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“While the NRA is routinely excoriated as being a hardcore gun lobby in Washington, how is the Hollywood set excused for worse? Considering celebrities have an absolute love affair with Obama/Hillary/Sanders, how do they reconcile their staunch anti-gun stance while becoming recidivists who can’t stop themselves from profiting off gun violence? Easy answer: they don’t.” – Brad Slager in Hollywood’s Hypocritical Love-Hate Relationship With Guns [at]

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    • +1
      90% of what Hollywood produces isn’t even entertaining anymore, it’s just corrosive on the culture of the Republic.

        • You’re micro-aggression comment just made me feel micro-aggressed.

          I would say I need to go a safe space, but I can’t, because space has the absences of color. Which would be saying I want to go somewhere without color. And that’s a micro-aggression.

    • Of course you get standards from Hollywood: standard plot lines that they redo and “update” over and over with different actors and new technology. Just because some actor once played Einstein they somehow think they picked up a couple of dozen extra IQ points.

      I would pity them more if I didn’t have listen to them prattle on about something that is far beyond their intellectual capacity.

    • Don’t forget the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He ate my beloved childhood memory and shi# out a giant turd of a movie. And just like in the Transformers, Megan Fox was the undigested corn staring back at you from the cinematic toilet bowl.

      • While being fairly attractive corn, she’s not the kind of corn I’d ever eat. Not even a little piece.
        I’ve purposely never watched a Michael Bay movie, because I knew what would happen to my own childhood memories if I did….. it sucks to learn my fears were confirmed.

  1. This commercial reminds me of a crazy person rocking back and forth in a corner repeating a delusional phrase to themselves over and over.

    Stop patronizing illegal markets and have parenting strong enough to teach a kid that the examples of arrogance, posturing, pride, and rage set by celebrities is bad instead of awesome.

  2. , how do they reconcile their staunch anti-gun stance while becoming recidivists who can’t stop themselves from profiting off gun violence? Easy answer: Show me the money!
    Hey, thar is gold in them thar gun violence movies.
    Hollyweird gave up any moral standards many decades ago.
    I would never trust my moral compass to these Showbiz Kids.
    Show business kids making movies of themselves
    You know, they don’t give a fvck about anybody else
    You know you gonna
    Hey, at least they have the Steely Dan T-shirts.

    • I once went to a Blockbuster (way back when…) looking for a movie and wound up counting the number of vids where the cover art included a pistol, rifle or shotgun. Somewhere, roughly, at about 40% in the “New Releases” category.

  3. The only qualifications to be a “star” are … well … a pulse. (And even that is arguable in light of the movie Weekend at Bernie’s). You could be uglier than sin and still be a “star”. You could be dumber than a box of rocks and still be a “star”. You could be a convicted felon and still be a “star”.

    Do “stars” have any more sway over the public than anyone else? I have no idea. I sure hope not. Their statements are worth no more and no less than what anyone else has to say.

    • Oh, I forgot to add that you could even be a communist sympathizer and provide comfort to a foreign country when we are at war with them (cough, cough, Hanoi Jane Fonda, cough) and still be a “star”.

    • Agree for sure. Clint Eastwood is one of the notable exceptions. At least he served in the military and saved some people’s lives back in the fifties. He also realized long ago what kind of movies he made his money and name on.

    • Remember however that being a conservative in Hollywood means your career will take a hit. Conservatives do exist out there, we just don’t hear about them.

      Which is by design of course, and something that we should seek to change.

      Not sure how to do that…

  4. A while back on Instagram, Sophia posed for a picture on her account on behalf of Everytown for Gun Safety, with links to their page and hashtags, etc. Several weeks went by, and I wound up checking the Everytown account. The picture was posted there as well, but the Everytown page still had less than 3000 followers. So I posted on the picture of her, “An endorsement from a beautiful mega-celebrity with millions of followers, yet you don’t even have 3000 followers yet. Is it frustrating to be losing so badly?.” Well, then they blocked me.

  5. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    -Joseph Goebbels

  6. What goes on in the movies for them is pretend.

    What’s real for them is that pretending stuff that just ain’t so gets them all kinds of real rewards, in the real world. Why would they have any sense of how things work, or be swayed by arguments in those terms? Why would they do other than pretend, to deal with any real issue? It’s what they are good at.

    I mean outside of their own industry. Within their own industry they are deliberate, focused, opportunistic, and entirely grounded in the reality in front of them. The stories are for the saps. It is the movie *business.*

  7. Put your money where your mouth is mad mommies and call on Hollywood to stop making movies that use firearms. Give them ET walkie talkies.

  8. Who gets their opinions from a Colombian milf? Her steroided/GH/testosteroned up new husband? She looks good for her age-I’ll give you that…

    • MILF? She’s a few plucks from a Neanderthal unibrow, and has the body of a chunkster. Just imagine if the landscaper takes a week vacation. Eee gads. Maggie Q, Ming Na Wen, and a host of others are actually sexy for that age.

