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Second Amendment

The anti-gun left will never stop inventing reasons that Americans should be deprived of the individual right to keep and bear arms. They hate guns and the people who own and carry them.

You’ll have heard it said by many liberals and even progressives that the Second Amendment centers on arming militias in a post-colonial America. Yet, the reality behind the legal statute that enshrined gun rights in the United States Constitution is more nuanced, and far more sinister.

As Roxane Dunbar-Ortiz notes in her book, “Loaded: A Disarming History of the Second Amendment,” the arming of state militias, which ultimately became the National Guard, was already noted elsewhere in the Constitution, so why was there a need to stipulate the right to bear arms in the Bill of Rights, which pertains to individuals? That’s because, according to Dunbar-Ortiz, the Second Amendment can be traced directly back to settler colonialism.

“Basically, the Second Amendment is about killing Indians, taking their land, and increasingly, slave patrols,” Dunbar-Ortiz tells Truthdig Editor in Chief Robert Scheer in the latest installment of “Scheer Intelligence.”

The “Loaded” author lays out the genocidal genealogy of the right to bear arms, and explains that, at its root, it ensured the ability of white men to oppress people of color in order to steal or keep stolen land, and to control slaves through slave patrols. To top it off, our current police forces, Dunbar-Ortiz goes on to argue, are essentially just modern-day slave patrols.

– Robert Scheer in The Lies Liberals Tell Themselves About the Second Amendment

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  1. The main issue for us is that they believe this with all their heart and soul. That is why the old saying about the price of liberty being eternal vigilance is still germane.

    • They don’t have a heart or a soul. These are not “people” as per definition of a human being – a mammal with an ability to logically reason. Mammals they are, but with the logical reasoning completely eliminated. It is an important distinction to keep in mind.

    • I don’t think the author cares to admit that the 2A applies to citizen militias, not state militias and the national guard which are The State.

  2. I’m thankful that the 2nd Amendment helped my settler colonialist ancestors to conquer the amerindians and defend against slave insurrections.

    • In order for them to be brainwashed they would first need to have a brain, an organ whose absence is clearly evidenced by their buying what the Dunbar-Ortiz is pushing

    • “…anyone that buys into even a small portion of the authors though process is completely brainwashed.”

      Have you noticed there is a continual stream of ‘books’ like this coming out?

      It’s being done for a reason. In the future, sooner or later, the Leftists will have a a hard lock on the High Court. When that happens, expect to see quotes from books like these used in the decision striking down ‘Heller’ and the others. They will be quoted as scholarly and carefully researched.

      Do not underestimate the lengths the Leftists will go through to destroy the citizen’s right to keep and bear arms. They are playing a long game they fully intend to win…

      • I have never read such a tall pile of Masculine Bovine Excrement. All created from the fertile mind of an obviously leftist author with an agenda.
        Amendment2 was created for the purpose of protecting the citizenry from an overbearing or oppressive federal government. Since the left wing is godless as a whole they deny at every turn, the God-given right of individual self defense, which is the second reason for the Ammendment. One has to do nothing more than to study the writings and documents of the Founders for proof!

  3. The odds of you being completely full of shit rises exponentially when you have a hyphenated last name.

    • That’s extra funny coming from Le-you. (Frakking brilliant. Truly.)

      You made my day already. Thank you.

      • 3 steps to having a great father’s day.

        1. Go To store.

        2. Buy a movie called Blazing Saddles.

        3. Watch it.

        Then you get the priceless gift of actually understanding the great Governor William J. Le Petomane. Steaks will taste better, beer will be colder, you will accept things in lieu of pay, and you will be deeply concerned about the secretary’s boys and their well being.

        • And then, after watching the movie…. you should still search “Le Petomane”. The real one is even funnier. I can see why Mel Brooks chose that name for the character he portrayed.

        • And make sure that you’re getting the unedited version. Although you can pretty well figure it out on the edited one.

          And Knute, the day I learned about the original Le Petomane is the day I quit being Navin R Johnson and became Gov. William J Le Petomane.

  4. How f****** tiresome! Apparently they think everyone who reads this drivel is as dumb as they are. Even dems are starting to tune them out!

