Ahmaud Arbery Shooting
(Twitter via AP)
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By Russ Bynum, AP

All three men charged in the death of Ahmaud Arbery were convicted of murder Wednesday in the fatal shooting that became part of a larger national reckoning on racial injustice.

The convictions for Greg McMichael, son Travis McMichael and neighbor William “Roddie” Bryan came after jurors deliberated for about 10 hours. The men face minimum sentences of life in prison. It is up to the judge to decide whether that comes with or without the possibility of parole.

The McMichaels grabbed guns and jumped in a pickup truck to pursue the 25-year-old Black man after seeing him running in their neighborhood outside the Georgia port city of Brunswick in February 2020. Bryan joined the pursuit in his own pickup and recorded cellphone video of Travis McMichael fatally shooting Arbery.

Arbery’s killing after the graphic video leaked online two months later. Though prosecutors did not argue that racism motivated the killing, federal authorities have charged them with hate crimes, alleging that they chased and killed Arbery because he was Black. That case is scheduled to go to trial in February.

The jury sent a note to Superior Court Judge Timothy Walmsley soon after returning to court Wednesday morning asking to view two versions of the shooting video — the original and one that investigators enhanced to reduce shadows — three times apiece.

Jurors returned to the courtroom to see the videos and listen again the 911 call one of the defendants made from the bed of a pickup truck about 30 seconds before the shooting.

The mostly white jury received the case around midday Tuesday and spent about six hours deliberating before adjourning without a verdict.

The McMichaels told police they suspected Arbery was a fleeing burglar when they armed themselves and jumped in a pickup truck to chase him. Bryan joined the pursuit when they passed his house and recorded cellphone video of Travis McMichael blasting Arbery at close range with a shotgun as Arbery threw punches and grabbed for the weapon.

Gregory Johns McMichael, Travis James McMichael
This photo combo of images taken Thursday, May 7, 2020, and provided by the Glynn County Detention Center, in Georgia, show Gregory McMichael, left, and his son Travis McMichael. (Glynn County Detention Center via AP)

On the 911 call the jury reviewed, Greg McMichael tells an operator: “I’m out here in Satilla Shores. There’s a black male running down the street.”

He then starts shouting, apparently as Arbery is running toward the McMichael’s idling truck with Bryan’s truck coming up behind him: “Stop right there! Damn it, stop! Travis!” Gunshots can be heard a few second later.

The graphic video death leaked online two months later, and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation took over the case, quickly arresting the three men. Each of them is charged with murder and other crimes.

William "Roddie" Bryan
William “Roddie” Bryan (Octavio Jones/Pool Photo via AP, File)

Defense attorneys contend the McMichaels were attempting a legal citizen’s arrest when they set off after Arbery, seeking to detain and question him as a suspected burglar after he was seen running from a nearby home under construction.

Travis McMichael testified that he shot Arbery in self-defense, saying the running man turned and attacked with his fists while running past the idling truck where Travis McMichael stood with his shotgun.

Prosecutors said there was no evidence Arbery had committed crimes in the defendants’ neighborhood. He had enrolled at a technical college and was preparing at the time to study to become an electrician like his uncles.

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  1. what I’ve read elsewhere is that the police were already looking for this arbery. it’s best to let the police act first.

    • True, but I don’t think he had an active warrant. Police can take reports, but those reports are only helpful to a point. Nonetheless, all three of these guys acted stupidly, so this verdict is just.
      Also, next time some commie-tard says there aint no justice, I’m telling them to shut their piehole, because Ahmaud Arbery.

      • I would like to know what “evidence” they have that Travis McMichael had “malice” when he shot Arbery. He wouldn’t have shot him, if he didn’t bum rush him and grab the gun. Yet somehow, they were convinced of “malice murder” for Travis McMichael, which requires that a homicide is done with express or implied malice. Now I’m not getting that from this case. What it looks to me, is two fools wants to detain and investigate a possible burglary, and managed to make their detainee fear for his life and attack them. They are all idiots.

        Further, regarding their guilty verdict for “felony murder.” – I understand, that if you are robbing a bank, and end up shooting and killing someone, because your activity carries with it such a great risk that you might have to shoot and kill someone, that everyone involved gets “felony murder” – I got it. But these guys were trying to uphold the law (badly) and intent should play a part in my opinion. They were idiots about it – forming an armed roadblock to detain a suspect where they had no evidence at the time, for likely what would be a misdemeanor crime. – Who cares! Call the cops and have them handle it. But their desire was the mitigate crime, not cause more crime. And that is different to me than felony murder. So I really don’t feel felony murder should be applied.

        Also, regarding their charge of “false imprisonment” they were found guilty of. In 2020, how many BLM/Antifa mobs committed the act of false imprisonment, which by definition is to restrict a person’s movement by intimidation. Yet police everywhere, mark it up as “peaceful protesting.” So – it’s just really annoying to me, that some get “false imprisonment” and others get a fist of solidarity, or some shit.

        Lastly, neighbor William Bryan, who made the video above! – was included in the felony murder, aggravated assault, and false imprisonment. He cooperated the entire way, and for a lot of what was going on, he didn’t know what was going to happen next, as he was not with the McMichaels, and wasn’t part of their planning. He pulled up on the false imprisonment, not taking part in it. He was not armed, and to a good degree was not involved with the actions that transpired. Yet they gave him felony murder, aggravated assault, and false imprisonment. Who did he assault? He was in his vehicle at the time pulling up to the incident while recording them.

        The bottom line, is in my opinion, this jury sucks. Okay? They suck.

        Do the McMichael’s deserve manslaughter? Yes. In my opinion, yes. Did they intend to “murder” anyone? No. Where is the evidence for that? Were they idiots? Yes. They were all morons. Ahmaud included.

