Laura Burgess Marketing assures us that TTAG is in the “top tier” for testing and evaluation DoubleTap goodness. Mr. Dumm will get his gun forthwith. Yes, well, there’ve been some production delays for Charlie’s in-demand Derringer, so we’re not counting our titanium chickens just yet. Meanwhile, this hit the net and I gotta say: recoil doesn’t look as bad as it feels. I mean, as I thought. And the cowboy action shooting shotgun-style shell dump has its appeal. Watch this space.


  1. I have NEVER seen a worse attempt to market a piece of crap as gold-plated goodness!

    You can tell right away that he is the MAXIMUM distance away from the target he can stand and still hit the target with his tiny 1/2″barrel.

    If they try to hype this POS as anything other than a hold-out gun for your last 2 FU shots, they should be put in jail for fraud.

    I wonder how long it took for him to get any kind of feeling back in his hands after cranking off 6 shots on that thing.

    • Anyone dumb enough to buy this firearm for anything other than its intended purpose deserves to lose what they paid for it.

      I however, understand its role very well, and look forward to having a light-weight, highly concealable, no snag, no mag, no safety, double-action, internal hammer, up-close defensive weapon chambered in .45 ACP.

    • You don’t buy a 2 shot derringer and expect to take on an army. That being said its one pricey derringer. Not that I have anything wrong with that its just not for everyone. Just like a $3500 1911 is not for everyone, or a $600 knife. to call it a POS is a little harsh don’t you think.

  2. I don’t understand why I would carry this instead of a Kahr P9 or a Kel Tec PF9. Two shots of .45 are not superior to seven shots of 9mm, and the footprint of the derringer is pretty close to that of the Kel Tec.

    It’s a gimmick. Hell, if I’m going to carry a derringer, I can carry a 44 magnum derringer!

    • Uhhh…what’s the weight and size difference? SIGNIFICANT. If you want a double shot .45 that you can have in your front pocket and completely forget, this is the answer! DUH!

  3. I’m of the who cares if it is practical mindset. It would be fun to own one anyway. I wouldn’t carry one any more than my 1858 Remington New Army Conversion but I would buy one for range fun if I have the cash. I think one was used at the end of ” Person of Interest” last night.

  4. I still see nothing to change my original opinion.

    While it is “better than nothing”, there are many” better than nothings” better than this” better than nothing”.

    Actually I posted this comment mainly to check how the site repairs are going.
    I’m still not getting notification of follow up comments although my Email address is posted and the box is checked.
    Is anyone else having this problem?

    • i have the box checked to notify me of email responses. I did not check the other box of notify me of new posts. I only get notified is someone replies to my emails so mine seems to be working on email responses.

  5. Saw one of these on “Person Of Interest” last night. A little too pricey for my tastes.

  6. If I’m going to get a small, low-capacity, last-ditch weapon that I’m not going to enjoy shooting, I’ll get a lightweight revolver in .357 Mag. That way at least I’ll have five shots instead of two.

  7. Hey folks, watch that the actual shooting demo again. The first shots appear to be relatively smooth, but the 2nd shoots, appear to be ‘labored’ a bit, as though the trigger mechanism is binding-up on him a little bit.

    Anybody else see that?

  8. I would prefer 5 shots of .38 Spl HP in a gun with a range over 10′ to 2 shots of .45 in a gun with minimal range. For the cost of the Heizer I could buy lots of .38 ammo to practice with.

  9. If/when a TTAG reviewer gets one of these, see how it works with a one-hand hold at approximate waist level, fired at a very close target (1 yard or so). Advertised as a “last ditch emergency backup”, I can’t see it realistically used with a careful, 2-hand Weaver/whatever grip, the way the video was showing it. Wonder how the demonstration would have gone with a one-handed, non-locked wrist grip at waist level – expecially with a .45? Ouch?

  10. I can’t stand how everyone compares this to 5 shot j-frame .38’s, or other pieces….COMPLETELY different categories of weapons! I already have my j-frame, but it’s not always practical. This Heizer would be perfect suit coat pocket or front pants pocket gun that doesn’t print at all, is lighter than anything else I have and would be enough to get me out of 99% of the situations I would likely encounter. What’s not to like? Ok, the price maybe…but don’t put down the weapon just because you can’t (or don’t want to) afford it.

  11. I agree with moto a j frame is not a good comparison. I feel a LCP would be a better comparison. It’s a pocket pistol about same size and weight. Would you prefer 2 shots of .45 or 7 shots of 380 ?
    I carry many different guns depending on what I am wearing , and when I where light shorts ( a lot in Miami ) I love carrying the LCP , it completely disapers. I vote LCP , I can’t see spending that much money for 2 shot on a short barrel. 7 – .380 bullets and shot placement will take care of more problems !!

  12. From looking at the website, they use a different type of trigger group than is normal. As there is no magazine, they use the space for a roller bearing based trigger. Made in USA. It has some Pro’s, but I would have to shoot one to make a real recommendation. Cons are apparent.

  13. once again, yall…its not the quality of the pistol, its the concealability. Of course you would want a bigger, better, higher capacity pistol.

    stop compensating.

  14. A lovely backup for my G 36. On the other hand, for fifty bucks over MSRP of the non-ported aluminum, I can get a second G 36. And “fill both hands” like a Texas Ranger. Booya!

  15. I think everyone has a prefer…. I will stay with my PF9, I normally carry two I am an old 45 guy love my 1911 pro carry middle of back, my PF9 normally ankle.. it is all in what you remember is easy…. the main thing is to stay alive and make the other guy die for his country right. Airborne legs………… God Bless America and by the way buy a gun and keep America free….


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