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From Silencer Shop . . .

Silencer Shop is proud to announce its Gold level corporate sponsorship with the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), a non-profit organization rooted in protecting and advocating for constitutional rights to bear arms.

“It’s a great honor for us to have Silencer Shop’s support,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “The enthusiasm for our work from Silencer Shop CEO Dave Matheny is very gratifying, and I’m taking this opportunity to thank him publicly for his generous support. We look forward to working with him this year and in the years ahead.”

“We’re excited to do our part in support of gun rights by aligning with the Second Amendment Foundation,” said Dave Matheny, Founder and President of Silencer Shop. “SAF isn’t afraid to protect and defend our constitutional rights.”

“SAF has been in the front line trenches, fighting legal battles all over the map,” Gottlieb observed. “We’ve been able to achieve some significant legal victories, and the support we’ve received from our corporate sponsors has played a huge role in making it possible.

“We’re facing a new administration that has already announced what it calls ‘initial actions’ and battle lines are being clearly drawn,” he added. “The support we are receiving from corporate sponsors including the Silencer Shop cannot be over-stated. We are at a critical moment, and Dave Matheny and his crew are right there with us, and for that we will be forever grateful.”

With nearly a half a century of experience, SAF was founded to ensure that the second amendment stays intact, even if that means seeking legal action.

Given the current political climate, the SAF is needed now more than ever. With proposals that could infringe on the nation’s gun rights, it’s not enough to practice these rights; it is imperative to be actively defending them.


About the Second Amendment Foundation

The Second Amendment Foundation is a non-profit organization that is rooted in defending and protecting the constitutional right to keep and bear arms. As an advocate for gun rights, SAF has taken to the courtroom to sponsor lawsuits, and has worked diligently to educate the community on pro-gun rights. Visit to learn more, support your rights, and join SAF.

About Silencer Shop

As the industry’s largest suppressor distributor, Silencer Shop’s goal is to supply customers with a suite of services that allow for a simpler silencer ownership process. With the most trafficked suppressor website, a robust nationwide network of kiosks, and ATF compliance and customer support, Silencer Shop provides the most efficient process of acquiring NFA items. Visit to learn just how easy buying a silencer can be.

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  1. As the industry’s largest suppressor distributor, Silencer Shop’s goal is to not be put out of business by a total ban on suppressors…


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