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From Smith & Wesson . . .

Smith & Wesson Brands, Inc. (NASDAQ Global Select: SWBI), a leader in firearm manufacturing and design, today launched the latest expansion in its M&P M2.0 line of handguns, introducing the newly enhanced M&P9 M2.0 Compact and the full-sized M&P M2.0.

Listening to feedback from consumers, our newest models come standard with a new trigger, optics ready cut slide, and a price point that maximizes the value and savings to our customers. By utilizing our C.O.R.E.™ system of mounting plates, the end-user can mount a variety of popular optics. Also included in this upgrade is our new M2.0 flat face trigger. This new design optimizes trigger finger positioning and delivers consistency for more accurate shot placement.

John Myles, Smith & Wesson’s Senior Product Manager, said, “The diversity of the C.O.R.E. system for mounting electronic sights, the consistency of the new flat face trigger, and all of the high quality existing features of the M2.0 family combine into a unique shooting experience and a variety of aftermarket consumer choices for use at the range or for personal carry.”

These new handguns are purpose-built with the end consumer in mind. They include M2.0 features and are available with or without an ambidextrous manual thumb safety. The M&P9 M2.0 comes with the familiar 18-degree grip angle, four interchangeable palmswell grip inserts, and enhanced grip texture to help manage recoil.

The MSRP on the M&P9 M2.0 pistol is $654.00 to $665.00.

To learn more about the Smith & Wesson M&P9 M2.0 pistol series, including spec sheets and images, please click here.

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  1. My EDC for most of the last dozen years has been an M&P40c. It’s not the latest nor the greatest, but it has never let me down.

    Every time I read about a handgun that’s “new and improved,” I can’t help but think of dish soap or laundry detergent that Madison Avenue pushes as being soooo revolutionary, but never seem to get dishes or clothes any cleaner.

    I’m not saying that people shouldn’t buy a new Smith. They’re great guns. But nobody should feel like they have to trade in their old companion for a new one just to keep up.

    • Ralph,

      My Every Day Carry self-defense handgun for the last 10 or so years is a full-size Smith and Wesson M&P40 (the original version). Like your compact version, mine has never let me down, either.

      And I count on it for self-defense. I have had it “at the ready” on two different occasions to repel armed robbery (which my “suitors” immediately aborted when they realized that I was “dialed-in”–staring straight at them with hand over my handgun in its holster). I have also drawn it twice when the neighbor’s two psychotic German shepherds were loose and rushed me. (Similar to the two armed robbers who came calling, those dogs promptly halted their rush on me when I stepped toward them and raised my gun in hand.)

      As in your case, I see no compelling reason to rush out and purchase version 2.0 of this handgun platform.

      • uncommon_sense. the only thing I’ve done to my M&P is replacing the Massachusetts boat anchor trigger with an Apex kit to bring the trigger closer to original factory spec.

        Like you, I’m a true believer in a top-notch pistol.

        • Ralph,

          Ha ha — I also installed the Apex trigger kit on mine!

          Not only is the trigger squeeze better, reset is much shorter and equally important: the trigger reset has a tactile and audible “click” when it resets.

          With the upgraded trigger, I cannot think of a better semi-auto striker-fired pistol.

  2. Yawn. New flat trigger? Whoa, I’m going to run right out and buy one now. Flat trigger is like putting a chrome tailpipe extension on a Toyota Camry. At least they didn’t include “revolutionary” in any of the descriptions.

  3. I like the new trigger. Might be interested if I could get one with no optic plate and regular sights. Be interesting to see if existing M&P 2.0 line gets the new style trigger.

  4. They look like S&W made needed changes to keep these relevant compared to the competition. I know they also just released the 10mm like a week ago but sure would like to see this available in .40.

    • Cornpop,

      I forgot about the 10mm version that Smith and Wesson just released. I will have to seriously look into that. I like the option of “watered down” loads with the same “power” as .40 S&W and the option to step up to “full power” 10mm loads since I spend a fair amount of time in the wilds.

      (I currently carry a large/heavy revolver chambered in .44 Magnum when I am in the wilds for bear self-defense. It would be nice to carry my every-day handgun and having to do nothing more than swap out a magazine loaded with 200 grain hardcast lead bullets.)

  5. I like reading about guns that are unobtainium for us non-LE plebes in CA. Because according to CADOJ, the newer guns that are safer for the rest of Free Americans are actually “unsafe” due to the lack of the non-existent microstamping technology. For the children, I guess.

  6. @Haz

    California Department of Justice: Protecting Californians from themselves since May 1944.

    CADOJ Motto: “Cause Someone Haz to Make Life’s Decisions for You”


    Sooo many people I know have relocated from Califas…almost to a person they share common horror stories in describing the lunacy of the State leadership over the past decades.

    Hoping you have a peaceful Thanksgiving shared with family and friends.

    • Yeah but they are fleeing California and going to Washington, Idaho and Montana. Housing prices around here are INSANE. Two homes in Missoula my mom owned way back when are worth ridiculous money now.

      • Years ago, before the Great Exodus from CA, I was seriously looking at Boise/Meridian and Missoula at the top two candidates to move to. Certain (good) things kept me here instead.

        Now, the home prices in both those areas are almost as high as my home town here.

      • Thank you for your kind wishes.

        Took an afternoon hike with the dogs and kids into the Herron trail system. Returned home and ate ham with all the fixin’s.

        Catching up on computer stuff and waiting for everything to settle so that I can have choice of homemade apple pie from our trees (Haralson apples) or pumpkin from canned pumpkin….probably will choose apple, heated up, with Umpqua French Vanilla ice cream slathered on top.

        It was a GOOD Day!

  7. It is crazy how much of a premium people pay for off-roster stuff in california. Like 2-3x retail for some brands/models. Then even the old model on-roster stuff will sell for 10-20% more than a newer off-roster equivalent in other states. Everyone in normal states should treasure their access to handgun models that are less than 10+ years old.

  8. Finally the dingy hook trigger is gone!!! I love the M&P series but could not stand that trigger. It was terrible for long fingers, during rapid fire my shots where always being thrown around. I rejoiced when Apex Tactical released their flat face forward reset trigger. Best trigger one any pistol you can get.

  9. CC I agree with you- the Apex forward flat face trigger is the trigger the M and P 2.0 should have come with. On the M and P it is clearly the finest trigger on any defensive/tactical handgun…….Makes a Glock feel like a water pistol……

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