made up on the fly”

      should have been …

      pronouns made up on the fly but generally stick with the last used pronouns until their mood or situation changes or sometimes no pronouns at all …

      • MADDMAXX April 8, 2023 At 14:46
        Your comment is awaiting moderation
        Don’t quite understand WHY the fuck you thought anyone would give a damn WHAT these freaks want to be called?… PLEASE arrest me for using a pronoun that upsets some pissy snowflake and when I get finished taking ALL of the arresting agency’s money, I’ll see the inside of the offended party’s bank account as well… Show me where in the Constitution it says I am required to acknowledge someone else’s Sickness/PERVERSION… Joke or not it’s just sad that the majority of We the People have “bent the knee” to a segment of the populace that makes up less than 2% of the entire population… Not my job to make some “confused” individual feel better about ITself… Anheuser Busch has lost 40% of its market share this week because they wanted to be “woke”, guess they can afford it, but I’ll never drink another Budweiser…

        OH, what shock, I’ve offended the fucking “ALGORITHM”, it’s a damn shame that an American citizen can’t state an OPINION without being watched by some fucking “computer program”… We are closer to “1984” than most people care to admit, Be afraid, be very afraid…

  27. So this person was arrested Mar 31st. Why are we just hearing about this now? Awfully close to another trans shooting and some “day of vengeance.” Time to listen to what the crazies say and take them at their word.

  28. I was going to toss in my two cents, but then I realized I’d just be preaching to the choir.
    These Gender Benders are Mentally Ill. Anyone who supports their BS is just Enabling their Delusional Psychosis. So they can shove their pronouns in their fake VaJayJays and Penie pumps.

    The Trannie Battalions are arming up and getting trained (in how to kill Unarmed children), and they want a War. We’ll give them one.

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