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SoCal Jack sends everything including his pants in today’s Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day.  Yes, indeed.

He sums it up nicely.

This is my current functional EDC; nothing fancy. The gun’s mag has a Magguts +1 and the spare mag SI extension is a +2 for a total of 18 rounds, either HST’s or Critical Defense (I rotate this with a 2nd Shield). This one has an Ameriglo front night sight. This is my 6th Shield holster, which functions very well. I have a tendency to bang up or lose pens, knifes and flashlights, but these are tried and true. Vertx Hyde, Delta and Defiance are my go to EDC pants. I think my EDC is GTG, now to keep stocking up on ammo!

There you go!

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  1. Look at Mr Special Privileges SoCal Got a CHL/CCW/LTC permit over here.

    Seriously though; I thought this didn’t happen in California. Especially SoCal.

    • Depends on the county. Would love to hear from SoCal on this one, and how long it took. I was in San Diego and got one about 5 years ago. You have to show “good cause”. Personally, I wrote a short essay. In Montana however, I simply put “Shall not be infringed”. Seriously. Tried my luck, and it worked. Small county though. Somewhere like Missoula, MT, you’d probably need a short essay as well.

      • For those who might like to apply for one out there, how did you ‘structure’ your essay?

        • This is ridiculous. My home of residence is LA county so I never bothered applying for a permit there. In other counties you have to convince the crown that you are worthy of exercising your rights. Pathetic. I went to college in Arizona and exercised my right there but verboten in my home state.

        • I just wrote a couple paragraphs and presented my case using online research. I straight up googled “San Diego CCW reason”. I outlined my military discipline with firearms, training both military and civilian, previous states I carried in, crime statistics in relation to my daily schedule and location, and yes, even though it says not to just say “self defense” I used the fact that I would feel safer concealing and having the ability to protect myself and family in a situation where police response time would not arrive in time. Basically, play their game. It’s not hard. The hardest part is finding an instructor, taking their class, and paying upwards of $200 for everything. I think my total came to around $400 for everything. You have to pay for the app, the class, and the card if/when you are approved. So be prepared to lose money if your case does not woo them. Just K.I.S.S. and good luck. Not sure if SoCal’s experience is the same, but probably similar. Waiting for his advice from his county.

      • You have to write a freaking essay? How about a note from my mother? She’d hate to lose me.

        • You don’t have to. I wrote a couple paragraphs. It’s CA! It was worth a shot and had it been denied, I would have rather been tried by 12 than carried by 6. A clean background, firm stance and show of responsibility, as well as a history of decent training, doesn’t hurt when submitting an application in such a liberal state. When I first got there, I had the same idea that it wasn’t worth it. But I tried anyways to cover my ass. I was 100% sure it would be denied, but it passed.

          Still left that shithole the first chance I got. Was only there for my fathers passing.

      • B.D., I’m in Ventura County, for a CCW licence, now a days it costs $200 for the first 2 years, a background check and a face-to-face interview, they ask “why do you want to carry” and all i said was “I want to protect myself and loved one’s”. That’s it. The process, last i checked was 6 months. I remember when it took a year. VC and a few others are making it easier.

        • Okay much different than where I was. Surprising coming from a county so close to LA. I dunno though, I knew people who claimed to be from SoCal that were past Bakersfield and basically midcal, and then there are those pesky NorCalians… lol. Now I am a Ex-Cal. Never renewed my permit, but it took about 6 months as well, just many more steps.

  2. Never heard of the holster, off to check it out.
    And a belt that isn’t black, that one is tacti-cool.

    • I surf, wakeboard and scuba (not as much now a days), these are the times I can’t carry my gun. A stainless steel revolver is on my wishlist though.

  3. This is the first EDC I’ve seen where the contributor is confirmed to wear pants in public. I never noticed before what a bunch of degenerates the EDC crowd are!

  4. So what kind of holster is that?
    Looks good I would like to check it out. Googled, 6th Shield holster, (is that the 6th one has tried or a brand name) and EVO. Didn’t see any thing that looked like it.

    • The holster is made by Mike at Last Line Of Defense (LLOD) and he only make Appendix carry holster. Sorry for the confusion. Past holster I have are Alien gear, CYA, DNR Designs, PriorityOne, Freedom Holsters. LLOD being the best. I still go back and forth between this cobra belt and my leather Daltech belt which is easier to adjust quickly. But the thickness of the cobra belt matches best with my holster clips. A lot of trial and error, gets expensive real fast.

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