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From Smith & Wesson . . .

Smith & Wesson announced today that it has released a new, M&P Spec Series Kit, complete with an exclusive M&P9 M2.0 OR Full Size Spec Series pistol and Crimson Trace optic. The limited edition M&P Spec Series kit also ships with an M&P fixed blade knife, a custom M&P Spec Series Challenge Coin, and custom fit plastic case. The new M&P9 M2.0 OR Spec Series pistol features a two-tone finish, threaded barrel, optics ready slide, suppressor height sights, and more.

Vince Perreault, Senior Brand Manager, said, “The M&P Spec Series is a limited edition offering with an exclusive pistol that features the best enhancements our M&P line has to offer – an optics ready slide, threaded barrel, two-tone color combination, and more. As an added bonus, the M&P Spec Series Kit includes an M&P fixed blade knife and a custom challenge coin that’s sure to excite enthusiasts.”

The new M&P9 M2.0 OR Spec Series full-size pistol is chambered in 9mm and features the full set of M&P M2.0 enhancements, as well as a 17+1 round capacity. Equipped with a 4.6” threaded barrel, this exclusive pistol features a two-tone finish with a black frame and a flat dark earth, optics- ready slide equipped with suppressor height night sights. The pistol also ships with a Crimson Trace® CTS-1500 red dot, providing the ultimate flexibility on configuration.

The MSRP of the M&P Spec Series Kit is $969.

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  1. LOL at adding challenge coins to SPESHULL editions nowadays. Also that $30 at the basspro knife wall pig sticker that totally adds real value.

    • $969 is a bit much.
      At sportsmans outdoor superstore they were selling new M&P 2.0 9mms for $349.
      This was almost two years ago and there was a $50 rebate so $299.
      No taxes and shipped to my FFL so I bought two.
      My FFL charged me a $25 transfer fee and I bought a S&W knife for $15.
      No Crimson Trace optic, slide cutout or threaded barrel.
      I paid $624 for both guns brand new and they came in custom fit plastic cases.
      The knife was an impulse buy at my LGS.
      I don’t have the “custom M&P Spec Series Challenge Coin”
      sportsmans outdoor superstore had police trade Ranger-T ammo for $16/50.
      Even though S&W bought Crimson Trace I never had much luck with their optics.

      • I got my m2.0 2.6″ for $400. Sold it for $600. Granted, it came with holsters and extra mags, so it evened out. Still, lesson learned. I won’t spend $100 on a S&W like that again. That grip angle and thickness is terrible! Was just a weird feeling gun and I disliked the trigger. They do look good though.

        • I like the 1911 grip angle and the back strap that fits my hands.
          If your not used to a S&W trigger they can be funky.
          I like shooting two guns ala Mr. White in Reservoir Dogs.
          It kind of cool sending 36 rounds at a target in a few seconds.
          Mine are the 4.25″ full size and not the 3.6″ compacts.
          To me they feel just like a 1911 but with a very aggressive grip.
          I have a compact 4.0″ but took some sandpaper to the grips for carrying.
          I wouldn’t pay nearly a grand for any of them though, that’s way too much.
          Especially with a shitty Crimson Trace red dot that will break the day after it’s out of warranty. You can’t even pay Crimson Trace to fix it, their warranty policy is they send you a new one if it’s in warranty, if it’s out you are SOL.

      • Don’t you mean “They came in a plastic case”? Take that $349 & add – an optics ready slide,(or have yours milled) add a threaded barrel, Night Sights, & two-tone color combination and how much will that add? Comparing Apples & Oranges.
        That said -the last “spec model” was $565 suggested retail = all black, no optic ready slide, but tritium sights- w coin and a small black neck cord knife. Long slide & 5″ barrel. They say these come off a special line. ???
        Now how many Special Sets will be sold as Safe Queen investments? Just buy a pro shop 9L & run the hell out of it.