        As I understand it, The McMicheals intend to appeal, which they should, and William Bryan is seeking a new trial (for himself), which he should.

        And F all the pastors that want to make an appearance the courtroom to sway the verdict. F those guys!

    • The father-son combo are responsible with the shooter taking most of the heat.
      The bozo neighbor following trouble and filming stepped into quick sand. Plenty of cases where pals beside the murderous perp were not charged. They want the shooter.
      Why the neighbor filming faces life is a show and he should walk on appeal. Otherwise play stupid games win stupid prizes.

      • No walk will he do.

        The crime he committed was much like a bank robber getaway driver being charged with murder if one of the robbers in the bank killed someone.

        If one of them murders someone, everyone involved gets charged…

        • Yeah – but he’s not a getaway driver. He’s more a spectator at that time. AND, he doesn’t know the plan, so he is watching the plan unfold.

          >>>If one of them murders someone, everyone involved gets charged…

          There is some “nuance” that is being missed here, that makes their comparisons incommensurable. So this shouldn’t apply, in my opinion. If I was a juror, I would convinced the others of this point, or hung the shit out of it.

    • The problem is these guys are civilians, if it was 3 cops and he tried to take away a gun from one of them, there would be no case, the state would cover its privileged dogs. 😐

      • Srupid comment. Per the law you are required to obey police officers when ordered to stop and assaulting them absolutely deserves a a couple rounds to the face. They aren’t privileged, they have the authority granted by the state/city to do their jobs.

        Aubrey had no legal reason to stop for these guys. Hindsight being hindsight, he might have left alive if he had, but I’m not sure how I would have reacted to dudes rolling up on me with a shotguns. You can’t chase someone down and shoot him when he fights back. This is literally the reverse of the Rittenhouse case. If Aubrey had a firearm and had killed one or more of these guys chasing him it would have been self defense.

        • I’m pretty sure how I would have reacted in Arbery’s position, when I was his age. I’ve been there, and I cut out through the woods. Those fat bastards chasing him certainly couldn’t keep up! I miss the days when I ran just to feel the wind in my face. Today, the lardasses would catch me, but I’d make them work for it.

        • Legally yes, but for all practical purposes, they aren’t. I’d like to believe we all realise this.

          I punch a civilian, I may go to jail.
          I punch a cop, I will go to jail.

    • 1.) Arbery would be alive….. if he would not have entered a house under construction on several occasions mostly during the night filmed on security surveillance video.
      2.) Arbery would be alive….. if when confronted by the 3 neighbors one being armed with the intention to hold him until the police show up, but charged the armed man grabbing the weapon, and fighting to take the weapon from the armed neighbor…..

      The facts played out: hummmmm!
      On October 25, nighttime video shows a black adult male (Arbery) walking around the house, which is under construction and down to the studs.

      Within a month, a black adult male (Arbery) is seen in the house on two separate videos taken November 18. The man is shirtless and walks around the home.

      On December 17, three separate clips show a black adult male (Arbery) walking around the home at night before jogging off empty handed.

      On February 11, video shows a car’s headlights drive by the home at night before a black adult male (Arbery) is seen walking around the house.

      The last video, which has been confirmed to be (Arbery), was taken during the day February 23. It shows him walking around the home which is still under construction.

      Arbery’s family has previously confirmed to CNN that one video, dated February 23, was of him entering the house prior to the shooting and had not and did not want to look at other videos.

      When asked about the new videos, S. Lee Merritt, attorney for the Arbery family, said he was not going to continue to ask the family about people seen in surveillance videos. “I have chosen to stop questioning the grieving family of Ahmaud Arbery about images from the cameras mounted at the construction site of Larry English; as Mr. English himself has said no criminal activity ever took place there and it is clear that Ahmaud was on the premises in the past, as were other people, a man and woman and two children “S. Lee Merritt, attorney for the Arbery family said in a statement emailed to CNN.

      Construction homeowner English previously told CNN that someone stole $2,500 worth of “off-shore tackle” from a boat in his garage, but said he could not identify the perpetrator, the theft was not captured on his video, he did not remember the date of the incident and no police report was filed.

      The homeowner does not know the black man or anyone else seen in the videos which were transmitted to English’s phone by his security system each time someone entered the property, Graddy said. We do not know who the black individual in the nighttime videos is and never have,” the lawyer said in an email. “The reason that Larry English sent the videos to his neighbor (Greg McMichael) in the first place was to ask, ‘Do you know this individual one black man seen these in several videos, or any of these other people, man, woman, two children?”

    • A newbie to this area (Cali transplant) recently called the Sheriff’s department on me for hiking in the area with a rifle on my pack.

      A deputy came out, told me they had to check out the “man with a gun” call and then shot the shit with me for a bit about my about my gear setup, the dogs I had with me and the lottery system for mountain sheep in this state.

      The person who called then actually had the balls to come out and stop me and talk to me about it two days later quite literally demanding to know how it was that I was “eluding arrest” for my deviant [and obviously criminal] behavior. They also admitted to calling 911 (yes the actual emergency number) repeatedly and were now extremely angry to be told that there was no crime and that deputies were not going to repeatedly respond to the “nice gentleman not breaking the law”.

      Yes, some people are that stupid.

      The moral of the story here is that just because someone called the 5-0 doesn’t mean any crime was committed to cause that call to be made. Sometimes it’s just Karen getting her panties in a twist. The cops might go out and make contact or they might not. Them “looking for someone” doesn’t mean fuck-all in and of itself.

  2. I’m looking forward to listening to the deranged media telling us that white men get away with murder because of our white supremacist justice system.

    • Three white men did almost get away with murder, over two months with no charges or indictments.
      It was only after the idiots let out their own trophy video that the authorities were forced to charge them.

