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From Smith & Wesson . . .

Smith & Wesson Inc. has announced the launch of its latest modern sporting rifle, the M&P15T II. Chambered in 5.56mm NATO, the new M&P15T II features premium enhancements that include a full-length aluminum M-Lok® handguard, flat face trigger, Magpul® CTR® stock, M&P grip, and more.

Vince Perreault, Senior Brand Manager, said, “With the M&P15T II, we set out to include some of the latest features that consumers demand on a high-end MSR – a full-length handguard, flat face trigger, ambidextrous controls, and more. The M&P15T II delivers premium enhancements in a high-performance modern sporting rifle.”

The M&P 15T II rifle features a free-float 16” barrel that features 5R Rifling with a twist rate of 1:8 and is equipped with a mid-length gas system delivering reduced recoil and efficient cycling.  The M&P15T II features a forged, oversized trigger guard to provide maximum clearance when wearing gloves and is equipped with a new flat face trigger for crisp and consistent trigger pull. The M&P15T II comes standard with a Radian™ Raptor LT™ charging handle, providing ambidextrous manipulation of the charging handle.  Also included is a Magpul CTR carbine-length stock and 15” aluminum M-Lok handguard topped with Magpul MBUS® sights.

The MSRP on the new M&P15T II rifle is $1,372.

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  1. Isn’t this a retread of the AR they had before the Sport? And had problems selling after the cheaper gun came out? Looks nice regardless…
    saw they passed $1000000000 in sales! Cool😏

  2. Why are so many “new” ARs looking like the last one before it?

    I think the design is pretty common now, and likely at a point where most of the possible improvements to the original platform have already been made. Wake me up when a manufacturer comes out with a mini-rail gun contained in an AR upper.

    Or something in the 40-watt range.

      • The cheapest .223 on is currently 29.9¢ a round (Tula steel cased). That is still high, but not as bad as 6-12 months ago. Two years ago you could get the Tula for about 17¢ and decent brass cased (Federal etc) for around 30¢.

        Prices are currently dropping

        Speaking of the rifle, this S&W seems nice, but not particularly better than the PSA I put together a couple years ago for about $500 total (other than the Ambi controls, which would be nice since I am a lefty).

        If that $1370 MSRP works out to 999$ real world, I think it is still $100-200 high. Real world price of $799-899 is probably reasonable. (Other than the world being on fire). I try not to buy guns when the world is on fire.

    • they left 1 in 7 rifling and went to 1 in 8 like Ruger’s had for a good while now.
      Handles the 77 grn bullets better.
      upgraded charging handle surprised me.

      • Actually they had a 1:9” twist instead of a 1:7″ twist.
        You have that backwards, the more twist per inch (lower number) stabilizes heavy bullets better.
        By going to 1:8″ twist they have the same as the Ruger AR-556.
        I have a M&P Sport 2 with a 1:9” twist that stabilizes 77 gr bullets just fine.
        No keyholing or inaccuracy at long distance.
        BTW: It’s over-hyped, there is very little difference between 1:8″ and 1:9” and heavy bullets.
        I routinely outshoot my Ruger with my S&W.
        I paid less then $500 for each long before the panic.
        IMO this S&W rifle is not worth 1400 bucks.

    • For $1372 that trigger had better talk dirty to me.
      For $150 on sale I bought a CMC drop in trigger that I really like.
      It’s on a PSA build. You can never have too many modern sporting rifles.
      The Sport 2 and Ruger-556 were just too tempting to pass up for around $450-$460.
      You cant beat the price and both have run flawlessly.
      Plus you have furniture laying around so you play dress up.

  3. Looks like some good upgrades. My gen1 has been great, and I’ve already done these upgrades to it.

    • I prefer ” utility rifles” as a descriptive, but ” sport” or ” sport/utility” works well…
      Of course, I also consider a Mosin Nagant Model 44; Carbine , Finn M39 ;or an SKS in stock trim to all have a wide range of utility-from defense,to clanging steel at 300-500 yards, taking deer or punching paper…all of which encompass both ” sport” and ” utility”…and because it makes everyone from Fudds to Anti RKBA semen swallowing schmucks gibber in atonal hoots, grunts and clicks…
      So a nicely put together-albeit more than a little overpriced-AR type carbine has a lot to recommend it, given the ergonomics, quick to shoulder and handle nature of it.
      I’d probably prefer it with an 18 or a twenty inch barrel, but such things are less common now than when the 20 inch was standard for the platform.

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