SIG’s Enhanced Elite Models for Choice-Challenged Buyers

SIG SAUER sells a lot of gun in a lot of  configurations. For SIG buyers suffering from Stendahl Syndrome, the New Hampshire gunmaker is now offering “Enhanced Elite” models. Fork over $1200 and you get a gun with all the features common to their Elite series pistols with the ergonomic one-piece reduced reach grips used in their E2 pistols. “Available in both P226 and the upgraded P229-1 (using the same slide configuration as the P229 E2), these pistols bring the advantages of the one piece modular grip to a wider audience.” Confused? SIG breaks it down after the jump . . .

* P226 or P229 chambered in .357SIG, .40S&W or 9mm
* P229 9mm magazine capacity is 15 rounds
* One piece reduced reach ergonomic grip with updated stippling pattern
* Beavertail frame with front strap checkering and accessory rail
* Slide features “Elite” engraving and front cocking serrations
* SRT Short Reset Trigger System
* SIGLITE Night Sights

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