      In fact, it was marches and protests that brought the murders to justice, not the carefully planned action of some excellent Georgia justice system.

      “911, what is the nature of your emergency?”

      “There’s a black man running down the street!”

      Runaway slave patrol to the rescue, protecting white neighborhoods for 250 years.

      • So how many white people are preying on blacks and other minorities in the urban areas oh wait no it’s the people who live there preying on their own neighbors. Try again sunshine.

        • Checking on FBI stats there are white on black murders that fall under hate crimes……. The narrative kinda falls apart when you look at the other side of the coin and even moreso if you look per capita but math is racist apparently. With all that said why are we not executing murder 1 more?

      • Miner, I had begun to believe that you had a doppelganger in what’s his name. Maybe a twin. After all you’re both pencil necked idiots. Amazing how that blood flow constriction impedes brain function. You hang in there though. I’m sure someone will give you a Thanksgiving meal. Even though they don’t like you. After all, it’s the season.

        • ” . . . amazing how that blood flow constriction impedes brain function . . .”. Were I in court, the appropriate objection would be “Objection, Counselor; assuming facts not in evidence.” (specifically, the existence of either blood flow OR intelligence – they have repeatedly done their utmost to DISPROVE both).

      • Were marches and protests responsible for the guilty verdict? No? Then the justice system isn’t racist. Nice try.

        There were protests trying to get a guilty verdict in another trial.

      • minor49IQ…That slave patrol would later become the KKK. The Gun Control military wing of your very own democRat Party that operated in the North, South East and West…Apologize.

        • shut up dacian.

          You assume people are murderous because they have a gun. Its always your go to sentiment. It was obvious this was murder to smart people. Of course there are ones that think it was self-defense, those are not so smart but still it does not mean they are murderous.

          Contrary to you and your gun-grabbing buddies and your love of everything Nazi, legal gun owners don’t like murder either and the vast majority know the difference between self-defense and not self-defense. You on the other hand seem to think and express frequently. basically, that there is no such thing as self-defense by use of a gun and its only murder. You hypocritical turd, you applaud something when it is murder but you decry that true self-defense with a gun was not murder.

          It was obvious from the beginning this case was not self-defense – you can not create a situation in which to apply that “defense” and call it self defense (legally). This was obvious from the beginning, even if they, as they claimed, “suspected” him of being “a fleeing burglar” there is nothing in self defense law that says you can pursue “a fleeing burglar” (or a criminal) and claim self defense as a result of creating the situation where that “defense” is employed.

          It was not self-defense, the threat did not come to them, they created the situation.

          There was no basis for a “citizen arrest” either, not because there was no law allowing it (the law in Georgia was repealed this year – but lack of a law does not mean you can not in effect do a “citizens arrest” if the law does not prohibit it – jurisdiction defendant for requirements or not). There was no basis for a “citizens arrest” because “detaining” a criminal (in effect a ‘citizens arrest’) requires you to have personally witnessed the crime and have a “reasonable belief” (just like the cops, except the expectation bar is a little lower for non-cop civilians) a felony has been committed. They only “suspected”, and that is not justification for “citizens arrest”.

        • It was a dumb shit response. Distortion of reality.

          The reality is, a gaggle of prior law enforcement morons tried to stop a repeat offender of misdemeanors and he didn’t have two brain cells to rub together and bum rushed the guy with the gun and got splattered all over the pavement, which should be everyone’s expectation. And the reason he got shot, is because you and Miner’s shitty culture of being extremely lenient towards theft, pillaging, and looting, had an influence on Arbery’s upbringing. That’s why. And he’d still be alive today, if not for it.

      • Prosecution in Rittenhouse case rushes indictments and charges loses on all counts at trial. The prosecution in this case waits until they have all their ducks in a row then indicts and charges gets a clean sweep on all charges. One might get the impression they knew what they were doing.

      • Miner49er, It’s called INVESTIGATION. It seems that some people want INSTANT charges regardless of the situation. Very very few cases are cut and dry and fail due to inadequate investigation by the police.
        These three men tried to claim that they were “arresting” this guy but had NO DIRECT KNOWLEDGE of any crime being committed. Then to make matters worse, they commit murder.
        Unless as a civilian you have seen a or the crime committed you cannot make a “citizens arrest”.

      • Unfortunately, your post is too true for comfort. And a lot of people are expressing that discomfort. Except Dacien, who is a blooming idiot, and doesn’t have enough brain cells to be uncomfortable.

        Had these fools left their guns stowed somewhere safely, and spoken more courteously to Arbery, things would probably have ended very differently. But, why a person believes that a black man is an animal, you won’t see any courtesy toward a fellow American.

      • They weren’t charged initially because they had a personal relationship with the prosecutor, and one had done work for them as an investigator. It was a clear conflict of interest and should have been turned over immediately instead of waiting for outrage to foment.

        • Anymouse Their “personal relationship” with the prosecutor had absolutely nothing to do with it. The incident require a complete through investigation. I am sure you are from the instant gratification generation but proper law enforcement takes time.

      • Miner49er, Are you kidding here? These men did not “almost get away” with anything. There was a THROUGH complete investigation which is how charges were brought and the convictions obtained.

        • “These men did not “almost get away” with anything. There was a THROUGH complete investigation“

          Absolute bullshit, they got a pass because of the white former investigator for the prosecutors office relationship with the white prosecuting attorney who told the police officers at the scene not to arrest the McMichaels.

          There was no investigation until two months later when sadsack rowdy Roddy released his video and sent all three of them to prison.

          “Ex-Glynn County District Attorney Jackie Johnson turned herself in to the Glynn County Sheriff’s office Wednesday morning, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, after a grand jury returned an indictment on counts of obstruction and violations of oath by a public officer last week. Johnson was released from the Glynn County Detention Center on a $10,000 bond, the paper reports. State prosecutors alleged that she used her position to delay arrests of the White men who chased and killed the 25-year-old Arbery.“

          Once the public outcry caused the GBI to become involved, that’s when we saw an actual investigation began.


