SnapSafe Safe Accessory Pack
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From SnapSafe . . .

Add-on safe accessories optimize space, increase functionality and protect safe contents from mildew and corrosion. The SnapSafe® Safe Accessory Pack bundles the most popular safe accessories in one package. This comprehensive suite includes a magnetic hook, document bag, document basket, LED light strip, dehumidifier and hygrometer.

Moisture is a significant threat to firearms and other valuables in a safe. The Accessory Pack includes a Rechargeable Dehumidifier that absorbs humidity from the air, preventing rust and mildew in gun safes. It also works in closets, pantries or any other enclosed areas. The dehumidifier’s moisture-control crystals change from orange to green, indicating when the unit needs recharging. Dry out and recharge the crystals by plugging them into a 110V electrical outlet until crystals turn orange again.

The Accessory Pack includes a fire-resistant Document Bag. In the event of a fire, this document bag protects documents from flames and heat up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s the perfect place to store passports and other critical documents. The pack also includes a Document Basket that accommodates 8-½” x 11” documents. It doubles as an ammo and accessories holder for maximizing storage space. The coated wire basket, designed to hang from a ½-inch to 1-inch shelf, holds up to 40 pounds.

SnapSafe Safe Accessory Pack

While simple in design, the Magnetic Hook mounts on any steel surface inside or outside the safe. The two-pronged hook is rated for 15 pounds, and it’s perfect for hanging shooting extras like gun cases, ear pro, binoculars, and more. The magnetic hook creates a customized storage solution for any steel gun safe.

SnapSafe Safe Accessory Pack

An LED Light Strip is ideal for gun safes, closets, cabinets, drawers and corridors. This light bar features long-lasting AAA-powered LED lights with On/Off/Auto modes and motion detection. At 70 lumens, the 13-inch 20-LED white light bar illuminates the safe and its contents. In auto mode, the light turns off when not in use, conserving its battery.

SnapSafe Safe Accessory Pack

A battery-powered hygrometer makes it easy to monitor the environment inside your safe. When placed inside a safe or vault room, the hygrometer displays air condition icons showing the current humidity level, temperature (Fahrenheit or Celsius) and temperature extremes. Safe owners use this critical data to help keep moisture at bay. The hygrometer features a fold-out stand for convenient positioning.

SnapSafe Safe Accessory Pack

Safe Accessory Pack Features:

  • Pre-packaged Accessory Pack costs less than products purchased individually
  • Suite of products for organizing, protecting and enhancing SnapSafe Safes
  • Safe Accessory Pack (6-piece) Includes:
  • Dehumidifier
  • Document Bag
  • Document Basket
  • Magnetic Hook
  • LED Light Strip
  • Hygrometer

Safe Accessory Pack Specifications:

  • Dehumidifier: rechargeable (110V)
  • Document Bag: fire-resistant 1800° F
  • Document Basket: coated wire; Dimensions: 12″W x 2.5″H x 9″D; 40lb capacity
  • Magnetic Hook: 2-hooks, 15lb capacity
  • LED Light Strip: 13-inch 20-LED (70 lumens) AAA battery operated (not included); motion detection
  • Hygrometer: AAA battery operated (not included)
  • Accessory Pack MSRP: $141.99

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  1. “SnapSafe’s Accessory Safe Accessory Pack Helps You Maximize and Protect Your Safe Real Estate”

    Let me fix that title for you…

    “SnapSafe’s Safe Accessory Pack Helps You Maximize and Protect Your Safe Real Estate”

    There ya go.


  2. that must be a 16 rifle gunsafe.
    i think the waterfill and frazier is the most expensive thing in mine.

  3. I can see uses for the dehumidifier, hygrometer and LED light strip even if you don’t have a gun safe. Their total price is $96 which is significantly less than the price of the package.

  4. The only way I could maximize the space in my safe is to buy another/bigger one. I am already short space for two rifles and almost a dozen handguns.

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  12. SnapSafe’s Accessory Safe Accessory Pack optimizes safe space and safeguards belongings. With custom organization options, it ensures efficient storage for firearms, valuables, and documents. Maximize your safe’s potential while enhancing security with this versatile and practical accessory pack. Zepto

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