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Sig Pistol Case

After decades of success with traditional hammer-fired DA/SA pistols, SIG SAUER is jumping into the world of striker-fired hanguns with a completely new design that’s also modular — and multi-caliber. But why the mysterious blue box? . . .

Because the P320 is so new that it hasn’t officially been announced yet. There are no photos of it, but SIG has leaked plenty of other details in advance of the official launch at the SHOT Show. Until then, here’s what we do know:

  • Striker-fired like a GLOCK or Springfield XD.
  • Serialized fire-control group like the not-too-successful P250.
  • Modular frame and slide/barrel assemblies in Subcompact, Compact, and Full sizes.
  • Available in 9mm, .357 SIG, .40 and .45 ACP with double-stack magazine capacities the same as the P250.
  • SIGLITE night sights are standard.
  • MSRP: $713 for a complete pistol; additional frame kits and caliber conversion kits will be extra.

We’re still waiting for a lot of other details, though:

  • Will it use P250 magazines? The P250 mags are already made in the same calibers and sizes as the 320 will be offered in, and they’re already out there on the market. Magazine commonality would be a nice change from SIG’s tradition of reinventing the wheel for every new pistol.
  • Did SIG lower the bore height from the (let’s face it) too-darned-tall P22x series?

We’ll get the answers next week, hopefully along with a sample gun to play with. Stay tuned.

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    • It would be hard not to, unless they were announcing a double-stack DAO .25 ACP with RFID tracking and a user-recognition trigger interlock.

    • I am very interested in seeing how it looks! If it looks good I know what I’ll be doing with my tax return money!

    • As long as they don’t release a duty sized, tilt up, baretta style pistol in .25 I think they’ll clear that bar.

  1. not a fan of striker fired guns, that’s why i own fnx and sigs. not liking where this is going

    • Curious about your dislike of striker fired guns. What is the issue for you? Not trying to start a flame war, I have no dog in that hunt. Just, as I said, curious.

      • I prefer steel receiver DA/SA pistols with a De-cocker too. Why? It’s what I’m most comfortable shooting and feels the most natural to me. I trained military, police and civilian shooters for years. And when asked “what pistol should I buy.” My answer was always buy the pistol that feels like it is part of your body. There is nothing wrong with Glocks. They are well made, have a ton of accessories and very durable and reliable. If a Glock is what feels right to you, then shoot a Glock.

    • I wasn’t either until I bought my first one. I like them because of having one action. I love my Beretta FS and Ill never sell it; however the DA/SA isn’t as user friendly, to me, as most striker fired pistols. Next hammer semi auto I buy will probably be a DAO Beretta.

      • If it’s the Px4 Storm you’re considering, might want to fire it first. I have one, nice enough pistol, but the trigger is from Hades, long, loooong, heavy pull. 50 rounds will make your trigger finger SORE!

        • Are you decocking the hammer with every trigger pull? The FIRST trigger pull is long, as is typical for DA/SA. I’ve put as much as 200 rounds through my PX4 in less than an hour and never felt a “sore finger.” If you prefer strikers, that’s all well and good, but don’t trash a perfectly good trigger for having the very attributes of a DA/SA trigger pull.

    • I’m with you, I like an exposed hammer that you can cock, when you want to get off an accurate shot with a lighter trigger pull.

    • Fair enough, but I’m pretty sure this doesn’t mean SIG will stop making hammer fired guns. They just know that they are missing out on the booming striker-fired market right now

  2. i just like the asthetics of a hammer. moreso than anytihng i like da/sa usage w/the option to decock

    • I’m in the same camp. I started out with a striker fired firearm, but after getting a 1911 gravitated toward other hammer fired weapons, with overall functionality and decocking ability being what appeals to me. It got to be that striker fired weapons tended to be just another striker fired weapon, and I already had one.

      • my first legal firearms purchase was a glock 17. everybody told me that it was the pistol to have if you are a gun owner. i was happy with it, since i didn’t know of other guns out there. until i shot a beretta, and then a sig, and then a fnx. it’s like starting out with honda civic and moving up the luxury ladder

        • Same here. Thought Glocks were the only pistol in the world, then through discovering Sigs, learned that other pistols exist. Now prefer 1911s.

    • Love the options a hammer actuated DA/SA gives me – just like I love my cars to have a clutch and stick shift. The control options give me reliability and flexibility.