        • Miner49er ROFLAMO. You pay attention to CBS Fake News? Hey you can’t be that gullible. If you are, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell, really cheap.

        • MinorIQ,

          Three defendants, three convictions. Tell us, again, how they “almost got away” with anything.

          Samuel Langhorne Clemens’ injunction to “Keep you mouth shut and let people think you’re stupid; don’t open it and remove all doubt” SHOULD recommend itself to you . . . but that would require you to possess at least a semblance of ability to engage in ratiocination, wouldn’t it. Yeah, forget I mentioned it.

      • Everything about this drivel was distorted crap. Go F yourself, and take your politically correct worldview and shove it up your ass. “Justice” – yeah right.

        • “Everything about this drivel was distorted crap“

          Really? Then why did you fail to point out a single factual error in my post?

          There was zero interest in prosecution by the authorities in Glynn county until the video was released and public outcry ensued.

          I doubt the judicial system will have any meaningful punishment for the racist now former prosecuting attorney who gave the lynching perpetrators a pass, but we can hope she ends up in the general population of a Georgia prison.

        • Oh you want a break down??? Here we go! You’ll regret it.

          Three white men did almost get away with murder, over two months with no charges or indictments.
          It was only after the idiots let out their own trophy video that the authorities were forced to charge them.

          It wasn’t murder in the conventional sense. They had no intent to murder him. Intent wasn’t proven. Thus simply calling it “murder” is omitting information that results in a distortion of the truth.

          In fact, it was marches and protests that brought the murders to justice, not the carefully planned action of some excellent Georgia justice system.

          Right. The mob. And if you left justice to such a mob, they would have hung them from a tree and lit them on fire. And for what? Them thinking that Arbury had two brain cells to rub together to understand to wait for the cops and not bum rush the guy with the gun? Had he waited for the cops, everything would have been good. The moronic McMichaels even wanted him to wait for the cops. Cops probably would have released Arbury right away.

          But yeah! Leftist marches, riots – I mean protests, made all this happen. The mob in the streets, and protests, are what causes the over prosecution of these men. They should have gotten manslaughter, not “malice murder” which is preposterous, and you can thank the intimidation of the mob for that too – all while you call it “justice.” Laughable.

          “911, what is the nature of your emergency?”
          “There’s a black man running down the street!”

          Another distortion, because this isn’t what happened. At all. He was in the house snooping around, several times. Getting a drink? GTFO here! Each time he went there, he slowly meandered around looking at things on the floor. Was he checking out the house construction, studs and supports to see how it was done? Nope. If he was looking for water, surely he would know where it was by the 3rd for 4th visit right? Nope. He was there to snoop around and look at what they had. And we all know why. We know why. It’s called…. yes…. looting. Yes looting. He’s f* there for loot, idiot. So no, it isn’t simply a black man running down the street, no. It’s the black man that keeps going there that is running down the street, supported by a leftist culture (your culture) that is extremely lenient towards theft, pillaging, and looting.

          Runaway slave patrol to the rescue, protecting white neighborhoods for 250 years.

          ^ Infantile rhetoric.

          Let me ask you something. Why does this neighborhood need protection? Because your cultures influence on Arbury’s upbringing. That’s why. And he’d still be alive today, if not for it.

  3. Two proper jury verdicts within one week- that’s encouraging for a constitutional future in this country.

    Glad to see it!

    • Three, actually. The man accused of shooting at an invading SWAT team where his girlfriend was killed in the crossfire was found not guilty on grounds of legitimate self defense.

      Can’t think of the names offhand.

    • “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”

      In *so* many ways.

      My local sheriff, Grady “Because they ran out of bullets” Judd keeps harping on during his frequent ‘news conferences’ as to how the crooks keep posting their criminal acts to Facebook, and how that makes his job a whole lot easier.

      Now, I can’t wait to see Twitter erupt with angry tweets as to how ‘white supremacists’ never get their justice…

      • I haven’t followed the case very closely (because it seemed to stupid to bother with) but I think I’d have a hard time convicting the neighbor who videoed it. Guess it depends if he followed them thinking, ‘what are these two morons up to now?’ of if it was like ‘let’s get that n!@#er and put it on the internet!’. Either way it was stupid to follow them, probably criminally stupid, but not murder. I’m not a big fan of these laws that say if you’re in on a crime and your buddy shoots someone (or even gets shot) you’re a murder. Individual responsibility, not collective guilt. Do the time for your own crime.

        • Early on I heard that the neighbor used his truck to help corral Arbery. If that is true then he wasn’t just an observer.

  4. Good for the jury, good for the USA.

    But, does this mean someone’s gonna ram an SUV into a crowd of folk enjoying a Christmas parade?

  5. I didn’t follow this case too well because to me, it all stunk from the beginning.

    I am thinking about popping some corn and getting some Sam Adams ready to watch the rioting that begins soon.

    Doubt it’ll be the white supremacists rioting, either.

    • “Doubt it’ll be the white supremacists rioting”

      when they do, the media won’t tell you. they won’t say a word.

  6. Good. But the Left will never give up. They will come after your guns. Of course this country has many problems, because we are all human. But this is not a racist country. But there sure do seem to be many people who support racist gun control. And they are the loudest ones complaining about “bad” cops.

    But they don’t support disarming the police. They just want you disarmed.

    • Likely pushing what was done in Argentina (and elsewhere) where you disarm as much of the population as you can then empty the prisons and kangaroo court anyone who dares defend themselves and make sure the family is well know to the criminals. Was amazing seeing some immigrants from that region call out the more lefty teachers preaching compassion for justice system victims but sadly ignored at higher levels.

