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Michelle Ambrozic’s campaign sign  (courtesy

“A campaign sign for a 32-year-old Lake Arrowhead woman running for a state Assembly seat in the 33rd District is stirring up controversy in the high [California] desert,” reports. ““My belief [is] that the Second Amendment is very important to protect,’ Michelle Ambrozic said. ‘It’s not a gimmick. I think there are not enough people out there talking about the Second Amendment who are running for office, and I find it disturbing that somebody would say this is disturbing,’ she said.” Not surprisingly . . .

Her opponent Rick Roelle is amongst the disturbed (so to speak). “I’m very pro-Second Amendment, but it sends a message out there today. That’s a sniper rifle; that’s used to kill people at 1,000 yards or more. We just had a young man that was killed in Victorville with a sniper rifle less than a year ago. What kind of message does that send?” I’m thinking . . . less government, lower taxes and liberty. Oh and . . .

“The first thing I thought when I saw the picture off the street is I was like, ‘That’s a pretty bad*** picture.’ Girls are just as strong as guys,” Nikki Lopez said.

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    • I’ve corresponded with several (half a dozen or so) CA state representatives re: 2A and their positions on the topic. Two were Repubs and the others all Dems. Some paid lip service to 2A and gun owners protections and rights. Two Dems didn’t even bother to respond and make no mention of 2A issues at all in their literature of websites despite 2A being an ongoing CA political issue; too hot potato for them no doubt.

      All but one (a lady Repub) have voted in favor of at least one, if not more Legislative Bills to further restrict the rights of CA law abiding honorable gun owners, despite the ineffectiveness of such laws in curtaining ANY violence, including gun violence, in the REAL world.

      I sure wish Ms. Ambrozic was running in my district so I could vote for her. And yes, that is a great, badass political poster.

  1. Sniper Rifle? With that pencil barrel it looks like a target .22! Only squirrels should be afraid. Says more about Roelle than anything else.

    • I don’t even know if it’s that. Looks more like a break-barrel spring air gun.

      Still, not a bad campaign sign.

      • That is exactly a break barrel springer air rifle. Not even a real firearm. Her opponent as a law enforcement professional should be able to tell the difference.

        • Berry, I am afraid that the percentage of cops who have more than a basic knowledge of firearms is dismally low, especially in the big metro areas. Unless they have a real interest or have military experience, few have more than an “it’s a tool” attitude. This is driven home every time we go to the range. Those of us that shoot whenever we can are the minority. Most officers show up begrudgingly and are happy to shoot a 70% score. You’d think they would be motivated to hone a life saving skill, sadly it isn’t so. When we throw stress into the equation, you should hear the moans and groans. Needless to say, as a Sergeant I try to kick a little a** to make my point, but that gets me a trip to PHQ more often than not. Fortunately, I get to pick my squad.

    • And the iron sights still in place.

      Nice image, but “sniper rifle?” That dude is clueless to even use that term. Over-emoting COMMENT SELF MODERATED.

      • What kind of target rifle is without iron sights? That is what a target rifle is supposed to have, otherwise you have a long-range rifle or sniper-rifle.

    • If she’s killing people at 1,000 yds with that barrel while shooting in the standing off-hand position, I’m not going to tell her she can’t be elected!

    • I feel if your going to deominze something you should have a clue about what you are talking about. As you mentioned, a scope on a rifle does not make a 1000 kill shot or a sniper.

      • Rick Roelle used to be a cop, all cops are experts on all aspects of all guns, he said it’s a sniper rifle, so it’s a sniper rifle. NEXT!

  2. The hunting rifle as “sniper rifle” meme is picking up steam. They are so mad about the AWB dying in congress they are just going ahead with phase 2 anyway, just to spite us.

    • Yeah, and I’m not sure how I ‘feel’ about that move in their strategy.

      On the one hand, I think “no way will that fly.” On the other, never underestimate the idiocy of the followers of the civilian disarmament movement.

      • Lets be candid, when the time comes, and IT WILL come, hunting rifles with good glass will do far more damage to the regime than most of the ARs, AKs, SCARs, etc. Low profile, not terribly out of place, millions of them in existence, perfect for the future insurgents of what was once the USA.