  5. We also need to be thankful of all the rights we have, like being able to say something stupid and surviving afterwards without government intervention.

  6. While I will defend the right of idiots to spew their drivel, they are still idiots.

    • Trying to appeal to both white and latino demographics but will in reality fail to appeal to anyone.

  7. When all your anti gun and pro gun control lies are exposed, just make up new ones and throw in the Race Card crutch to support it! LMFAO.

    Historical Facts clearly document GUN CONTROL as the major tool to disarm non whites in order to oppress and control minorities. Read the old Laws, that is where the facts are.

    The 2A documented known Rights of The People, it does not take Rights away as Gun Control Laws do. Scheer put you garbage in the correct can.

    • Scheer just wrote an article about Dunbar-Ortiz’s dumb new book. He’s criticizing it, not praising it, as his title, “Lies Liberals Tell About The Second Ammendment,” would indicate.

  8. Just another racist hack claiming the white man was wrong to ever arrive on America’s shores by accident. “How tiresome” indeed. This one’s white as the non-black parts of the ace of spades, too. Would jump at the chance to put a bullet in each of our kneeling heads from behind, too.

    You fought back against the natives or you died, even as a native. White men were simply better at it, and there were a lot more of them. When your society operates outside of legal or governmental protection…you don’t have legal or governmental protection. You can’t just come back 300 years later & scream that they were wrong for surviving against foes who were often the worst kind of barbarians (no, less than barbarians) when you were already there & there was nowhere else to go.

    courtesy of “” (uhh, no she isn’t)

  9. Knowing that these evil anti-whites are out there and wormed into our governments and institutions makes me appreciate my guns even more.

  10. Leftists don’t “hate guns”. They effing love them. In the hands of leftists. Communist death squads.

    • And ANTIFA are not only drooling but are also self-pleasuring at the thought of enhanced interrogating and executing “enemies of the state”.

  11. We are ALL descended from conquest and slavery! Don’t care what color you are. So, unless you are recently descended from either…grow up. Your feelz never outweigh my basic human rights!

    • Baldwin gets it. Every race was in slavery at one time or another. The American Indians that she loves so much used to cut the hearts out of live children(among other victims) and roll them down the pyramid steps, just for shits and giggles.
      Where’s her outrage over THAT?

      • Also skin them alive & then dance around wearing the skin to appease the gods (and for fun) at harvest time. Lots of Aztec carvings depicting priests wearing “garments” with extra human hands & feet at the wrists & ankles. Fucking monsters; it’s hard to imagine that level of brutality lives in us all (I don’t think it does) or isn’t heritable (I think it probably is to some degree)

        The more unedited history about early pre-colonial America I learn, the more I realize why the Catholic Spanish immediately set to destroying every native society they could and replacing them with their own.

        Imagine landing on a foreign planet, and it is literally Hell; devil torturers, pits of fire, and everything. And you have been blessed with the power to kick Satan’s ass.

  12. Maybe this idiot should take a look at the 3 founding documents-the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the one which slips by a lot of Americans who think they know our history, the Northwest Territories Act of 1787, covering the territories of Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin and part of Minnesota. Slavery was never allowed, and the rights of the citizens spelled out before the Constitution was ratified. Some idiots should shut their mouths and do some research before they open it.

  13. Abortion is rooted in white supremacy, racism and conquest. SEE: Margaret Sanger. FIFY. See how that works?

    • Damn near failed a sociology class for a paper on exactly this. The reactions to the presentation made the fight for a passing grade with the administration worth it.

  14. “Basically, the Second Amendment is about killing Indians, taking their land, and increasingly, slave patrols, plus climate change, and transphobia, and islamophobia, and student loan debt forgiveness, and, and, and lots of free stuff.”

    I fixed it for you little Dumb-Dumb-Ort-Ort!

  15. EVEN IF everything she says were true, how has it rendered the Second Amendment irrelevent? We still can’t rely on a timely response from police (no offense to our LEO brothers and sisters, you can’t be everywhere at once) and there are still riots that will deprive you of life and liberty (LA riots, 1977 NY power outage riots, Ferguson, St. Louis, Katrina, etc) and it is still an effective counter balance against government overreach (bundy land standoff).

