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It’s Sunday and Jeremy S. has some time (and a can) on his hands. You may want to stay clear of the woods.

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  1. Looks like he pinged a shot off his hammock at 45 seconds in. That, along with the apparently poor backstop control, might just qualify this goof for an irresponsible gun owner of the day award.

    • Hey guys, it’s my video. I appreciate the safety-related comments but please rest assured that I’m fully aware of things like back stops and my own toes. This video was taken miles into dense forest on old mining trails and it’s hills and dense trees and no people for miles. The gong metal sound in the video is a steel target. The squirrel sound is a recording I downloaded from teh interwebz (although it’s the same species that’s around here and I hear them all day long).

      I was a little hesitant to create and post the video just in case anti-gun types are incapable of getting a joke or otherwise use this in an anti-2A way on any level. If I see something of that nature happen, I will likely take the vid down. For now, I’m hoping that the humor is not lost on those types OR you guys (“us”). If you think it’s a bad message and I shouldn’t put that up without a pre-vid “asterisk” warning thing, or not at all, tell me what you think here. Also:

      PLEASE READ THE VIDEO COMMENTS and tell me you think about those. I’m happy to edit based on your suggestions, etc.

      Would NEVER want to hurt the cause, but I think a sense of humor is also very important.



      • +1 Jeremy, I enjoyed the vid. Man if you know what’s out there and you’re sure it’s not man/woman/child, go have fun. Don’t let the “zero dark couch operator team six” bust on you about muzzle climb. Heaven forbid the operator types ever post up a vid. I bet Joe Biden could find something wrong with operator’s “tactics”. 🙂

        • As a certified Keyboard Commando with Couch Team Six, I would appreciate you not attaching “zero dark” to our name, as we have no interest in being associated with that completely unrealistic movie. Did you see all the unsafe gun handling? They didn’t show clear once!

      • Jeremy, as per the usual, no good deed goes unpunished. Post a video, any video, concerning guns and shooting and you have the “Safety Sallies” just waiting to have a hissy fit.

        Ignore ’em. Fun vid.

        I posted a comment to it.

        • You’re a whole lot nicer on public things than you are in private messages on YouTube when you’re calling people names. Thanks for the block!

        • My pleasure, Levi. Congrats on earning a block on my YouTube channel. It’s not given often, but when it is, it is a very well deserved honor for the recipient.

  2. I’m pretty sure that his 2nd shot at 15 sec in would have cleared the top of a 25 yard backstop, as would shots 2, 3, and 4 at 24 seconds in. Watch that muzzle climb there, bro!

    • Maybe its his fucking property, its wooded, and he has enough of it to not give a shit. Go whine on barfcom.

      • Dude, overreact much? It was halfway a joke. Maybe you’re new here, so for the record, I’m not a Safety Sally. My default position, to the extent that I even give a damn, is to assume that the guy is doing what he’s doing safely. I just thought it was funny that he couldn’t control the muzzle rise, even when he was shooting two-handed at 24 seconds in.

        Off-topic, I had to fish your comments (both of them) out of the spam filter, because of the f-bombs. I think it’s funny that you felt so strongly that you had to leave the comment twice.

        • Honestly I wasn’t even aiming at anything. This YouTube thing is new to me, in case you couldn’t tell haha. That’s a good comment though… Never thought about it but I guess everything that goes on video needs to be “for real.” No screwing around & letting the pistol wander. Plinking and shooting competition for the last 18 years, sometimes you just want to pop a few rounds off and not care. It isn’t always tactical training haha. I’m no operator. Sorry to disappoint ;-). But seriously, the comment is good because I guess it should not go on video if I don’t want to be told how much I suck at shooting a pistol when I’m screwing around. This sounds sarcastic, but it really isn’t!

    • Geez Matt your so freakin uptight about that safety stuff. Give the guy a break, its his property 😉

      For the newbs ~> sarcasm

      • Jesus, man. For a guy who spends so much time around here you really don’t pay any attention to anything but yourself, do you? I was not being a Safety Sally. I thought it was funny. FUN-NY.

        Try actually reading before you spout off your inane comments. Having to explain the joke makes it not funny.

  3. If having a can encourages you to take risky shots from risky positions maybe you shouldn’t have a can. Standing, kneeling, sitting, prone was the way I was taught. Hammock was not in the list.

    • We must have attended different tactical schools! In the Pacific Northwest here, we have a major sasquatch (that’s “bigfoot” for those not up on the technical speak) problem. If you want to spend time in the woods you really need to be prepared. And if you don’t want the ‘squatches to call the cops on you for noise complaints, it’s best to shoot suppressed and keep your parties to under 12 people.