        • And the part I’ve never understood–most hunting rifles are far more “high power” than a .223 and with far greater effective range. 30-06 anyone? (OMQ! It’s a military arm!!OMG!OMG!)

        • That’s a good point, Mark.

          And, most “hunting rifles” are higher power than AK-47’s (7.62×30), and yet we have long heard how bad it was, being so powerful and all.

          There’s a video of some cops in Florida (if I recall correctly) demonstrating to a reporter how “bad” the AK is by shooting up some cinder blocks. It’s pretty ridiculous.

          They get away with that kind of crap because for so long they’ve been the only ones saying anything at all that the ‘masses’ got to hear.

          At least THAT’S changing.

        • @ JR I think you are referring to a famous phonied-up CNN report that was supposed to be demonstrating what kind of rifles would be “back on the streets” once Clinton AWB was allowed to expire. Only they used a full-auto rifle. They ran the report on a Thursday, and had Wayne LaPierre as a guest on one of their Sunday shows–and he called them out straight up. Amazingly, they ran a “corrected” report the next week. To make the original report worse, after blowing up the cinder blocks with a full-auto, pretending that’s what the CAWB was banning–when they fired a “non-ban” rifle for comparison, they didn’t even aim at the target that they had the cameras focused on–they shot the round into the ground. The people putting on this “demo” for CNN were Florida deputies. And yes, the Sheriff is elected, and yes, he was a Democrat.

        • AR (cool!), I believe you are correct that that CNN vid is the video.

          I do remember somewhere in that video or another interview someone talking specifically about how “powerful” the “AK-47 Round” is, and that that makes it “more dangerous.” Problem was, they didn’t compare to other high power rifle calibers at all, or anything…just “more powerful.”

  3. So, any rifle with a scope is a “sniper rifle”

    And any rifle with a detachable magazine is an “assault rifle”

    Yeah, that sounds about right, lol.

  4. We support Rick Roelle for his views on #gunsense. We have even started a $50 million grassroots campaign to support such politicians.

    Politicians who use the still-relevant First Amendment to say “I support the Second Amendment” while clearly not supporting the outdated Second Amendment get our seal of approval.

    • If you would like to continue your precious 1st Amendment, then I’d suggest you support the original 2nd Amendment. For without it you will have no 1st Amendment.

      To believe that the 2nd Amendment is outdated just proves that you’ve not yet evolved to the capacity of the men 230+ years ago. These men built a nation, they didn’t tear one down. They were a positive contribution to society, not pariah’s.

      Place your seal where ever you may wish, your entitled to, that’s your right. Throwing money at a problem that isn’t broken however is retarded. A better use of money would be to actually fix the real problems this country faces, not inventing new ones to appease an ego.

    • Let me be clear: you want to ban guns except in the hands of police and politicians. Historically, that hasn’t worked out well for the taxpayer. Your “grassroots” campaign is ran by $50 million from a man who is such a control freak that he would ban salt shakers on restaurant tables and 16 oz sodas. Your organization cares about freedom like Kim Jung-un respects individual liberties.

      Regardless, I welcome your comments on TTAG. It is curious that you would use your 1st Amendment rights to attack the 2nd, but mental gymnastics such as those are clearly necessary to support the abrogation of freedom.

      (Edit: I’m not sure it the TM is legit)

    • Guys guys guys–this is one of those “pirate” sites that Facebook supposedly took down, This guy is one of us, just using tongue in cheek sarcasm. Wake up and have another cup of coffee.

      • Yeah, I can’t believe how many guys here fall for this satirical troll’s comments on every story.

        Nobody from “Everytown” is going to come here and comment, guys. They will not confront pro-gunners in any forum where the pro-gun side can respond freely. They only take cowardly snipes from the safety of hiding behind the mainstream media.

  5. That silhouette looks weird. What’s that thing sticking up above her shoulder? Do we need to send KJW in there to teach her how to hold a rifle?

    • Just hold 100 yards over your target and wait 10 minutes for the round to get there, then correct (if necessary). It’s like using the world’s smallest mortar.

      • Realisticaly you can shoot at 300 meters with .22 LR, that is if you are used to shooting at 1000 meters with 308 or something similar (+ you have to use subsonic ammo).