      Your taste may vary, but Vergara is a very “big” girl in relative terms.

  9. we can partly blame ourselves: for becoming too interested in joining fan clubs. That movie actors have fan clubs has become the reason and justification for the “star” to start preaching “philosophy” (ideology) to their fans. Politicians have caught on and, like Hilllary Clinton, get to run the show because they have a big fan club. Only the fans are adult citizens who should remember it’s adult citizens who eschew becoming fans and REMAIN IN CONTROL of politicians.

  10. They’ll no doubt spout off about how they use guns in movies showing how good triumphs over evil with a gun. So long as the gun is wielded by a heroic police officer/soldier/air marshal/ ex-cop turned private eye/sheriff/agent/(insert approved representative of The State here)

    Bonus points if they have good cheekbones and brooding eyes

  11. First Harvey Weinstein said that he and Meryl Streep were going to make a movie that would make the NRA sorry that they were alive.

    Then somebody called him a hypocrite for making violent movies, so Harvey said that he was going to concentrate on non-violent films.

    Then Weinstein distributed “The Hateful Eight” nationwide. You can’t make this sh!t up.

    I think I can say, without fear of contradiction, that Weinstein is a lying, hypocritical, pond scum sucking, fat POS.

  12. They cannot end “gun violence” until they end those who are perpetrating it. Until you lock up enough thugs for a long enough time that it convinces the others that it is not worth it, they will keep on gang banging.

    It is the people, not the guns.

  13. Uh, no. No you can’t end gun violence. Bad people will get their hands on guns, and they will perpetrate violence upon innocent people. Certainly gun violence will not be ended by laws that penalize law-abiding gun owners. Gun violence will not be stopped by taking guns away from law-abiding citizens. In fact, you leave law-abiding citizens vulnerable to gun violence if you disarm them. It’s crystal clear to me … why can’t those folks in the video see it?

  14. I have a big question for people like Everytown for Gun Safety.

    So you’ve isolated and declared the NRA as the big boogey man, of the many groups who lobby to keep “evil killing machines” in the hands of people who in your eyes cannot truly have the moral wherewithal or mental vigour to handle and use firearms safely.

    Yet, I can guarantee that I can go to a NRA office/building of sorts and find out when A) I can set up for a gun safety course that’ll teach me the dangers of mishandling firearms. How to properly handle firearms so I can avoid those hazards if I ever choose to own a firearm regardless of make/model or type.

    B) Acquire pamphlets/reading material of the same safety material in a easily read and clear manner of what is expected as a universal rule of firearm safe handling practices.

    Not to mention, I can bet you dollars to doughnuts that when I purchase many firearms that have been manufactured in recent years that they will have similar pamphlets/reading material(s) on how to properly handle that firearm and others like it. They will also have an extended manual of how to utilize that firearm safely, and will in many cases provide a safety lock with the firearm (some brands more than others, and example is Mossberg who provides small locks with keys). I’m also certain gun shops (if asked politely with an open mind) would also be able to talk to you about safe firearm handling as well.

    Yet lets say for a moment that the big boogey man that is the NRA (or the evil gun shop owner) isn’t doing enough to make this clear and readily available to the general public.

    So my question to the likes of Everytown for Gun Safety is such. What are you doing to educate those who would like to own firearms for personal use? What pamphlets on say the best firearm safe/cabinet one can get to safely secure their firearm? You’re not forcing anyone to acquire one, but providing a comprehensive reading material for what people could do to go above and beyond in being safe in their ownership of a firearm. You can even review and showcase models in various price ranges for the various people looking to be safe and secure with their firearm.

    Why isn’t Everytown for Gun Safety not also holding firearm safety classes in the safe practice and handling of firearms? Showcasing the various gun locks one may use in ensuring children or those not responsible to handle firearms not be able to harm those otherwise?

    Lets go a step further. Why isn’t Everytown for Gun Safety not holding classes that showcase the dangers of mishandling firearms to children? To educate the youth of the nation on why one doesn’t simply handle Mom and Dad’s firearms when they aren’t around? To educate them on being respectable to Mom and Dad’s property, and to only be handling them while under the safe supervision of their parents?

    Why aren’t there videos that do these things to showcase the dangers of mishandling firearms and what one should do and not do around firearms?

    Because all I’m seeing is the same video about how they want to end gun violence. Why aren’t you actually doing something about it?

    Or is it the fact that the NRA does all of the things I mentioned above already?

  15. I was wondering, do they want to stop violence? Or only violence with a gun? Is violence with a broadsword OK? Or maybe a battle axe? Would these anti-people be against violence with a bow and arrow? What sorts of violence will they be against next? Guns are not the source of violence,….humans are.

  16. No credibility. If you can’t even trust some news agencies that (at least in theory) work on facts, how can you trust Hollywood that works on fiction and entertainment.

  17. If you don’t get the difference between real life and an escapist fantasy, I don’t think you should have a weapon…


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