A Sound Engineer’s Pocket Dump, Updated: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

Mike Reed sends his “Updated” everyday carry pocket dump… updated from a few years ago he notes.  Things happen in life, like getting married, and things change as you find better things.  Which he does.

Here’s what he wrote:

Its been a few years since I posted here. Most of my EDC has been changed or added to over time and since I got married. The handgun is the same and has been perfectly reliable for me. I’m very happy with the Olight, its much more compact than my previous light and has better features. The Casio is great and the compass is helpful while hunting. I replaced my CRKT M16 with the Pilar (I lost it) and so far it’s been great. Its my first “sheep-shank.”

He exhibits exactly the purpose of this stuff…  sharing things that work and spotting trends among others People Of The Gun.

The IWI Jericho pistola is what I’d definitely call an exotic, but if it works for Mr. Reed, well more power to him.  It’s just that because it’s an exotic, you’ll probably need a custom holster for it.  As most makers probably won’t include it on their line-up.  He doesn’t include the holster, sadly.

The hand-made Damascus steel wedding band is certainly very unique.  I have mixed feelings about that…  my exotic metal band has three places where it more readily will break should it need to be clipped off in an medical/rescue emergency.   Such as when I grossly dislocated my ring finger during a Krav Maga training exercise a few years ago.  (Fortunately, just minutes before, my Krav instructor told me to ditch the ring.)  Just last week I tried on my original band and it fit for the first time in better than four years as my swelling had at last made it wearable again.  Much to the wife’s delight.

The Olight I3T light looks pretty tantalizing.  A tiny AAA-powered light with a tail-switch and a momentary-on.  Now that’s a nice package.   And amazingly it’s only about $22.



  1. avatar Merle 0 says:

    Not enough wear. Bash him!

  2. avatar strych9 says:

    Holsters for IWI pistols are easy, Magnum Research is part of the Kahr Firearms Group, which sells them.

    Leather, kydex, IWB/OWB, shoulder holsters and chest rigs. Mag carriers too. They do all that for the big Eagles as well.

    The full framed Baby Eagles also fit almost perfectly in any leather holster for that’s meant for a P226, which I what I use because you didn’t used to be able to get holsters specifically for IWI products in this country. You have to shop around a bit for the compact models in terms of non-IWI made holsters but High Threat Concealment makes appendix rigs for the 941 series.

    You can also get specific 941 holsters in a variety of styles from FAB Defense, IWI’s military line, Orpaz and Front Line Defense. Probably others too.

  3. avatar ",keep yur paws off my dead guy" possum says:

    I went back to carrying the tt33 because the 1911 was to easy to spot and it made my drug dealer nervous.

    1. avatar Josh says:

      I traded my 1911 that I paid 1100 for a Beretta shotgun semi auto after getting a TT-33. It’s a better pistol overall

  4. avatar Specialist38 says:

    Not a Jericho fan, but they seem to be good pistols.

    I could not hide that big butt on my butt.

    Whatever works for him….decent kit.

  5. avatar George WashingtonGl in KY says:

    Looks kinda lame to me….. but then again, i’m an EDC snob lol

  6. avatar George WashingtonGl says:

    I guess not everyone can afford an HK USP .45 FULL SIZE for their EDC…. 😉
    Some people choose to risk their life carrying micro compact pistols with accuracy that leaves much to desired…

  7. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

    looks like a hoseclamp.

  8. avatar StuckInIllinois says:

    Anything CZ75(ish) is good to go. Love the platform. And she is SAO.

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