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Omega suppressor

The latest trend among silencer manufacturers is to make one silencer that owners can use on damn near everything. This appeals especially to first time silencer buyers who are looking to get the most (lack of) bang for their ATF tax stamp and according to the results of our 2015 TTAG Reader’s Choice Awards poll it seems that modular cans are indeed a huge hit with the public. The Liberty Cosmic and Griffin Optimus may have given SilencerCo a run for their money this year, but in the narrowest race of the entire poll the SilencerCo Omega beat out the rest to be the 2015 Reader’s Choice for Best New Silencer of 2015. We’ll be giving them their award at SHOT Show 2016, but stay tuned to find out who else will be going home with the coveted prize.

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  1. The Omega fell off my short list of suppressors to buy because of the higher SPL at the shooter’s ear (according to Silencer Shop videos) with a bolt-action .308. I suspect it’s the brake on the end that reflects more sound backwards.

    I want a suppressor to be quieter for me. Others are just a secondary beneficiary.

    • I’ve found several negative statements on Silencer Shops site about Silencerco after having Silencerco cut them off. Hardly an unbiased statement from Silencer Shop.

      • Except for the fact that the videos were released months before they stopped carrying SilencerCo.

    • Of course Silencer Shop says negative things about the Omega. They don’t carry SilencerCo anymore, so they have to come up with something to sell you product. There are better sources for your info than a bitter retailer that never had a bad thing to say while they were pushing SCO. haha

      • Since when has the Silencer shop stopped carrying SilencerCo?
        As of 5 seconds ago they still list all of SilencerCo’s Cans on their website.

        • They have remaining stock. Get a no hassle SiCo while you can…. Ordered an Omega two days ago….missed out on a 9mm Osprey.

      • Video in question was posted in April 2015. First mention of relationship breaking down was in November. It’s still possible that it was bad before then, but why would they fudge the numbers that line up generally with ones supplied by Silencerco? I’m looking at one single data point that’s important to me, not a remark on a blog.

      • The videos were released months before they stopped carrying SilencerCo. No one in the silencer industry thinks the Omega is any good and its popularity is 100% marketing. For reference, the most popular hamburger in America is McDonald’s.

  2. I voted this due to it being a suppression system that fits more than one caliber. If the safe hearing act passes, these will decrease in popularity. I would not mind having suppression on each of my firearms, without the ATF headache.

  3. I taken the NFA plunge. By plunge I mean neck deep. I’ve formed the trust for $200., shelled out $600.00 for three tax stamps and purchased Gem-tech’s Trilogy package for $1925.00.

      • This doesn’t count the five firearms I’ve added to my ahem……arsenal in the last two months.
        My wife bought me both the Sig Texas Gold and Silver Editions while I’ve added three Sig models. The first is the Sig P227 which feels like a extension of my right hand, the Sig PM400 Spartan Edition with the 11″ barrel. And finally the Sig P938 to show her my appreciation. Well truthfully,
        she made me buy it.

  4. I’ve got one of these in NFA jail right now. Planning an SBR 300blk build with this on the end (with the flat end cap) so that OAL is still shorter than a Title I AR.

    • Ditto. I’m (hopefully) halfway there. I bought mine during some kind of promotion where silencerco sends you an extra front and back cap for free. So I’ll be set for .22 stuff and .30 caliber stuff.

  5. I’m waiting on my dealer to get more in stock. I considered the Saker but decided on the Omega as the way of the future. It’ll be my universal centerfire long gun can.

  6. I got my omega from silencer shop 2 months back. Great people awesome product. I don’t have a dB meter but I find the end caps to be quieter than the break…but I like having the options, with direct thread and the flat end cap, u get a ton of sound suppression in a really compact package. I luv it, I got a mystic at the same time and combined they work on 95% of the firearms I owned.

  7. Compared all the major choices and the Omega was by far the shortest, lighted, most feature filled, and often the quietest.

    Plus it comes with some goodies in the box that are required purchases for the other multi-mount multi-gun suppressors making the Omega one of the more affordable quality cans.

    Until the next better thing comes out, the Omega is the best one out there as long as you don’t need to access the internals, of course.

    But obviously the TTAG readers already know all this. See you at SHOT!

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