    The logical fallacy used by Ortiz are a combination of Causal Fallacy and Appeal to Pity. It simultaneously draws the wrong conclusion in that it ignores that the country just came out of an eight year war against a major superpower in which some faction of Indian had sided with the British and Canada and pointing to the poor oppressed minorities even though slavery only became a major issue 80 years later. The days of the Revolutionary War were neither concerned with frontier Indians (later) or those slave roundups (much later), yet Ortiz chooses to draw attribution to them both.

    Nice try tho.

  16. We really need to start teaching history in schools again, REAL history. And any “educator” who denies it should be offered a career change!

  17. I’m confused.

    First, I’m confused because the SCOTUS assured us in Dred Scott v. Sanford that if blacks were actually people, they would have had the right to keep and bear arms. ie, at the very earliest address to the author’s central thesis by the Supreme Court, the Court held that black people, if the Court held that they were people, would have the right to keep and bear arms just as much as the white man. So to the assertion that the Second Amendment was just about hunting slaves, well… it was Democrats who sought to keep the blacks enslaved, and it has been Democrats since the Civil War who have enacted gun control laws aimed at making sure that blacks cannot own guns.

    Second, I’m confused because the biggest armed threat to black people is… other black people. Not militias, not cops. There’s no roving white-guy militia that is gunning down all those blacks in Chicago every weekend, and police homicides of blacks are orders of magnitude below gun homicides of blacks by other blacks. If you tell me that a black man has been shot in an American inner city, the statistically valid assumption would be to assume he was shot by another black, since about 90% of blacks who have been killed with a gun were killed by another black. This is nearly true for whites as well – with about 85% of whites killed with guns killed by another white.

    Now, we can document armed slaughter of Indians by militias in several instances (most notably, at Sand Creek in Colorado), but the Indians were hardly the only victims of Colorado militias – the Ludlow Massacre at Ludlow, CO – just north of Trinidad, and those victims were whites.

    But, on the whole, this is more nonsense seeking a home on campus as part of the academic anti-American canon.

  18. Dumbar-Ortiz takes the lunacy of the looney left to new heights in her dissertation and yet she still thinks that any reasoning person would believe her fairy tale.

    • Getting published is a step to gaining academic tenure. It doesn’t matter if no-one buys the book other than her students.

      • Entirely true, but it used to be that the standard was that you needed to have your non fiction work published. These days it seems that so long as it fits the leftist narrative, your work need not contain any actual facts.

        Jarrod Diamond is , I believe, still a darling of many leftist intellectual types even while his magnum opus Guns, Germs,and Steel contains so many whopping lies, decits petit and grand, sloppy research and absolutely incredible conclusions as to be entirely a work of fiction rather than the scholarly work it purports to be.

        He actually dismisses the failure of anyone in Africa to invent the wheel prior to its introduction by Europeans as a direct result of their being no domesticatable beasts of burden in sub Saharan Africa. Not only is that demonstrably and self evidently untrue, but is rather beside the point, as anyone who has ever used a shopping cart, hand truck or wheel barrow can attest. Despite this sort of outright lying and preposterous conclusion based on said lies, his book is still used as a text in many universities history and anthropology departments. It has not one single accurate representation in it’s entirety…yet he is lauded for producing it.

        So, as with the fictional work of the dim bulb referenced in the OP, this sort of thing goes on not as something amusingly ridiculous, but rather accepted as fact by those exposed to it in universities.
        Given enough of this over enough time, the “facts” shift until the lie is the fact and anything contrary is a lie.

        This is why leftists cannot be tolerated, they litterally poison everything they touch by forcing it, by any means fair or foul, to fit the narrative.

        In Dunbar-Ortizs case, the narrative is guns are bad, facts be damned. In Diamonds case it was that anything that might remotely make it look as if Europeans are racially superior to any other race must be explained away, facts be damned. These are unscrupulous, dangerous people. Mock them, sure, but eventually we are going to have to do something about them, or else surrender all control, and the very nature of reality to them.