  7. I gotta say this: counting all four people involved ( three defendants and the decedent) their collective IQ almost adds up to a Half Wit.

  8. Man, fuck anyone that can’t see that this week has been full of good decision by the courts. Two good calls this week, it’s a good week for justice.

    • Seems not supposed to even be a report/charges/arrest if under $950 (in Ca $950+ is apparently theory grand theft which may/may not be a felony). Insane.

  9. 2 for 2 this week! Sweetness.

    Just a thought. These Leftist media cretins have screamed so much about MUH RAAAACISM over all these years, even in this case I have been trained to have a knee jerk reaction that as soon as I see “they did it because they were racist,” I immediately dismiss it as bullshit. Tell me again how Kyle Rittenhouse is a Latino white supremacist again you lying fucks.

    But I digress. Like I said, 2 for 2 this week, I’ll just take the wins!

    • Remember them crying about the white supremacist justice system when OJ was found not guilty of murder? Me either.

  10. Let’s all learn a lesson POTG…never do a video documentary of a murder. Was homie guilty of SOMETHING?!? Maybe.Whistle at a white woman? Steal chickens? So what? Have a swell Thanksgiving!

  11. From the video it looks and sounds as if the shotgun discharged three times while the two men fought for control over it. Unless you are highly trained in disarming an armed assailant it seems pretty stupid to grab for a shotgun like Arbery does in the video.

    • I don’t know, some guys chase you down in a pickup and one jumps out with a shotgun pointed in your general direction – I’m not sure you have too many options. At least if you’re not armed yourself. Drawing your own weapon and dumping a mag or two into your assailant would be the best option. Which BTW is another reason not to do this sort of thing, how did they know he was unarmed? Rule #1 in gunfighting may be bring a gun but rule #2 is don’t get into unnecessary gunfights.

      • This case never made much sense to me from the get go. If Arbery was so afraid of three redneck looking White guys in pickup trucks who kept shotguns handy, then why did he choose to go out to jog in an area where he, as a local resident, must have known was home to redneck looking White guys who drove pickups and probably kept shotguns handy?

        • “why did he choose to go out to jog in an area where he, as a local resident, must have known was home to redneck looking White guys”

          because that’s where the loot is. most black areas are loot deserts.

        • Cop asks “What are you doing in this area?” my standard reply is “I’m an American, touring America, and that’s all you need to know.” Arbery was entitled to the same consideration, unless he was an illegal alien. No number of rednecks is entitled to interrogate another American.

  12. Guess all that KY jelly I was going to send to the Killer Kyle Kommando as a humanitarian gesture won’t have to go to waste after all.

    • Nah, keep it for yourself. You’re never going to find a live woman to get you off while you’re living in your mom’s basement.

    • Datalube…Obviously you know a whole lot about ky jelly but spare the forum the details. Unlike Kyle if a pervert and his pals chase you down and slap you around you’ll just have to grin, rollover and share your ky…U pathetic pos.

    • Anyone wonder why he has such a large collection of lubricant? Let the gimp you have shackled in your basement free!

  13. Let’s all pause for a moment and marvel at the amazing American jury system, which evaluates the facts of a case at hand, untainted by bias and beliefs and politics. Despite the cacophony of our political system, twisted media and censored internet, truth can sometimes emerge. We continue to need the First and Second amendments and a constitution for truths to manifest themselves. Let stupidity die in its own echo chamber. The damn jury system works twice. I have never been so proud to be an American.

  14. I am a second amendment fan. But in this situation why did they not call the POLICE first? If they did and the police were not able to respond, their response would have been valid, but why didn’t they call 911 before they pulled out the gun? The guy was clearly a criminal/suspect, but did not show a weapon, so only trying to commit a citizens arrest, but deadly force is not allowed there. Call 911 and follow and film the suspects, but do not confront or shoot them!

    • ” their response would have been valid ”

      I don’t think so. First, they are not law enforcement. They had no business chasing this guy down in their pickup truck. Second, they had no business confronting him with a firearm unless he posed a clear threat. Third, three shots? One shot would have made their point unless they were really out to get him.

      Justice was served.

    • “… their response would have been valid, ”

      No, just no

      you can not create a situation in which to apply that “defense” and call it self defense (legally). This was obvious from the beginning, even if they, as they claimed, “suspected” him of being “a fleeing burglar” there is nothing in self defense law that says you can pursue “a fleeing burglar” (or a criminal) and claim self defense as a result of creating the situation where that “defense” is employed.

      It was not self-defense, the threat did not come to them, they created the situation.

      There was no basis for a “citizen arrest” either, not because there was no law allowing it (the law in Georgia was repealed this year – but lack of a law does not mean you can not in effect do a “citizens arrest” if the law does not prohibit it – jurisdiction defendant for requirements or not). There was no basis for a “citizens arrest” because “detaining” a criminal (in effect a ‘citizens arrest’) requires you to have personally witnessed the crime and have a “reasonable belief” (just like the cops, except the expectation bar is a little lower for non-cop civilians) a felony has been committed. They only “suspected”, and that is not justification for “citizens arrest”.

    • Sorry NC Taxman but their “response” was not valid even if the police had been called and they did not respond. For a citizen to make an arrest, the citizen has to see the crime he is alleging to have been committed. Whether or not the Black man had any “criminal intent” is immaterial. Aside from their thinking that the Black man was going to or had committed a crime, they had NO DISCERNABLE PROBABLE CAUSE to believe that a crime had been committed.

  15. These bozos had it coming. If they were chasing a rapist, a murder, or something like that, that would be a different story. Even if the guy was guilty of trespassing, it’s not a reason to hunt him down like a dog.

