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From Silencer Shop . . .

Silencer Shop, the nation’s largest NFA distributor, is pleased to announce an improvement to the ATF eForm 4 submission process. Until recently, ATF required Individual registrants to complete the eForm 4 “while physically present” at the dealer. Silencer Shop has been in communication with ATF and working hard to remove that instruction. This month, ATF confirmed in writing to Silencer Shop that the instruction would be removed and last week, it was officially deleted. This will significantly streamline the ATF eForm 4 submission process by allowing Individual registrants to certify remotely, rather than having to travel to the dealer’s location.

“A positive experience for the 2A community is our #1 priority,” said Dave Matheny, CEO of Silencer Shop, from the company’s headquarters in Austin, TX. He went on to say, “Suppressors, SBRs: Silencer Shop can facilitate eForm 4s for everything on the NFA and multiple times a day, people talk about how our kiosk makes the process easy. But one thing that they’ve wanted to change is the mandate from the ATF that filing as an Individual requires the consumer to go to the dealer’s place of business and physically complete the application in person. To save this effort for firearms owners throughout the country, we’ve advocated to the ATF to allow these individuals to certify their eForm 4 remotely. The bureau agreed and now stamp collectors can certify their application the same way they order the items on our site: from the comfort of their own home.”

eForm 4s Powered by Silencer Shop have been approved within the expected 90-day window set forth by the ATF, with expediting processing being approved in as quickly as 2 days. With the latest step forward for eForm 4 processing, Individual registrants join applicants filing as a Trust or Corporation with access to remote certification.

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  1. Doesn’t seem like much of a benefit when you need to submit fingerprints at the kiosk inside the FFL?
    The e-form4 takes around 5 minutes to fill out on the kiosk.

    Silencer Shops made the process super simple. 👍

    I’m two months in (after certification) for my Obsidian 45 suppressor. Should have it in the next few weeks. 👍

  2. You can always get fingerprinted someplace local. When I bought things from the DCM, I just went to the Sheriff’s office and asked them to fingerprint me. They signed the fingerprint card and it gets snailmailed in. Could do the same here.

    • I heard if you use snail mail for any part of your application, the certification wait time will be much longer.

      My form4 certified less than two weeks after my purchase/kiosk session.

      • “My form4 certified less than two weeks after my purchase/kiosk session.”

        ‘Certified’ meaning you could pick up your can and take it home?

        • ‘Certified’ meaning you could pick up your can and take it home?

          No. The form4 certification is when everything for the NFA tax stamp application is completed. This is the point where it enters the ATF e-system, and the roughly 90 day wait begins.

          The Silencer Shop website has a vid that explains the process in detail.

      • Confirm. I went to certify mine last week and the guy said the system wasn’t working. Haven’t gotten around to calling back yet hopefully tomorrow

    • Because money! Anything gets in the way of you giving them money, they are on it like flies on manure.

      • 👍
        I saw an accounting of tax stamp fees a few months ago (for FY 2021).
        They took in around 63 mil.

  3. Yeah well what Silencer Shop isn’t saying is how many people who certified mid January, or virtually as soon as eForms 4 were allowed, have NOT BEEN approved yet.

    The ATF is informing those people who call the ATF status number that the 90 days approval “HAS NOT BEEN ESTABLISHED” In other words, while the ATF would like to have approvals in 90 days, it’s not happening for everyone. Some are happening quickly and some like mine, are NOT!!

    I ordered from Silencer Shop a Q Trash Panda. I filed E-Form 4 Trust and certified on January 18. As of this writing, 06/13/2022 it has been 147 days and still pending. I’m in Washington State where the average is 170 days.

    • If you watch the six vids that Silencer Shop has posted online the problems are well documented. The e-file system was overloaded at least twice AND hacked once in the first three weeks of Jan. Anyone who entered an eform prior to the final few days of Jan 2022 are likely to have a longer wait.
      Another possible issue faces those who started with the paper process, ran into issues with their submitted docs (around 50% of mailed in docs contain errors, these are returned for corrections). It seems some FFL/transfer agents thought this is a good time to switch their customers to an e-form application. Those who had this switch done with their returned paper applications can thank the agent for LOCKING up the tax stamp approval process for around 12 months.

      I personally waited until the E-Form system functioned somewhat drama free for two months before attempting a submission. This was in late March. Was a good time to do it, most cans were in stock, some were discounted around 25% AND had a $200 credit.
      Rugged had this deal, it was like a $400 price drop below MSRP. I should have bought several cans at this time.

      The early e-file system issues are detailed out in the six vids Silencer Shop has online.
      Anyone considering a suppressor purchase should watch all six vids…..


      • I’ve watched virtually all those video before and I’m NOT watching them all again to find that one video and one spot where it mentions or as you say “well documented the issue. If it’s so well documented, YOU POST THE LINK TO THE VIDEO THAT EXPLAINS IT and not a general link to all the videos on YT.
        There’s your challenge, post the LINK because there’s no way in hell I’m watching those corny videos again. Good god, there are complaints all across the board that people can’t get help, ridiculous hold times and that getting any help involves messaging them on Facebook! That’s beyond unacceptable.

        • Who did you purchase thru?
          Have you contacted them for details on the hold up?
          Was the submission switched from paper to electronic during error corrections?
          Have you even bothered to call the ATF status phone# to see if it’s ‘on process’?

          Those six vids are around 45 minutes total. I watched each one once, and retained the info.
          I’m certainly NOT curating and spoon feeding all the info in those vids for you.
          I showed you where to get some answers, if you choose not to take the time and initiative to get YOUR answers, then DON’T watch.

          You’re really a special kind of a-hole to complain when someone directs you to some semblance of source materials.

          Did you used to cu*t punt the librarian back in your school days? 🤔

          Personally I couldn’t care less if you ever see your damn can. Sorry for my attempt to help.

        • Hey James, get it straight, I didn’t ASK FOR HELP What the hold up would not have been answered by anyone, certainly not SS and most certainly not the ATF. All they would have said is it’s pending.
          My complaint was with SS blowing horns and waving their hands and touting the 90 days after the they knew it may NOT be 90 days and they didn’t make that abundantly clear, despite your claim, at least not like they should have. The excess in 90 days wasn’t SS shops fault and I never said it was, what I faulted them for was being less than upfront about the realistic time frame. For me, it was 151 days, and overall piss poor customer service.

          It’s unfortunate your panties got in a knot but as they say, oh well?

  4. Well, I’m at 10 months on a can bought in August ’21 shortly before eforms resumed. They advised us not to re-submit via eforms.

    • No G. Muse, if you submitted paper, don’t cancel. Today, Friday 6/17/22, I got approved for my Trash Panda and went and got it. 151 days from cert. to approval. Washington State is the slowest in the nation.

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