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You may not recognize the name Jason Imhoff, and that’s understandable — he’s more of a “works in the background” kinda guy. But he’s been incredibly important to Remington’s ammunition development over the last few years. When 300 AAC Blackout was being developed, he’s the one who designed the projectiles. The recently-released Golden Saber Blackbelt? Yep, his idea, too . . .

He even developed the .338 Lapua rounds for Remington’s precision sniper rifle project they sold to the Army and the Marines as the XM2010 and PSR. He was, if not the driving force, at least actively involved in every one of Remington’s major ammunition projects over the last few years, and now he’s the latest high-level Big Green employee to be poached by Kevin Brittingham for SIG SAUER. The reason? SIG’s getting serious about ammunition, too.


SIG announced their ammo line earlier this year, and while some people may think that it’s just a re-branded load from somebody else, the reality is it’s 100% SIG designed and loaded ammunition. They’ve spun up a completely new ammunition plant, and while the projectiles and cases are currently outsourced to other manufacturers, the design (and the final loading) is completely controlled by SIG.

They want to be a one stop shop for consumers (especially law enforcement and the military, whose contracts usually require ammunition to be included) to buy their firearms and ammo from the same trusted name brand.

And now that Jason is the latest Remmy refugee to make the jump to SIG, Kevin really has put the band back together. The best and the brightest from Remington and AAC seem to be deserting Freedom Group like rats from a sinking ship.

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  1. It seems Freedom Group is determined to destroy all the brands under their banner. Are they owned/controlled by some gun-grabbing liberty-phobe, out to destroy gun manufacturers?

    • They’re controlled by Cerberus Capital Management. Basically a big corporation whose job is to gobble up smaller corporations, milk them for all they’re worth, then discard the leftovers.

    • What are you insinuating there. Leghorn might have been poached by FNH by now following your logic. The guy is just reporting the news that’s all.

  2. Went in Cabela’s a few nights ago, and they had the 9mm SIG v-crown stuff, the price didn’t stick in my mind, but it was competitive with the Hornady and Federal HST defensive ammo. I was only looking at the 9mm section, but I would suspect they had the other calibers. As long as the price stays competitive, and the performance is worthy, they should do pretty well.

  3. I’m excited about all this new talent SIG is getting a hold of. With any luck, we’ll start seeing some fantastic and innovative things coming out soon….

  4. What I’d really like to see from SIG is some reasonably priced RANGE AMMO. Because more reasonably priced range ammo is a good thing. More competition and development in SD ammo is without a doubt good, but dammit, sometimes a guy just wants to poke holes in paper at a decent price. :p

    • For sure. Most calibers have a perfectly reliable round available to them already. It’s would be smart business to start out with range ammo as they are getting into the business during an ammo drought and then use the press release to state that their main reason for getting into ammo was to make premium personal defense rounds, but seeing as there’s already plenty of that available right now they just figured they’d help take the edge off for a little while by making range ammobecsuse that what people need.You know, for the customers.

  5. Although I don’t currently own a Sig, I can see what the enthusiasm is about. I’m thoroughly excited about their Honey Badger / MCR concept, and I may get a Sig 226 or 227. Cultivating excellent minds is a big part of their overall strategy to bring new products and ideas to bear. This is a proven business practice, and one that brought us some great products from AAC – most notably the 300 BLK.

    Since Remington / FG seem destined to go “full retard,” I’d much rather work for a company like Sig Sauer. If the new ammo by Sig is a bust, we’ll know soon enough. Ditto with their other new products. I also like how Sig caters to the civilian market.

  6. Being a borderline Sig fanboy, I love seeing the moves Sig has made lately. Now if only they can revive the QC reputation from the past instead of the lackluster reputation they’ve had recently.

  7. I’m beginning to like Sig more and more if only because they are snubbing TFG/CG. But that withstanding they are making some smart moves internally and externally. Their new hires and new products are always exciting news, and I look forward to more.

    I only have one gun from Sig, an AWB era P229 (still with ten round mags). But I think I’ll be looking into more of their stuff…


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