As our man Nick so ably reported recently from the Silencers are Legal shoot, despite the asinine roadblocks thrown up to discourage suppressor ownership, the little tubes just seem to get more and more popular. NFA status or not. Why states and the ATF make it so cumbersome and expensive to own an accessory that makes shooting guns safer is beyond us. Much like the case of that shoulder thing that goes up, it’s probably due to a combination of jaw-dropping ignorance on the part of lawmakers (shocking, we know) and a few too many James Bond movies. But the NSSF has compiled suppressor sales data going back from 2008 through 2011 and – shazam! – looks like plenty of people are willing to endure the hassle and lay out the coin to get their hands on one. Check out the table after the jump . . .        [h/t Jim Curcuruto]


  1. I can certainly believe this. Now the NFA wait time is going on the front end as well as the back. I ordered a suppressor over a month ago and my vendor is still waiting on the ATF to approve the paperwork to get the suppressor transferred from his distributor to him. I can’t even start my paperwork to begin the seven month (or longer) wait to get the suppressor transferred to me.

    Moral of the story, next time, I’m going to find a local dealer who has the suppressor in stock befor I plunk down my cash.

  2. If not for the tax stamp NFA junk I’d have a suppressor for every suitable gun I own. I really wish they’d un-restrict them. I fear with these numbers though the gov’t is making too much money for effectively zero effort on NFA stamps for suppressors for them to want to give up their “sweet deal”.


  3. Think about how much more money could be made if the turn around was 15 minutes instead of 6-7 months. The tax stamp pisses me off, but waiting that long for paperwork to be process makes me angrier. At least with a NFA trust you can cut a little time off the wait.

  4. I am planning to buy 2 at once that way I won’t have to wait a total of 14 months or longer to get the same number of suppressors. more expensive ys, but woth the money to reduce the time consumed in silly paper work back logs.

  5. @ Tomas
    The only reason Texas has those numbers is because the cops. Will sign the form to let you own one. In Florida I have gone to every single cop that had authority and they will not sign (I have a very very clean record , not even parking tickets !!). What I had to do was pay a lawyer to create a NRA living trust cost me an extra 250 plus that stamp plus the silencers and I waited 9 months to get it, but if you look at numbers Florida is number 2 even with all the hassle. I strongly agree in owning silencers.

  6. One would think the anti’s in the US would be as evolved as their bretheren in Europe who REQUIRE silencers for practice and hunting in oh so many nations.

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