  3. I like this time of year. Just before SHOT show.
    Everybody is scrambling to get the jump in announcing new stuff.
    Just don’t like where I see prices going.

    • the used market will dictate that soon enough. furthermore, 1st gen stuff will always have problems, hence i always hold out for 2nd gen anything

  4. I’ve always loved my P250. It is a failure, however.


    Do I hate the trigger? Do I hate the grip?

    NOPE — Love everything about it.

    It’s a failure because I can never find after market kits or accessories for it. The P250 has all the signs of being retired.

    I’ll definitely give this P320 a look. I love the modularity of the P250. If the P320 is well supported by Sig, I’ll definitely snag one.

    • I’m completely happy with my P250 as well, but you’re right that its days are numbered. SIG will keep it in the catalog for a whole (mostly to make the P230 look better) and then they’ll sell the rest of them off to CDNN or centerfiresystems or some other undertaker. I’d love to pick up a 45 ACP at that point.

  5. Another striker fired plastic pistol, yawn. The multi caliber thing is a gimmick. Why do I want to shoot 10 calibers form one pistol? I have other pistols that already fire them. Plus the conversion kits are probably going to be $200+ per caliber. A .22LR kit is good for training but I prefer to just buy a .22LR pistol and keep the wear off the center fire version all together.

    I’m thinking I’ll just stick to a 226 and save my pennies for a 210.

    • I’ll second that. Why buy a $250 22lr conversion when you could a whole new gun for $350 from Ruger or GSG?

      • Same feel, same ergonomics- most importantly trigger. That was my reason no. 1 to get Witness Stock in .40, than .22 kit and than 9mm kit.
        Another reason – it’s easier to convince my wife I’m actually saving money by buying “accessories” instead of new gun. Next kit will be most likely .45 in case I need to kill some souls just to stay neutral in the caliber war

        • If what you want is more training I’m not sure any 22lr will meet the need. Full size pistol calibers feel very different from a 22lr regardless of the gun and it only gets worse in a polymer gun. Given that, I’d save the money and just buy more cheap FMJ.

          And 45ACP should really be saved for fighting an army of Terminators.

    • Could be advantageous for people who don’t already have several calibers and like the Sig platform. Also quite useful for places where it’s difficult to buy a pistol, like NY/NJ etc where you’re talking a year wait in some places thanks to the State. This way you can buy the serial number and switch out as you like.

  6. I’d be more interested if it wasn’t modular. Sacrifices are made in order to design something that can play many roles. Make a striker fired line, with a purpose built 9, .40/.357Sig, and .45 then make it in full, compact, and subcompact.

    That, I’ll buy. Not this modular crap, unless unbiased reviews show it to be a gem. But I won’t be holding my breath.

  7. Newish design, first year of production = unproven reliability and high potential for design defects. I love SIGs, but I’ll wait a year.

  8. $700 msrp? for a striker fired gun?

    This thing better clean itself to be that much more expensive than a Glock or M&P.

  9. Don’t get hung up on the MSRP. No one ever pays MSRP for anything.

    I’m guessing that this will retail somewhere around $550.

    • The MSRP is an indicator of street price. The MSRP of a Glock is around $600. Most people pay about $500-$550 for one. The MSRP of an M&P is high 500s to low 800s depending on model. The MSRP of this gun is around $100 higher, which means the street price will probably be $100 higher as well.

  10. Interesting. I think this will do better than their 250 line because of the striker fired mechanism over a double action hammer.

    I personally prefer anything with a constant but acceptable trigger, so striker fired or single action pistols for me.

  11. Still trying to figure out how this is worth $700 vs a Sig P226, P220, or P210.

    Why buy an unproven striker pistol when you could have one of the best pistols in the world instead?

  12. Love SIG, but I’m pretty skeptical of this “modular idea”. We all know what happened to the P250, and AFAIK nothing ever came of the Beretta Nano, which was supposed to be modular as well. What I really want to see from SIG is a P226 with a lower damn bore axis.

  13. Still a little too vague, as we don’t now if it’s pre-cocked or SAO or how the modular frame and removable control-group/chassis will match, but sounds very very interesting. I just hope Sig Sauer smarts up on their QC for this one as it represents a huge potential to re-boost their image and impress people while making a buck.

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