  19. As a follower of Christ Jesus I am commanded to love people all people but being a white man makes me racist well man I really have a problem with stupidity

  20. So the 100 + MILLION deaths from Communistic control of people, but first rid them of their guns. The 25 million or so from the Nazi’s, same rid the guns then start the killing. The 1.5 million Armenians who were first stripped of their guns by the Turks.

    All the above have first and foremost GUN CONTROL, makes it easier for PEOPLE CONTROL. Which all these little leftards want, CONTROL. Look at the Web, biggest companies are leftists. Banning, and control. It has never been about GUNS or VIOLENCE from GUNS. It is about CONTROL of the PEOPLE and using VIOLENCE if need be, easier if they can’t shoot back.

    • Have to keep sayin it louder and more often, they still dont get it! Probably wont till it actually happens. Then they’ll blame Trump, obviously.

    • And most of those deaths due to communism were not done with guns. Matter of fact, I’d say that, after reading Robert Conquest’s works on the subject, that well over 90% of all deaths due to communism were effected with forced starvation, usually under the trope of “agricultural or land reform.”

  21. Hey now…. Lol….. Just because white people choose to amass arsenals doesn’t mean ALL gun owners are racist…..
    White “supremacists” need protection too 😉

    Btw, for all the TRUE racists out there, white people that you label “racist” are only people who are proud of their race, just like every other race is proud of THEIR race…

    It’s pretty easy to see that it’s OK for other races to have their own identity, but when a white person wants their own identity, apart from other races, they are then labeled racist…

    If the Creator wanted us all to be the same, we would all be the same…..
    Stick to your own race and be proud of who you are….. Whatever race you may be!!!

      • Yeah… so my parents had me on purpose. I am proud of them and plan to have children who will be proud of me and vice versa. Sorry if that was not your experience.

        George Carlin was a bitter man who struggled with drug addiction and his daughter speaks about her horrible childhood witnessing her parents doing drugs in front of her and going after each other with kitchen knives. I will take a hard pass on his moral guidance.

        • Yep, and don’t forget Carlin on this. And this the guy the forum troll bot likes…surprise, surprise.

  22. What’s hilarious is that the opposite is actually true. There is actual historical evidence of gun control being the one born out of racism. It was first instituted to try to prevent recently freed slaves from arming themselves. As is so often the case, what we have here is an instance of projection …

  23. Despite the assertions of the dimbulb left, the primary reason for the 2nd Amendment then as now, is democide. They may not have seen the 100 million murders committed by governments in the last hundred years, but they had seen plenty of that behavior by the crowned heads of Europe.

  24. The extremely uninformed left seems to think that the second amendment only applies to the National Guard but the various state government only formed their “national guards” in the early part of the 20th century which is roughly 125 years AFTER THE SECOND AMENDMENT WAS WRITTEN. How they could somehow see 125 years into the future must mean that the founders were even smarter than I thought they were.

  25. I find this appalling. The original roots of GUN CONTROL as expressed by Southern Democrats right after the Civil war was manifest in the Jim Crow laws of the time. They specifically started making various requirements to keep guns OUT of the hands of recently freed slaves. I get spinning things, but I am amazed they can spin it so hard that the hard liberal left anti-gunners think they can REVERSE the truth. The 2nd amendment is colorblind. Gun control is patently racist. or at a minimum elitist, when you price basic self-protection out of the means of the average hourly worker by loading them up with licenses and fees that may exceed the cost of the firearm and ammunition.

  26. She couldn’t have been born in San Antonio or she would that it originated when the Brits started trying to disarm the uncooperative citizens of Boston in 1768. I am absolutely disgusted by people like her who mis-quote history or try to pervert it to their notions. I saw some woman on T.V. recently who wrote a book describing nasty the founding and growth of the U.S. was. Some guy stood up and told her he was surprised and upset. Well, boo-hoo, bud. If you didn’t know history that’s your fault And tell me what nation in it’s founding and growth didn’t oppress somebody. I HATE Americans who act like we are the only bad people in the world. They are either blind or REALLY damned stupid.

  27. It’s Authoritarianism Yo! The Cold Civil has been going on for sometime now…Wait until it heats up…(The shot heard round the world 🌎…)

  28. “Basically, the Second Amendment is about killing Indians, taking their land, and increasingly, slave patrols,”

    Rhetoric like this is extremely dangerous not only for obvious reasons but also for the fact that the left in general feeds off of this stuff like a bunch of rabid dogs. This “woman” would be targeted and imprisoned in Russia. UCLA be damned.