    Rittenhouse is a completely different story. His life really was in danger. Though if we are to deem anything from these cases, it’s don’t go looking for trouble, or you may find it…

    • But I would make the same argument with Rittenhouse. He set himself up.

      Don’t go with stupid people to stupid places and do stupid shit!

      I give him some what of a pass. 17 and I doubt he knew what the real world is like.

      Trespassing? I’m not sure I would even had made a call.

      • All about who the initial aggressor was. Hillbilly brother-wives chased him down, tried to manhandle him, pointed a shotgun at him. Arbery didn’t show any aggression until all this happened.
        Rittenhouse was shown on multiple occasions running away from conflict and not shooting until escape was no longer a viable option. That was the reason the jury took so long on the Rosenbaum verdict, the DA was claiming that Rittenhouse pointed the gun at him first, which would have made him the initial aggressor. However that part was not clear unless they highly modified the video but remember you can make a t-Rex appear and demolish a vehicle if you modify a video enough. Either way there is much more video evidence of Rittenhouse trying to avoid the conflict even after him raising the gun supposedly happened.
        In the Coffee case where he was chillin at home until they smashed in his door. Once again not the initial aggressor and DA couldn’t articulate a good reason for the cops to be there or proof that they made their authority known, giving them a valid reason to be the initial aggressor.

    • Dr. J. D.:
      “If they were chasing a rapist, a murder, or something like that, that would be a different story.”
      Not so fast. The way I’ve always heard it, “chasing” is a job for the cops. If you, as a private citizen, chase and end up killing the perp, you land in the slam. And… that’s because YOU initiated the situation, thereby losing any claim to self-defense.

      • Not in Texas, if he is committing a felony and then fleeing you most certainly can use deadly force. Not sure about other states but at every LTC class I attended in Texas that law was drilled into my head. Of course you have to prove he was actually committing a felony, like running off with your TV.

  16. They ran down that guy and murdered him, pure and simple. All other claims are nonsense.

    Jury called this one 100% correct.

  17. Fantastic! If you threaten a total stranger, without cause, while armed with a shotgun, you’re a worthless piece of shit. And if you then fatally shoot him for taking issue with your unprovoked attack, you are a murderer. These fat dumb assholes can kindly gargle razor blades

  18. This was ALL about another media trial. The script – 3 white redneck honkies trying to lynch a po black choirboy.

    Arbery was FAR from an honest innocent as describe by the MSM morons. On proven general principal that the MSM lies ALL THE TIME ABOUT EVERYTHING (including Arbery) I have to assume everything they have said about the defendants is ALSO total BS. Where it the truth? The Jury surely was very worried about the BLM thugs rioting if they didn’t get the verdict they wanted.

    If Arbery was wandering around in my vicinity I certainly would have kept an eye on him (stupid person in stupid places).

    • Keep an eye on him, fine but I know you’re not dumb enough to have committed aggravated assault and false imprisonment to the point that he could legally have shot you and walked.

      The simple fact is that these morons overreacted and got stupid. They put themselves in a situation where if Arbery had a legal pistol he could have popped two of them in the brain-box and walked scott-free.

      If they both get the needle, well, really who cares? Two fewer full-blown morons on the planet.

    • So, do constitutional protections apply only to choirboys? That leaves me out, and I suspect it leaves you hanging in the breeze as well. I’ll have to read the constitution again, to find that bit about choirboys.

    • We wouldn’t be talking about this case if they “kept an eye on him”. We are talking about this case because they chased a human down with two cars, grabbed ahold of him to detain him, tried to wrestle him to the ground, when he tried to resist they shot him. All because “there’s a black guy running down the road” their words, not mine, yours, or anybody in the media. They did not find anything illegal on arbery, he wasn’t crotching a stolen heat pump unit, not wearing 40 pounds of cooper wire as a necklace, didn’t witness him beat, rape, or kill somebody, didn’t try to steal their car. “FAR from an honest innocent”? Pretty sure every signer of the Declaration of Independence did some shady sh!t in their day.

      • “Pretty sure every signer of the Declaration of Independence did some shady sh!t in their day“

        Well, there’s that whole Thomas Jefferson raping slave children and then selling his own offspring into slavery, so you’re probably right.

        And it is a well-known fact that Ben Franklin often found ‘comfort’ in prostitutes, even siring children from the trysts.

        • What, dissing ‘sex workers’ these days, MinorIQ? Are there no limits to the depth of your hypocrisy???

          Seem to remember something about motes and beams and eyes, MinorIQ . . . but, then, I doubt you are familiar with the Bible, are you?

        • Well, there’s that whole Thomas Jefferson raping slave children and then selling his own offspring into slavery, so you’re probably right.

          And it is a well-known fact that Ben Franklin often found ‘comfort’ in prostitutes, even siring children from the trysts.

          All still happening today…

          Spearheaded by the democrat party.

  19. What a shocker. Anyone who watched the video when it initially came out knew damn well that these two future (or maybe current) Type 2 diabetics were going down for this.

    I don’t think they really set out to kill the person that they did but when you’re fat and stupid, sometimes you do really dumb shit and end up in a heap of trouble. These guys are examples of that.

    But when you remove racial politics from this case and the Rittenhouse case it’s pretty clear that both came out correctly.

    • I expected manslaughter out of it. Instead, because of political correctness, they will get the equivalent of premeditated murder. And morons like Dacian and Miner are celebrating it and calling it “justice.”

      Just wait till its on the flipside, and the mob is a right wing mob, then all of a sudden, it won’t be justice anymore to them. Fools.

  20. These men were innocent. Especially the video guy and the father. Is it crime to film someone in a legitimate defensive gun use?

    I hope joggers terrorize your neighborhood, and you go to prison for defending yourself.