  4. Great, now the gangbangers won’t disturb the sleeping crack addicts when they blow away their rivals (and pretty much anybody else on the block).

  5. Suppressors were originally designed with the courtesy of others in mind.
    It was so target shooters could practice without disturbing their neighbors.
    As always seems to be the case, the criminal misuse of suppressors, as
    well as the criminal use of machine guns leads to government intervention
    by way of regulation, taxation, or condemnation and the banning of them.
    So, suppressor’s were never for assassins, they were for the courteous.
    As most already know, gun folks are a considerate group doing what is
    necessary to avoid disturbing the peace and tranquility of anyone else.
    The same cannot be said of the government. What we need most is a
    suppressor for the all the unnecessary noises made by our government.

    …and squirrels.

  6. A week or so back I was awakened by an horrendous BOOM to the north. After levitating out of my bed and hitting the floor with pistol in hand, it came again — turning out to be a twenty gauge some 60 yards off.

    It rapidly became apparent that my neighbor was standing out near the property line, blasting away in the bright of the moon — but of course not in my direction.

    As I am far more used to whippoorwills, owls, coyotes and cicadas than gunfire at stupid o’ clock in the blessed AM, initial startlement made it seem far more loud and menacing than it actually was.

    The following morning I asked him what the heck he’d been doing, to which he replied “Shootin’ varmints. They were after my t’maters.”

    He may be the only person I know who can say “varmints” in a sentence with no affect at all.

    Mayhap I’ll test the 2nd Ammendment Protection Act and cobble him up a can for his shottie…

  7. If no one objects to a post that is NOT political commentary or artistic criticism, I have a few questions:

    What make is the suppressor? What kind of decibel reduction does it provide?

    Why didn’t you harm a few squirrels? (They can be quite tasty.)

    • It’s a Liberty Mystic. Very rugged and high quality can. It can even handle full power 223/556 rifle rounds. Only downside is it’s a bit heavy due to stainless steel internals.

    • ^^^ Yup, it’s a Liberty Mystic. Like Mike said it’s a bit on the larger and heavier side compared to many of the modern 9mm suppressors, but what you get in return for that is one of the quieter suppressors on the market and you get a can that’s overbuilt enough to handle LOTS of calibers, from .223 to .300 BLK (even full auto on .300) to sub-sonic .308 to 9mm on full auto, to any rimfire there is and 5.7×28 and 7.62×39 and .357 magnum, etc etc etc. Long list. Plus the mount can be changed out to fit different barrel threads and quick release system. Yesterday I shot it on 7 different guns. –

      Liberty also makes the same suppressor but with titanium baffles, which they call the Infinity, and it’s quite a bit lighter weight. It’s also slightly quieter, which just might make it the quietest 9mm can you can buy (shot dry). BUT… it isn’t rated for any supersonic rifle calibers. I liked the idea of buying one suppressor and using it on tons of guns, and the attenuation on my AR was HUGE! I was absolutely shocked how much quieter it made it!!!

      I did this video on the first day I tested it out: <<< found out exactly how much noise from a 9mm gunshot is due to the bullet breaking the sound barrier! The difference between 115 grain supersonic ammo and 147 grain subsonic ammo (both loaded to about the same pressure level from the same brand) is really huge! I need to stock up on subsonic.

    • They Mystic is hands down the most versatile can on the market today.
      22 Hornet
      22 K Hornet
      218 Bee
      223 REM – 16″ BBL
      30 PPC – Subsonic
      30 Carbine
      357 MAG
      221 Fireball
      32 S&W Long
      32 H&R Magnum
      9X19 (Base Caliber)
      38 Super
      38 Special
      38 S&W
      357 Max – Subsonic
      338 Spectre
      300 BLK
      300 Whisper
      308 Win- Subsonic
      all rimfire cartridges
      5.45x39MM Russian
      We now rate it for the 300 BLK in
      both supersonic and subsonic on
      an 8″ barrel
      7.62 X 39 MM

      • After watching the video at the bottom of that page, I want to buy a suppressor from Liberty just because I like that guy giving the explanation. He speaks my language.

      • And that’s not even a full list on their site! 7.62 Nagant from an 1895 Nagant revolver? Yes. 5.7×28 from a Five-seveN or PS90? Yes. Plenty of other random stuff. I’d really like to do a lever action in .357/.38 and thread it for the Mystic…

        I had a Sub-2000 to use but it was going to be too much of a pain in the butt to thread. Some other 9mm carbine will have to join the stable in the future. Maybe the barrel conversion for the TAVOR.


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