        .22 is IMO one of the best cartridges ever made. Simply because of the cheapness, noise and versatility. You can have a target rifle, a quiet plinker/hunter, a trainer for both MSRs and long range rifles and you can have all this using the same cartridge. A CZ 455 and a Marlin 795/ruger 1022 can fill these four needs alone. Also if you can get a semi-auto target gun in .22 you can fill all those needs I listed with one gun. They also last long, I don’t know anybody who wore out the barrel of a .22 (except those cases where it rusted or they scratched up the crown).

        • There is a Plinkster video that was posted here with him shooting a target at 450 yards with his trusty .22 rifle. A six foot holdover will get you 250 easy.

        • @ Accur81 ditto on the 9mm, going to save up for a ruger PC9, because it fits the mags i have for my ruger 9mm pistols

        • I am in Norway, we still have ammo since we didn’t have an ammo crisis.

          333 dollars for 5000 rounds of CCI standard velocity, my favorite load, is pretty reasonable when my pay is 41 dollars per hour (though I don’t work the entire year, you can’t mow lawns during the winter).

  6. Sniper rifle: Any rifle of any caliber equipped with a scope. It’s well known that a rifle such as this, especially if also equipped with a laser sight, can kill a human being from several states away.

  7. Because anybody can pick up a bolt action rifle and just shoot someone from 1000 yards away no problems. Also, I can’t find the case info that he is talking about. Pretty sure its the Daniel Olivera shooting from last august, but nothing shows what gun was used to kill him. A rifle is all that it says, so my guess is a hunting rifle. I hope it turns out to be a Remington 700 ’06 so he can explain how someone who is “supportive of the 2nd amendment” can say that those are dangerous weapons used to kill people. Maybe the Fudd’s will start to pay attention on that one.

  8. I drove out to the high desert last weekend and saw those signs along the I-15. I was pleasantly surprised to see a campaign sign with a gun on it because this is CA. If I were living in her district, I would have those signs up all over my house. Squirrel gun or not, you people living in free states don’t know how rare it is here to see any image of a gun anywhere; I hope she gets elected.

  9. Wow..the picture is in silhouette. How can he tell exactly what it is? What a cry-baby. Looks more like a spring piston air rifle to me.

  10. From the photos on Ms. Ambrozic’s facebook page, you can tell she is a darn sight more curvy than the silhouette on the sign. So,
    A win for her 2A platform, but
    a fail for deceptive advertising.

      • Holy! I was expecting to be disappointed. I’m with you on this one. She looks every bit as appealing as the sign lady. Not that it matters politically, but… Yeah. Hubba.

      • Hopefully there’s actually some substance behind this woman. Recent Republican history with “pretty face” candidates have tended to turn out to be little more than eye-candy dressed up with pretty words like “liberty” (or worse, bat-shit insane). The Republican party seems so desperate to shed the “old white guy” image that they’ll support anyone who doesn’t fit that mold, even if they’re a complete idiot.

        Here’s hoping Ambrozic isn’t one of those, and if that’s so, I hope she wins.

        • Hi Stinkeye, Thanks for your comment…I can vouch for Michelle…She is passionate and as strong as her signs are…and she’s a fighter. Check out her site…she means every word..check out her FB page for when and where you can go hear her speak and even shake hands and get to know her in person…I promise, you’ll vote for her:)

      • He supports the 2nd Amendment for The Only One’s (is that trademarked yet?) Hopefully he will have his ass handed to him in the election and he can learn a little about the Liberty part of her campaign.

  11. I’m pretty sure the silhouette of a sniper rifle and a deer rifle are pretty much exactly the same. Not really relevant though since this is an air rifle.

    • Which emphasizes the point that there really is no such thing as a “sniper rifle.” It’s a pop term not unlike “assault weapon.”

      Sniper’s have used muzzleloaders back in the day.

      • Sniping is an action and not a shopping list and all that, there is still sometihng that is called a sniper rifle.

        Main problem is which definition to use? During the war there were snipers who hid in buildings and shot people, these used whatever scoped rifles they could get (like the SKS, AK, and Mausers). Would you call those rifles for sniper rifles? I would, if they were used by a sniper.

        • Your point is valid and works for us that have even the slightest clue about firearms as tools.