    • That first link…its always fun to watch a lefty destroy another lefty, but seriously, how can anyone calling themselves a scholar possibly belive that the 2A protects only the right of states to raise militias? There is absolutely no evidence to support any such claim, and on the contrary, all available evidence indicates that it was an individual right the framers were attempting to protect. The intellectual dishonesty of someone who has studied the issue and reached any other conclusion is just stunning. There was a time when such nonsense would result in one being essentially excommunicated from intellectual circles, but as with all things leftist, so long as it supports the narrative, it’s fair game.

      The second link I’d like to thank you for. It’s really an interesting read, and so well cited and annotated. Perhaps a little dense for the average consumer, but effectively eviscerates any argument contrary to the individual right. It’s the sort of thing that serves as a litmus test: If, having studied this, one still purports to believe the collective rights arguments, one is either intellectually dishonest, or else gripped with a clinical level case of conformation bias.

  29. Wrong. American gun control is rooted in racism, white supremacy, and genocide. Its the reason why it was implemented in the first place; to stop non-whites from owning firearms.


  30. I find such research poignant. After all, it is true that slave masters do not allow their slaves to own arms and that Jim Crow believes his permission is required. The trick is in getting the sheep to connect those dots.

  31. Meh, In recent months I’ve heard the same thing claimed, in all seriousness, about math education, marriage, and delayed childbearing. Does anybody really listen to this dreck?

  32. All men are created equal, this we hold as true. I paid a Cracker to make the niggrs work and shoot them injuns too.

  33. Klamath Falls Herald and News: Tuesday, March 5th, 2019/Letters To The Editor

    Gun control and racist overtones

    Here is what is on my mind for February 2019: Black History Month. I’m not Black, but 100 percent White Anglo-Saxon. Let’s confront the historical racist past of America’s oppressive “anti-gun/gun control legislation.”

    Bear in mind our government-controlled socialist public schools, colleges, universities, and academia deliberately censor, cover up, and attempt to conceal this from the public. This is both morally and intellectually dishonest!

    My own Jan. 27, 2009 letter, “Gun rights protect all races, not just a few” remains archived in this newspaper. I allude to the Colt Model 1851 .36 Navy “cap and ball revolver” being the great equalizer. Like a .38 caliber (.38 Special) revolver would likewise be for today’s autonomous citizen: all races, ethnic backgrounds and for both sexes.

    Finally “The Carolinian: African Americans and the 2nd Amendment: The Need for Black Armed Self Defense”

    “Gun Control’s racist past and present: October 6th, 2017 by Creed Newton. At JPFO, Inc. is “America’s Aggressive Civil Rights Organization.”

    “The Racist Roots of Gun Control” by Clayton E. Cramer

    Thus I dare any treasonous socialist anti-gun Bolshevik legislator in Salem who supports Senate Bill 501 to refute what I have written here. Because In all probability, they and their ilk can’t!

    James A. Farmer, Merrill

    Merrill, Oregon (Klamath County) is a semi-rural farming community of around 860 residents located 21 miles south-east of Klamath Falls along Highway 39.

    • Klamath Falls Herald and News: Tuesday, January 27th, 2009/Letters To The Editor

      Gun rights protect all races, not just a few

      I viewed online the Monday, Jan. 19, Herald and News report of the Martin Luther King Jr. observance courtesy of the Klamath Falls Congregational United Church of Christ. I was in fourth grade when MLK was assassinated in April 1968.

      It seems for the sake of both political and religious correctness the role armed citizen defense played during the turbulent 1960s civil rights struggles is ignored. However, a timely article titled, “Remember MLK? Better yet, remember the Deacons at via “Newslinks” for Jan. 20 defies this feely good denial expediency and extols the Deacons for Defense and Justice formed in November 1964 by black war veterans in Jonesboro, La. Their purpose: To protect civil rights activists and workers from the Ku Klux Klan.

      Remember: The Second Amendment remains the original equal rights amendment and thus extends equal protection under the law to all ethnic races: blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, etc.