        • No, two guns, two black cases that say M&P and have foam cut outs.
          No optics cut slides, no FDE, no threaded barrel and no hi sights.
          I shoot them just fine w/o an optic and don’t plan on putting a suppressor on them.

          What it comes down to is if I wanted these things I would start with a different gun. M&Ps are great guns but at almost 1K you are about $200 away from building an awesome gun.

          I suppose I can have the slide milled and cerakoted FDE, pay for an optic and a threaded barrel and be close to the 1K price point but that’s not the reason I bought them.

          I bought them to shoot and shoot a lot. Even though I have stocked up on ammo I don’t shoot them as much as I would like.
          I’m in my Beretta phase right now.

          I’m not much for safe queens and S&W comes out with this to make money. They pull enough parts to make say a run of 1000 of these or if they are just a “regular” M&P say a run of 10,000. Then they sell that run to a distributor who marks them up and sells them LGS’s who marks them up more. You aren’t getting one for $969 right now.

          BTW that CT optic is their plastic value line red dot. They are about $100-$120. A safe queen with a cheapo red dot?

    • No shit, a challenge coin used to mean something……back in the day!

    • I’m finding ammo online at a number of different sites for cheaper and at greater bulk lately. It is getting better. Check out AIM surplus, patriot defense, Atlantic firearms, and j&g sales.

    • Much of it is regional. Ammo isn’t what it was pre-covid for sure but things are getting better.

      9mm and 223/556 is on the shelves here again. 380 and 308 is starting to show up. I’ve even been seeing FN5.7×28. Even 40S&W and 10mm are showing up too. Prices aren’t so bad, considering…

      • Ammo is making a slow comeback. I can get 9mm for 50 cents a round for Speer Lawman which is still nuts and Tula for about 35 cents a round.
        In 5.56 NATO PMC X-TAC XP193 is about 55 cents a round.
        Considering that Federal XM193 was $60/150 or 40 cents a round at Walmart before they stopped selling it, that isn’t that outrageous.
        Save your money and when say places have black Friday sales buy A Lot.
        Ammo is never going to be what is was selling for even two years ago.

  2. “Military and Police”

    Smith & Wesson sure did figure out a huge percentage of American gun owners are pathetic, groveling boot lickers.

  3. In SW Idaho, Cabelas doesn’t even have a rack/shelf to show empty spaces where the ammo should be. Sportsmans has a 6′ section with 32 S&W and 7.62x54R. That’s it. Thanks to living close to Buffalo bore, the shipping charges weren’t too bad on a recent order of hunting ammo only (357 hard cast, 475 linebaugh and 338 win mag). They definitely don’t sell plinking ammo, but as the prices of any ‘mainstream premium’ ammo was the same or more as their ‘semi-custom’ stuff I figured I’d buy up a few boxes of each so I could sight in my guns and be good for a few years. Most of everything they’ve ever made was in stock. And no, I’m not shilling. I remember reading an article on here with the head of Cci or Federal (one in the same? I forget) being interviewed last year and the guy said he thinks it will be 2-3 years before supply catches up. I’m betting on at least 2 more years from today. Just a heads up to those hunters that are low on ammo, don’t roll their own like me, and think they’ll go and pick up a box of their favorite a couple of weeks before opening day.

    • “Cabelas doesn’t even have a rack/shelf to show empty spaces where the ammo should be.”

      Same with Academy. I was looking for the empty ammo shelf the other day just to check it out, and I couldn’t find it. Turns out they gave up on reserving shelf space, and they’re keeping their ammo on a small cart behind the counter. They had the most ammo I’ve seen there in a year. They had some 5.56, 5.45×39, and 6.8 SPC.

  4. You buy your own challenge coin then you need to insert it in your slot

  5. Ammo is coming back now in June 2021.
    Try Target or ammunition
    They have 9mm, .223, .308 and 7.62 x 39 in stock.
    Still no .380 anywhere

  6. Challenge coin and sub par optic?
    This is some cringe level stuff right here.
    Leave this sort of thing to the tasteless mouth-breathers at Springfield and Sig Sauer.

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