    I feel like you all just can’t wait to show the world how “not racist” you are…

    You all watch too much TV.

    • Make sure to bring up this legit DGU when these TV-race boomers say “rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6.”

      I’m absolutely disgusted as well.

      • Kyle Rittenhouse shot two unarmed men.

        Armed Robbery attacked a man legally open carrying a shotgun after scoping out a construction site to rob. What was he supposed to do? Allow a man diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder just take it?

        • “scoping out”

          Lol, really? They were pursuing this man.

          Kyle Rittenhouse shot his pursuers – in self defense.

          When you are being chased by 3 armed men, go ahead and run until you collapse, cuz they are not giving up. Go ahead and shoot first, cuz they will shoot back. None of it matters cuz the fact that they are pursuing makes them the aggressors and even if what he did was stupid, at some point you’d feel like you had no choice but to fight, because fleeing failed. They hunted him down for some dumb shit that had nothing to do with them. Protect YOUR OWN property. Not an unfinished construction site.

        • @I can’t believe this is a gun board

          I can’t believe you can have a gun (if you can). You are exactly the type that does not need to have a gun.

        • @I can’t believe this is a gun board Please. What is the matter with your reading comprehension? The first guy he shot tried to take his AR from him. That is justification.
          The second guy swung a skateboard at him. Justification.
          The third guy pointed a GLOCK pistol at him. Justification.

        • “Kyle Rittenhouse shot two unarmed men.”


          ‘Skateboard-boy’ was wielding that board like a club.

          After he clobbered Rittenhouse once, he wound-up to club him again.

          *That* is what got his ass shot…

    • You can feel any way you want because it’s an ostensibly free country. (At least for now.)

      Honestly, I kinda hope they all get the needle just so you can post your feelz about it. That would be super-duper entertaining.

        • It’s not just that.

          Some of the posters here are rightly angry about the misrepresentation of aspects of this case and other cases. I think that’s justified.

          OTOH, this killing is, in some regards, purely a matter of law on the subject at hand which is made up of various pieces, subunits and timeframes. The question is if the defendants in this case followed all the technicalities of the law leading up to the shooting. Realistically, they very likely didn’t. A jury certainly didn’t think that they did.

          The result is that they forfeited the ability to claim to be “law abiding” at the time the fatal shot was fired.

          It’s actually kind of a complicated question under Georgia law and ultimately for the public it’s a cautionary tail that your interpretation of the law may differ from that of the DA and if that’s the case you can think you’ve done everything right and still end up screwed for a technical violation that creates a situation where you were 99.9% right but that 0.1% negates everything else. If someones dies as a result, you could end up on death row in such a situation.

          The Timcast IRL podcast has had a few lawyers on about this recently, hours of discussion. It’s a shockingly nuanced case about what is and what is not “probable cause” for which violations of law and under what timeframes. Layered on to that is what you may or may not assume based on prior knowledge and what you may or may not “think” you know at the time.

          And ultimately, your intentions probably don’t really matter. A simple misunderstanding of an arcane definition can be the difference between going home and going to the death chamber in chains. The background situation and totality of circumstances may or may not actually matter. Justice and or vengeance can get wrapped up in various strains of “truth” as people see them and how they choose to present them.

          In some regards it’s worth thinking about in a variety of ways. For example, defense of your neighborhood during unrest is easier if you organize with neighbors but it comes with the legal strings attached that you’re now part of an organized group and depending on jurisdiction you may be accountable for the individual actions of the group’s members. That’s what seems to have gotten Mr. Videographer here into trouble.

          The real message here, and in the Rittenhouse case, is that the government isn’t your friend. It is itself self-interested and simultaneously made up of self-interested people who may be more than willing to bend or even break rules to fry you if they think it’s in their interest or in the interest of the system which they serve.

      • “You can feel any way you want because it’s an ostensibly free country. (At least for now.)”

        I have a bad feeling we are approaching the edge of a cliff… 🙁

        • I’d say it’s a variety of cliffs and the chance we avoid all of them is 0%.

          The people I love the most, and also feel bad for, are the ones who think the 2022 elections are going to change anything significant at the Federal level. That is, IMHO, an even bigger pipe-dream than an “amicable national divorce”.

        • Right. Because of people like you. Don’t you have some small children to teach how to steal bread and cry to law enforcement when caught?

    • I would agree with you, had Arbery commited a felony, was on the run from said felony, and they knew for a fact he had commited said felony. But that is isn’t what happened.

      Arbery’s crimes were a misdemeanor, and we don’t do a citizen’s arrest for misdemeanors.

      Thus, the McMichaels created a situation, where Arbery, not the McMichaels, felt his life was in danger of immediate grievous bodily harm or death.

      That said, It is obvious that was not their intent. Yet the court is giving them the equivalent of premeditated murder, which is preposterous. And the reason the court is giving them this, is because there is a giant leftist mob in the USA trying to intimidate favorable actions towards their narrative. Just like in this case, Al sharpton and Jesse Jackson attending the court, you have got to be kidding. Should have had President Obama, Biden, and Hillary in there too. All staring at the jurors the entire time. It’s ridiculous!

      No. I could see them getting manslaughter, because they made mistakes.

      I agree, the guy that made the video shouldn’t have gotten any of those charges. He didn’t even know what was going on or what was going to happen, was in a different vehicle and did not get to take part of any planning. Yet they still gave him “felony murder.” Meanwhile, he was cooperative, made the video of the incident and handed it over to law enforcement.

    • Exactly. What I learned from this, is if the cops aren’t enforcing the law, and all your shit is getting looted, because leftist culture promotes looting…

      1) Don’t make videos
      2) Use a suppressor
      3) Cover your license plate
      4) Quickly throw the body in the back of the truck with a tarp over it.
      5) Hose the blood off the street

  21. All 3 cases simply come down to who the initial aggressor was. Rittenhouse was clearly seen running from one person, then multiple people, in an attempt to avoid conflict. He didn’t fire until he had no other option.