          Problem is those that will hear “sniper rifle” and think “eviiiiiil” no matter the actual weapon. Their definition will once again rely on cosmetic features more than ‘function.’

          It’s pretty unnerving in one sense. They’ve vilified extending stocks and pistol grips and suchlike for a long time; we even have AR manufacturers trying to beat that meme with Monte Carlo style stocks on AR’s. All well and good, but…

          The Monte Carlo style stock will be the next to be blamed for all the evil in the world, if they can have it fit their narrative. MC stock, scope, bolt action in a “high power” rifle caliber and boooom, “Its what MILITARY SNIPERS USE OMG OMG GASP CLUTCH PEARLS!”

          See the pattern? It does not MATTER what kind of stock it has…or the action (semi auto vs bolt)…or the caliber (.223 Rem vs 308 Win), etc. They want ALL rifles “out of here.” Gone. No one “needs” these military weapons of death.

          For US to call a rifle a “sniper rifle” has specific meaning implying a certain intended use (long range accuracy with long range retained energy). For THEM to use the term, it’s just more scare-mongering and manipulation of people that don’t know the differences anyway.

  12. That sniper rifle sure looks like a .22lr with a 1-4x scope on it. I’d be super impressed if somebody could hit a man sized target at 1000 (+) yards with that. Hell, it be impressive if it was pretty much any sized target.

  13. looks like a break action pellet gun to me… and from this angle it looks like the stock extends past the silhouette’s shoulder… good try but I award you no points, and my god have mercy on your soul

  14. “I’m very pro-Second Amendment, but–” Shut the fuck up right there, Rick. Seriously. Just stop fucking talking altogether. You having said that, we know damn well that you don’t.

    Either you believe in our Constitution that you’re supposed to have taken an oath to protect and uphold, or you don’t. There aren’t any “ifs”, “ands”, or “buts” about it. There can’t be if you’re truly going to represent your constituents.

    Oh, and you don’t even know what a ‘sniper rifle’ even is for that matter, you Statist clown. Back to the annuls of mediocrity with you. May your political career, and your name, die peacefully.

    • The issue is how dumb the left is on this. They play on emotion and fear. Lets use some logic here:

      It could be a sniper rifle if the woman using it is a sniper.
      It could be a hunting rifle if the woman is hunting.
      It could be an airsoft rifle if the woman is playing airsoft.
      It could be a toy rifle she bough her kid for Christmas.

      A picture of a woman with a rifle is not inherently dangerous, and should not ilicit fear. It is like saying that car dealers are insensitive because they have automobiles on their ads and someone I know died in a car crash.

  15. I have these two rifles; one is a 5.56mm with a 16 inch barrel, it has magpul furniture a red dot scope, vertical fore grip and adjustable stock, the other is an 8mm GEW/K98 conversion. One is super modern, modular and high capacity, the other is a ‘high powered’ rifle capable of shots out to 1000yds, but it has a 5 rnd internal fixed mag and wood stocks and a bolt action, tots not scary. . . until now.

    Perhaps this is actually the left learning about guns; that is, they have begun to realize that cosmetic features have no effect on lethality. Or maybe this is just another leftist anti talking out his ass.

    For once and if only once, I wish I were a Californian so I could vote for Michelle Ambrozic,

  16. The weird thing is CA has open primaries, so everyone from every party is on the primary ballot, top 2 face off in the main election (except for federal offices, where the traditional system remains)

    There are 9 Republicans in this primary, one Democrat. The same Democrat has ran the last few times too. He received 28.7% of the vote, Donnelly received 52.1% and another Republican received 19.3%

    Tim Donnelly, you may recognize, as the author of AB1563 which would make CA a shall issue state, with more generous provisions than Texas (thanks to CA already allowing CCW on schools and most anywhere). The 2nd amendment is a fairly important issue in that district, in a positive way.

    In either case, both of these two are outliers. Obernolte is the “annointed” candidate of the GOP. Though I do expect that it will be Republican versus Republican in the general election, and the minority of Democrats in that district might support the more liberal of the two…who knows

  17. I went to middle school with her pop; if she’s anything like him, the grabbers had best duck and cover.

    Well… I think I did; there was an Ambrozic in Mrs. Kopang’s class, and that name ain’t too common.


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