      The old 19th century Western frontier saying: “God made man and woman; Colonel Sam Colt made them equal,” is predicated upon the historical Colt Model 1851 .36 Navy “cap and ball” revolver (1850-1873).

      This famous six shooter, the .38 Special of its day, defined equality among free citizens and former slaves long before the term “racial equality” was ever coined.

      Perhaps the uppity in society, including some smug apathetic religious people (the churches have both the best and worst of people), socialist legislators and members of Congress, and educators alike, should ponder this.

      James A. Farmer, Ashland
      Now a resident of Merrill, Oregon (Klamath County)

  34. Oh the irony. Because this statement is equally true:

    The Democrat Party is rooted in white supremacy, racism and genocide.

    The difference is that we’re still waiting for the Democrats to abandon those principles, while the 2A has applied equally to all* humans in the US for quite some time.

    *Exercise of rights subject to whims of violent, cowardly, badge-carrying sociopaths.

  35. Interesting that most of those decrying so-called white privilege (like the alleged “racism” of the 2nd Amendment), are themselves white coastal elitists. To me, that makes them complete hypocrites and invalidates anything they have to say about racism or anything else. And did anybody notice that nature seems to have had its way over the years with Ms. Dunbar-Ortiz, i.e., somebody worked her over with an ugly stick?

  36. Then why do leftists [Democrat and Republican] argue for a gun control and a police state? Are they supremacists looking to enslave people of colour? Is that why they no longer want “Indians” and Africans to be able to form their own militias to protect themselves from the Europeans?

    Now that the 2nd Amendment can be exercised by every group of people there shouldn’t be controls to make it harder for them to finally protect their life, liberty and property from any other person or group. Stop requiring licenses, identification/background checks, insurance, training and fines. Stop telling people of colour they don’t need a modern rifle nor to carry a gun on their person.

    Gun control started out as a way to stop “Indians” and Africans from acquiring firearms so they couldn’t overthrow the crusaders. They wanted the Indians to be forced to use older technology to fight the Europeans’ latest and greatest small arms, which at a certain point was to advanced to continue to fight without equal firepower. They wanted African slaves to be disarmed completely so they wouldn’t get any ideas about fighting their master, the police and the governments.

    Licensing is a form of control. It gives the government the power to control who is given permission and who isn’t. A license to marry, a license to own a business, a license to provide a service, a license to travel, a license to buy a weapon, a license to carry a weapon, etc. Even the women who inspired the creation of Planned Parenthood wanted to require licenses to have a child.

    Whites didn’t hand out licenses to black people to marry white people; they also didn’t hand out licenses to homosexuals and other undesirables. They didn’t allow the “coloreds” to own land or a business. They didn’t license non whites to carry guns. They required “citizenship,” land ownership, IQ tests and a penis to vote. They didn’t hand out citizenship to those so called Indians, they forced them to live in a prison camp, where they had to experience forced cultural genocide (aka assimilation).

    Does this black American man exercising his human rights bother you? Or is it just the black gun that bothers you? Or is it simply the fact that people have rights and you want them to have privileges?

    • Do your laws stop minorities and the poor from exercising their human (and constitutionally protected) rights?

    • My standard response to those who simultaneously promote the Black Lives Matter narrative AND racially invidious gun control laws:
      1. Cops are violent, racist sociopaths.
      2. Only cops should have guns.

      Pick ONE.

      I grew up Black on the South Side of Chicago in the 1960s. The idea of ONLY police having guns is the very epitome of Klan racial theory.

  37. After Roxane Dunbar-Ortiz goes through a Revolutionary War for independence and liberty, she can speak about the Founders reasons for including the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights. Otherwise, the commentary from various Founders stands as the reason.

  38. “They wanted the Indians to be forced to use older technology to fight the Europeans’ latest and greatest small arms, which at a certain point was to advanced to continue to fight without equal firepower.”

    General Custer wishes.

  39. There is much truth in the article and if there had been no threatening Indian tribes and no black slaves the Founding Father Swamp Rats would never have allowed the common man to own guns.

  40. The history of gun control in North America is the history of violent White supremacism and the efforts of its advocates to create for themselves a “safe working environment”.

