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Firearm sales shattered all previous records in 2020, and much of this was due to people buying their very first gun. With so many first-time gun owners entering the fold, intro and “how-to” videos are especially welcome. Smith & Wesson’s GUNSMARTS series fills just this need.

S&W’s press release follows:

Smith & Wesson® Launches GUNSMARTS Series 2
Smith & Wesson expands on its successful GUNSMARTS video series with fresh, new content for summer 2021

SPRINGFIELD, Mass., (June 1, 2021) – Smith & Wesson today announced that it has expanded its GUNSMARTS video series with over thirty new educational videos for both new and experienced firearms owners.  Hosted by industry experts Ken Scott, Julie Golob, and Jerry Miculek, Smith & Wesson’s GUNSMARTS Series 2 covers a comprehensive set of topics that include firearms education, shooting tips, gear recommendations, and more – all in a simple, inviting manner.

Matt Spafford, Senior Marketing Manager, said, “We received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback after the launch of GUNSMARTS in 2020, and as such, we’ve developed GUNSMARTS Series 2.  This new content series provides new, exciting videos to help both new and experienced gun owners improve their firearm knowledge and skillset.  We hope that GUNSMARTS Series 2 encourages firearms owners to get outside, enjoy the shooting sports, and brush up on their skills.”

New GUNSMARTS Series 2 content is hosted on YouTube and will be released weekly throughout the summer, starting on June 1st.  To watch Smith & Wesson’s GUNSMARTS Series 2, click here.

To stay up to date on all of the latest news and events, connect with Smith & Wesson on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


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  1. I’ll be taking two more newbies to the range next weekend. Mother and teenage son who have never held a gun before in their lives and are very curious to know what the POTG world is all about.

    Love it. Always a joy seeing first timers’ faces light up upon hitting steel and hearing that *ping!*

      • Oh man my friend uses me as his “gun expert”. His wife couldn’t manipulate the Sig 365 he got for her. The mags were horrendous to load even for me. Gotta an Uplula loader. Glad to help. I had zero help 10 years ago. The only thing i’m concerned about is the “I don’t want to kill” thing. I don’t either but worrying about his soul makes you less than fit for CCL…they are getting USCCA.

    • Always a good thing. Glad to hear. Wasn’t too long ago I was that teenage newbie and I’ll never forget the responsibility and vote of confidence that came with it. Would be paying it forward too if I could find ammunition.

  2. We are not going to be able to reclaim and take back any form of control as long as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is used.

  3. When did the trend for putting your thumb over the hand gaurd begin. I can see how it would hold the muzzle rise down( like the 5.6 is a real monster) I just dont like it. That technique would probably sprain your wrist with a real hard kicker.

    • 20 years ago or so.
      It’s not really about preventing muzzle rise but more about target transitions. But keeping the muzzle down for fast follow ups is nice too.

    • Yeah, what JWT said. It’s about being able to drive the gun rapidly in any direction and stop it on a dime.

    • possum: I don’t think the goal is to have the support-hand thumb in a particular place. A proper grip maximizes “meat on metal” which for a two-hand pistol grip means that the heel of the support hand is on the grip ahead of the strong-hand thumb heel, not pressing directly against the strong-hand thumb heel. This is what helps prevent gun movement during trigger manipulation. A proper grip also angles the support wrist down (kind of an ulnar deviation) which aids recoil management.


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