David Hogg Smith & Wesson 50 Miles Protest Gun Control Violence
courtesy Boston Herald and AP
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“Gunmakers are no more responsible for gun deaths than cellphone makers are for distracted driving deaths. One out of four car accidents in the United States is caused by texting and driving, according to the National Safety Council.

“Does that mean Apple and Android are responsible? Should they be made to pay? Will high school kids protest them and applaud their demise? Of course not.

“Guns are culturally declasse here in the Northeast and considered downright gauche in much of Massachusetts. IPhones are cool and sophisticated. Hunting is a way of life for many people in the U.S., but can we imagine a truck with a dead white-tailed deer strapped to the hood pulling into Harvard Square?

“There would be widespread panic and possibly a shelter-in-place order. The only greater affront would be a Trump bumper sticker.” – Boston Herald editorial [via bostonherald.com]

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  1. What about a truck with a Trump bumper sticker AND dead white-tailed deer strapped to the hood pulling into Harvard Square?

  2. yeah…why make people personally responsible for their actions?
    these folks are acting like bullies towards legal gun owners and gun companies…
    wonder if Hogg acted like this with the shooter?
    and is he 17 or 26? was he actually at the school or not?

  3. Good thing editorials are anonymous. Otherwise, triggered !liberals would have specific targets when they marched on the Herald’s corporate HQ.

  4. Actually, This BS SJW gun control march received full front page coverage in the DemoCommie, TASS affiliated Communist Agiprop and Political Propaganda Newspaper :The Worcester Telegram and Gazette…T&G…I dispise that newspaper…Not 1st Amendment supported ‘News.’

  5. My guess is that the left is recruiting people like the Parkland group and other people of the like without minds of their own for the future. I have recently read a story of the Dems want to try getting the voting age lowered to 16 . I’d doubt the general population would welcome this . The fact is that the effort of them saying this impresses the hell out of kids. When we were kids we wanted to be treated like adults but very few adults paid attention to us.
    This is what left wants , a group of people that are incapable of being leaders that can’t think for themselves and gets flattered with B.S.. A new master race ?

    February 4 of this year I was rear ended while at a red light by a person texting. There is a lawsuit settling but have 4 damaged discs that may require surgery. Not fun at 67 years old . I cannot sue the phone company though.

    • Don’t forget. All these laws banning the use of phones while driving. There are exemptions for certain people. Anybody want to go out on a limb and venture a guess as to who those apply to?

  6. …and then we have the old “Automakers aren’t responsible for drunk driving deaths because cars aren’t designed to kill” argument.

    Funny thing, that –

    For something *specifically* designed not to kill, vehicles kill tens of thousands annually. This after tens of *billions* of dollars spent-invested in designing them to not injure and kill.

    Where is the outcry and marches and demands to lawmakers to “Do something!” about those deaths? Are those lives lost worth any less than those killed by guns?

    The next time someone shrieks about “Gun violence! We must do something!”, ask them this question –

    Is it about the lives that are tragically lost the reason we must have strict gun control? Because those lives lost is a senseless tragedy?

    If so, we must have a 25 MPH national speed limit *strictly* enforced. That will save lives. Innocent children’s lives.

    It’s for the children! Are you that callous that you won’t slow down when driving and take a few lousy extra minuets to get to your destination? Are that selfish?

    This is the logic to use when arguing ‘gun control!’ to a Leftist.

    Flip it back on them… 😉

  7. This is actually a great analogy. Unlike firearms, there is no constitutional protection for cell phones. Cell phones are used to commit all sorts of crimes at a much higher rate than guns. Yet zero outrage.

    Perhaps cell phones should have waiting periods, a permitting process, mandatory training, be subject to the whims of local law enforcement, serial numbers tied to texts and calls, and restrictions between carrying them between jurisdictions… we could go on.

    Sounds like a ridiculous way to fight crime, doesn’t it?

  8. As the article notes, the antis see social utility in the phone. They can’t see the social utility of the gun. I would submit that’s do to a sheltered existence and/or a lack of intellect. The lack of critical thinking, logic, ability to think things through, see and comprehend other sides of an issue is most disturbing.

    As a common meme reads:

    “I don’t care where you go to school, how high your GPA and IQ are, if you lack reason, logic and common sense, you’re f***ing stupid.”

    • For someone who rejects self defense, on grounds of morality or practicality, rejects hunting as cruelty and has no interest in target shooting, firearms have no social value. Allowing him to possess firearms does him no good since he won’t take advantage of the opportunity. Allowing others to possess them has the potential to do him harm if they have evil intentions. For him, it’s a no win / lose situation.

      • For someone who rejects self defense, others possess the potential to do him harm if they have evil intentions. FIFY

        Firearms have nothing to do with that equation anymore than victims of “gun death” are any deader that someone killed by other means.

        Said individuals lack of deductive reasoning should have no impact on inalienable rights.

  9. Interesting… leveraging a 40 person group (not a notable turnout in Massachusetts) with a 50 mile walk. Think S&W will cave? 😉

  10. It used to be that I would cringe with nauseous disgust when I viewed Shannon Watts’ image here. I would even complain about it, that I could have done without seeing her picture.
    Now it’s squid-bait Hogg boy whom I’ve come to despise seeing.

    I could have done fine not seeing that little #ag on my screen this morning.

  11. 50 miles? How many days did they take to walk the 50 miles? If it was one, I call BS! 25 miles in a day for untrained people is going to be quite a hike. Even 10 miles is quite a bit if you are not training up for it. Plus, I doubt a lot of the people in the march were doing much physically, as most people in the country don’t walk like we used to. So, 50 miles in the back of a pickup? I buy it. 50 miles in a Bloomberg funded bus? You bet. 50 miles pounding pavement? BS!

    Bonus: As having lived in that part of Massachusetts, how did nobody die in a traffic accident if they were on this trek? Springfield drivers suck!

    • Bingo, have heard they make the Walther PPK and their 22 target pistol in Houlton Maine.
      I’d move further north to work for S&W.

  12. The same people who freak out over a dead white tail on the back of the truck will happily allow Muslims to do ritual slaughter of animals in town square and blood flowing all over the place as they do in their Muslim majority nations.
    Because you’re a BIGOT!

  13. Hogg and his gang of brown shirt type thugs are raking in huge bucks form the likes of Soros, Bloomberg, Steyer. They sound like lemmings stuck in a hole.

  14. Dear S&W, please move to the free state of Arizona. Do it before they pass legislation preventing you from moving without them stealing your assets with a Corporate Exit Tax. Better still, leave them any revolver frames with the Clinton hole…stuck to the factory floor. I voted with my feet almost 30 years ago and I will never go back. 30

  15. I’m just mad the guy in the background cut the neck of his tee shirt to make a v-neck… The lengths these people go to is atrocious.


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