    No Klansman ever wanted to attend a lynching where he wasn’t sure who was going to end up dead.

    The 1919 Chicago race riot was just about the only one where there was rough parity in Black and White casualties. Why? Black people like my great uncles, recently returned from service in segregated units in France, armed ourselves and shot back.

    Here’s what constitutes a big portion of the fan base for racially invidious gun controls:
    I was once in a Lakewood, Ohio McDonald’s eating breakfast.
    An elderly White cleaner began berating me for my NRA ballcap.
    He asserted that the NRA should be “banned”.
    I told him that the last time organizations started getting banned, we somehow misplaced 6,000,000 Jews.
    His reply? He “wasn’t so sure that was such a BAD thing”.

    Scratch an anti-gunner, find a Klansman… or a Nazi.

    • Gun control is really about people control, thus if you scratch an anti gunner you’ll find an authoritarian of some sort, and really that’s all one needs to know.

      • To top it off, our current police forces, Dunbar-Ortiz goes on to argue, are essentially just modern-day slave patrols.

        And this Dunbar-Ortiz bitch expects these “modern-day slave patrols” to enforce “common sense”, “sensible” gun legislation in an even-handed manner?

  41. There is the smallest kernel of truth to what she is saying. In America gun ownership is a white people thing. If you look at surveys (or look around at the range) whites are the vast majority of gun owners. Whites are the only group that is politically pro gun.

    Despite it’s history, gun control now is aimed exclusively at whites. Blacks and Hispanics don’t give two shits about the laws as evidenced by their absurdly high crime rates.

    All you have to do is look at South Africa to see why whites need to be armed as we are slowly dispossessed from our lands by the “immigrants”.

    You may not care about your race or pretend to not see race, that won’t save you. This book and the endless stream of others like it attacking you because you are white should be evidence enough what team you’re on.

      • Whites are the only group that has a culture of legal gun ownership. You might ban everyone but it’s going to mainly impact whites. Specifically conservative whites.

        • The impact on these laws will not fall disproportionately on whites.

          According to various studies — not just one, but a wide range of studies that have been carried out over a number of years — African Americans are 30 percent more likely than whites to be pulled over. After being pulled over, African Americans and Hispanics are three times more likely to be searched. Last year, African Americans were shot by police at more than twice the rate of whites. African Americans are arrested at twice the rate of whites. African American defendants are 75 percent more likely to be charged with offenses carrying mandatory minimums. They receive sentences that are almost 10 percent longer than comparable whites arrested for the same crime.

          – President Barack Obama

          Mass arrests in upper-middle-class, almost-all-white neighborhoods for violating “common sense”, “sensible” gun legislation would spark a massive backlash against gun control laws, especially in the media. we would hear and read in-depth stories about how these people, facing harsh prison time, have never hurt anyone, how they go to church. some of them may have been victims of violent crime and just wanted tp protect themselves, like someone who was mugged, or a father whose teen daughter was raped in a home invasion. We will hear and read sob stories of the children whose parents face jail time, how they will be separated from their parents just like immigrant kids at the border.

          Some will ask these people why they did not care when it was black people going to jail for violating these laws, but not enough people will care.

    • “…look around at the range) whites are the vast majority of gun owners”
      I would say in SoCal, at the outdoor and indoor ranges, half the folks are white. I see many Hispanics, a few blacks and Asians, but a lot who have a multi interracial background.

  42. So much mental gymnastics over so few words….. The Second Ammendment is only 27 words long and written in plain English. Why do so many get it so wrong?

    • What she seems to be saying:
      1. White people are evil.
      2. White people [with badges] should have an absolute monopoly on the means of armed force.

      In other words, those whom she identifies as evil should have absolute power over their putative victims.

      I’m so old that I can remember when Black and Brown people tried to NOT sound like George Lincoln Rockwell and David Duke.

      • Diversity initiatives in police forces are working on changing number 2. The increasingly diverse legislative branch is working in making sure the only function of police departments is making sure you can’t defend yourself from the new Americans.

        • How’d that work out for Michael Pleasance?

          A Black cop will murder a Black person as quick as a White one and get away with it too.

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