    Coffee IV was minding his own business at home when cops decided to breakdown his door looking for someone else. Can’t say I would do any different, but very clear that he was not the initial aggressor.

    Arbery case, the day it happened, black guy running down the road and the 3 hillbilly brother wives chase him down with 2 vehicles and a shotgun. Very clear that arbery was trying to avoid conflict and the 3 guys were trying to introduce it. They still had options left such as lock the shotgun in the truck and all three guys restrain arbery (still wrong but they wouldn’t die in jail), continued to follow until police arrive, called off the chase and go home because they didn’t witness a crime being committed that they have the right to retain someone for. A lot being said about arbery being seen on camera in a house under construction. My sister lives in a subdivision and I have been in each one of her neighbors home when it was under construction. Didn’t steal anything I was just interested in the construction technique, and I am a nurse. If I was studying to be in the construction field I would probably be even more curious. Worse case should be a misdemeanor trespassing charge, not death. I mean hell he was running down the street in shorts in a tshirt. Did they think he was crotching an electrical panel?

    • They already had video of him during the run. They could have just handed it off to the police as being a good witness. The police would have done nothing because there was no evidence of him committing a crime, and nobody witnessed him committing a crime.

  22. Geroga’s “citizen arrest” law was repealed this year. But because a law does not exists does not mean one can not conduct a “citizens arrest”. In any state, unless specifically prohibited by law, one may conduct a “citizens arrest” but your butt may be hanging out in the breeze legally if you screw up.

    A citizen’s arrest occurs when a person not acting as a sworn in law enforcement official “arrests” another person. U.S. law allows ordinary individuals to detain another individual until law enforcement officers arrive in certain circumstances (you better know what those are, or you might end up charged instead of the criminal). The legality (the legal force) of a “citizen’s arrest” varies by jurisdiction.

    Basically, to make a “citizens arrest” you need to follow the basics and these are generally (but may vary by jurisdiction);

    1. Personally witness the crime as it takes place. (notice it says “as it takes place”, not because you think it has taken place.)

    2. Have probable cause, or a reasonable belief that the individual committed the crime. Yeah, there’s a really slipper slope here – thinking you are witnessing a crime is not the same a knowing you are witnessing a crime. If you see Joe saying he is gonna kick the convenience store clerks ass, you better know that Joe was intending true malice and not just joking. “probable cause, or a reasonable belief” means the same thing here as it does for law enforcement except the standard bar is a little lower for a “citizen”

    3. Be as reasonably sure as a private citizen can be that the crime committed was a felony. Yeah, another slippery slope here – not everything that appears to be a “felony” to the layman is actually a “felony”. “reasonably sure” does not mean you “thought” it was or might be a “felony” – it basically means the same thing a police officer must have, and that is based on “specific and articulable facts” that when taken together you make rational inferences from those facts that a “felony” has been committed but for “citizens” the standard bar is lower.

    3. Understand the responsibility and impact of making a citizen’s arrest. You gonna “arrest” them then what are you going to do to hold them until police arrive? If they are not armed, and have not attacked you or someone else, your options for deadly force or threat of deadly force application have quickly diminished so consider that holding them at gun point could land you in hot water legally even though your intentions were pure. If the bad guy starts to walk away but is not (or no longer) armed what are you going to do to hold them …. are you going to engage hand-to-hand or use pepper spray – if you do you might end up charged with something. There are a lot of in’s and outs with citizens arrests. But … in some states if you carry a firearm you actually have a responsibility to intervene and stop a felony (to the point where the bad guy is no longer a threat), if you can “reasonably” do so, AND hold the bad guy for the police until they arrive thus effecting a “citizens arrest” if you can “reasonably” do so – some times the bad guy is easy to hold because they have stooped breathing and are competing for room temperature.

    4. Determine whether it is safe to make the arrest. Yeah, you go into a citizens arrest and you or another innocent person gets hurt – you are on your own, and that innocent person can sue the heck out of you.

    Overall, arrests are better left to the police.

    “The McMichaels told police they SUSPECTED Arbery was a fleeing burglar when they armed themselves and jumped in a pickup truck to chase him.” – this was supposedly to conduct a ‘citizens arrest’

    There was no “citizen arrest” foundation here in this case. Simply suspecting is not grounds for citizen arrest. There was no self defense here, you can’t claim self-defense if you cause the situation where you apply your claimed “defense”, the threat has to come to you or you can go to the threat if that threat is posing an imminent threat of serious bodily harm or death. They chased Arbery down because he was Black and murdered him.

  23. Funny to read the comments here. Don’t care about the case nor do I let the media choose my outrage for me.

    With the race angle comes the inevitable quest to score high marks on your social credit score by proving to anonymous strangers that you’re not a racist and worrying about your social standing an appearance as an “American Gun Owner.” Btw this is a non enforced self governing process I might add.

    I’d suggest a looking over statistical evidence of crime/murder demographics while you’re eating your $125 turkey but truth and hard numbers always gets in the way of a good virtue signal.

  24. Two verdicts in two weeks saying the same thing: you, a random dumbass, cannot chase someone down in the street because you think they might have committed a crime. If your dumb ass does that, the person has the right to defend themselves- because to them, you look like a lynch mob. And if you are SO dumb as to introduce a shotgun within spitting range of that person defending himself, and you don’t even have the legal authority to so much as detain them (which is a fraught legal question), you don’t get to claim self-defense upon blasting the guy.

    Rittenhouse goes free because he was in the right. These guys go to prison because they weren’t. Honestly, the jury system has been doing better than expected lately.

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