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OK the headline’s a bit of a stretch. But it’s true that gun grabbers are snoopers, looking to stick their noses in where they don’t belong. They have no right to interfere with gun owners’ individual, human and/or natural right to armed self-defense.

But the grabbers think they do. In their minds they occupy the moral high ground. You know: do it for the children.

So dancing in the blood of innocents—almost literally in this case—is not just acceptable, it’s necessary. And if the artist formerly known as Snoop Dog was a wannabe gang banger in the day, well, that’s OK. Because mendacity, hypocrisy and stupidity are no barriers to entry where self-righteousness is concerned.

Nice harmony though.

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  1. What. A. Hypocrite. Let’s forget for a moment that Snoop was instrumental in the rise of Gangster Rap (back when it was actually gangster), and that, in all likelihood, he’s busted a few caps in a few asses. Instead, I wonder if either Snoop or Drake apply their “no guns allowed” policy to their security. My guess would be no.

    • Uhh… it’s GANGSTA Rap. And what’s with this “in all likelihood” crap? You have specific info to share, out with it!

      Snoop’s turnaround IS actually hypocritical, but let’s stick to what we KNOW about him; it’s plenty enough. Is he trying to resurrect his career? I don’t know; his career seems to be about where it should be, success- and popularity-wise.

      Could it be he got BUSTED, and this is the price of having the entire issue dropped?

      I don’t know. All I know is I’ve said the last positive thing about him I’ll ever say.

      • You just told a guy to stick to what we know,” then proceeded to speculate wildly –

        “Is he trying to resurrect his career? I don’t know; his career seems to be about where it should be, success- and popularity-wise.

        Could it be he got BUSTED, and this is the price of having the entire issue dropped?”

        I wonder if some of you even read your own comments…

    • You do not know your rap history. Not only has Snoop busted a few caps in at least one person’s ass, he was acquitted (Murder Was the Case That They Gave [him]) on self-defense grounds. You would think as one who has benefited from armed self-defense he would come down on our side.

    • NWA, Schooly D and Ice-T’s Body Count were far more seminal “Gangsta Rappers” than Snoop r-tard whatever his dork name is today.

      “Snoop” was ‘discovered’ by Dr. Dre – via the same thing that matters in corporate America, nepotism.

      “Gansta Rap” was big long before Calvin Broadus Jr. made us suffer through his pathetic rhymes and horrid flow. Were it not for white suburban kids buying his garbage, he’d be nothing.

  2. Barf.

    A film-industry friend of mine moved to LA. His first job: working on an Ice T music video. His role on the shoot? Gun Checker. He stood by the door with a table and a row of cubbies. As Ice T’s friends (working as extras) came in, they would turn over their guns to him, he’d stow them in a numbered cubby, then give them a reclaim ticket to pick them up again on their way out.

    There were a lot of guns. I wonder how many were legal?

    In any case, he told me the tips were fantastic.

      • Depends on who you know and your level of “fame”.

        But, as they were likely not famous, nor were they white, the chances of them “legally” carrying were about zero.

  3. Totally off-topic, but when are you going to get a certificate so we can surf this place encrypted?

  4. Funny coming from a guy with armed body guards who was involved in the shooting of a dude back in the day.

  5. He Has not had a #1 album in a long time. Last #1 on the R&B charts was on Dec, 2000-Last Meal. Last #1 on Both the US and R&B chart was Da Game Is to be Sold, Not to be Told-August 1998. 6 albums have been released since, not one making it to #1 on any of the charts, even though some have gotten gold and platinum status. Last gold being The Blue Carpet-November, 2006.. Hypocrite? yeah, considering most of his money has been made with violent lyrics, glorifying gats. Guns are in the news and he has changed his moniker, what a better time to make an attempt at capitalizing on it, just business. Reincarnated drops on April 23………….

  6. astonishing.. he spends a lifetime glorifying violence, drug use, demeaning women, and general criminal conduct and now this? wtf did I just watch?

  7. The good news is that Snoop just let all his gang rivals know that he is unarmed, so if he does have security and they have to defend him using guns then he loses, and if he gets rid of his armed security to make his point, then we win. Good luck with your new message “Lion”.

  8. correct me if i am wrong, but isn’t drake the one featured in so many lil wayne songs on his newest album talking about guns. “thats my gun walk” “that glock with me” “my trigger finger itching” etc.

  9. His conversion to Rastafari is a total lie. There has been an effort to capitalize on the popularity of Rasta lately and Snoop is the most disgusting example. He just recorded a “Reggae” duet with Miley Cyrus where she glorifies drug use, it is called “Ashtrays and Heartbreak.” Truly horrible. He is a complete and total hypocrite, sell-out bastard.

  10. This man actually believes he is the reincarnation of Bob Marley. I wish I was making this up.

    • From “Get up, stand up. Stand up for your rights.”
      to this?

      More like rotting Snoop zombie trying to eat Bob Marley’s brain in an attempt to regain some relevance.

    • So his role on L&O SVU is the same as the position he advocated attending The Player’s Ball or more significantly on, I dunno, let’s say Cop Killer?

      Just curious how admitted bank robber, car thief, and pot dealer Tracy Marrow has stayed “true” to anything but getting paid.

  11. As a reggae musician I am appalled at Snoop’s bandwagon hopping. I was a fan of his in the 90’s. I still have his 2nd album, No Limit Top Dog on CD. Here’s a sampling from a song called G Bedtime Stories from that album.

    Great scotts it’s hot today
    He ran up out of bullets so I shot him in his chest
    He fell to the floor with his hands in the air
    His vision gettin blurry but you know I didn’t care
    Peck, peck, he tried to stay on deck
    So I ran up on this (n-word) and I shot him in his neck
    Shooting like a muthaf*ckin vietnam vet

    You disappoint us all Snoop.

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