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Well there it is, in all its glory: a full-auto SBR-ed SIG SAUER MPX with a snout-mounted can. While Lena’s finger looks AWFULLY close to the Personal Defense Weapon’s (PDW’s) suppressor, what could possibly suppress her enthusiasm for this awesome firearm? When you hot, you hot! You gotta love those flying sparks. Unfortunately, thanks to the Hughes Amendment, you can’t do that. We’re from the government and we’re here to prevent you from having fun. Click here for the Repeal the Hughes Amendment Facebook page.

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  1. Don’t take me wrong here. We should be able to own cans and FA. But I don’t see a FA sbr as a really good choice for a pdw, especially in densely populated urban areas.

    Maybe to protect the hen house on a farm?

    • Back in the day, Thompson tried (and failed) to convince farmers and ranchers that they need a SMG to protect their lands. Fortunately, the US military bailed them out (well, them and Al Capone).

      • The Thompson was about $225 versus a Model 12 coming in at $75 back in about 1930s. The Thompson and it s appetite for ammo was sort of expensive.

    • “But I don’t see a FA sbr as a really good choice for a pdw, especially in densely populated urban areas.”

      It seems to me FA would be ideal when a 70’s low-rider car with a bunch of gang-bangers decides to drive-by your barrio house …

    • It would be excelent for home defense. A quick burst of 9mm hollow point into an intruder would be a sure fire success.

      • With a really high cyclic rate, a 2- or 3-round burst is great for this. They can fire so fast that it sounds and feels like a single shot, and it happens so fast you don’t get into the part where you’re fighting for muzzle control to keep things on target.

    • In a house it would be. Low recoil, relatively quiet with the can, cheap to practice with, compact enough to get around doors, I could go on. There is a reason why spec ops used to (and sometimes still do) use the mp5 as a room clearing weapon of choice. Yeah it doesn’t have near the DRT power of a rifle cartridge, but its very light and manageable in close quarters and you aren’t going to get a lot of over penetration with good holowpoints if you are on target. For me, just add a white light to that sucker and I would be fine taking on anything with two or four legs within 100 yards.

  2. Too bad we are not allowed to purchase brand new full auto guns here in the U.S. I was speaking to a man in the Socialist State of Hungary and he told me owning brand new full auto weapons is no problem in Hungary. When I was there years ago the landscape reminded me of Ohio except the food was much better there.

  3. Gads! Even I was giggling watching that.
    If only it came in .45. Even Sgt. Saunders might have liked it.
    (The other calibers are .40 S&W and .357 Sig.)
    Also an excellent demonstration of the value of working hard and getting sponsored… someone else’s buying the ammunition.
    Meanwhile, Ms. Miculek the Younger going over to Sig… a moderate earthquake. Would have been fun to have been the fly on the wall in all those discussions.

    • I’m surprised there hasn’t been more talk about Lena leaving S&W. Just goes to show the Miceluks are a classy bunch that keep family business… In the family.

  4. Full automatic fire only made sense when I was in the Corps, and ALL Y’ALL were paying for ammo. Nowadays, even with cheap ammo, I can only afford a few seconds of rock and roll. One shot one kill…….man I miss gubmint funded ballistic fun.

    • and all the fun blue tip chalk gernades you can shoot! I’d stay all day and my fingers were sore from loading mags. Good times…

    • Yeah but for home defense you can’t beat it. I don’t care about ammo cost when the door hinges get busted in downstairs. I want lead on target and not to be deaf afterwards so having this next to the nightstand would be ideal. Two mags of 30 each would be enough to deal with anyone within indoors distance and not have to fumble too much with ear pro.

  5. Semi auto is all I need. An SBR in 9mm with a red dot sight seems like the ultimate in home defense: low recoil and much easier to hit with than a pistol while cheap to practice with.
    Red dot because most fights happen at night. SBR, not pistol because every shot you miss in your house potentially endangers others and most people can shoot an SBR much better than a pistol.
    Too bad my state will NEVER consider trusting people like me to own one.

    • Meh, I would take the full auto. In a home defense scenario, I might not want to trust my shaking hands to squeeze of rounds as fast as I can at a square range. When something really goes wrong, I want the threat eliminated and being able to pour lead on a target in home defense ranges, the RPM on this thing sounds pretty sweet. This would be the perfect HD gun with a white light. High-cap, short, relatively quiet, fast.

    • 9mm has better drywall penetration than 5.56 or even 300BLK… at least that’s my take from testing results I have read about.

  6. Yep. Full auto does bring a smile to ones face. i also find that when a woman shows real proficiency with a firearm, (not Hollywoodized), she goes anywhere from 1 to 4 points on the hot scale, depending on the level of proficiency she is showing. So if she is already a 10, she then goes into the demi-goddess scale.

  7. I would mostley prefer to get an suppressed kriss vector in 10mm white an 150 double drum and triple burst but thats need an open register 🙁

    I found an semi “submachine gun” not interested, then i would stand bye an compact shotgun white 20 drum ore an regulary handgun for home defense.

    • Now there you go. Firing three round bursts per trigger squeeze (triple taps!!!) in 10mm would be a devastating self-defense firearm for close quarters combat. Heck, even firing two rounds per trigger squeeze (double taps!) would be awesome in 10mm with the velocity boost of that longer barrel.

      I want one.

  8. Semi-auto 12ga fires 9 pellets or “rounds” if you will per shot. LEGAL burst fire. SXS can put 18 rounds in the air in one pull. So why do we “need” full-auto?? Because it’s damm cool! If you need more firepower S&B makes 12 pellet buck- so 24 “rounds” on a SxS.

  9. Sorry for nitpicking, but it’s not a PDW. It’s an SMG. The Sig MCX SBR is closer to a true PDW.

    PDW rifles fire a bottle-necked rifle cartridge. SMGs fire pistol calibers.

    • PDW isnt really a class of firearm, its more of a marketing term. Ive seen short barreled rifles, semiauto subguns, and modified handguns all labeled PDW…… I think the idea is to get a super collapsible stock and really really short barrel (like low single digit inches) on a center fire, detachable box mag, semi and/or full auto weapon and voila! PDW!

  10. I shot one of these (sans suppressor) in Arizona in December. Friend is an FFL07/SOT02 and made one. Our entire group shot it, then it was my turn and I loaded it and did exactly what Ms. Miculek did, shot a few rounds in semi-auto to see where the gun was hitting. When I went to switch the selector from semi to full auto, the gun did a full mag dump without my finger on the trigger. Luckily I am an RSO and a very safe shooter to I had the gun pointed down range and everyone had eyes and ears on. It was weird, it didn’t even startle me, I just stared at my friend and said, “I swear I didn’t have my finger anywhere near the trigger”.

    He took the gun, loaded another mag and it did the same for him. Needless to say, the gun got put away after that. He took it home and sent me cell phone images that night that revealed that an internal piece of the trigger pack had broken off and somehow become lodged under the sear, allowing it to go full auto without the trigger being pulled, just with the selector being moved from semi to full. Pretty scary experience but all ended well. Based upon having 28 rounds mag dump on me, I liked the gun, lightweight and the others were getting good hits with it. First time I ever had a full auto go off in a full mag dump on me though.

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