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We’ve all heard tales of superhuman strength exhibited by those those soaring on PCP, but psilocybin? Huh. At least Jared Steven Leone knew he needed some help, right? Which is why he strolled into the Beaverton, Oregon police records office at city hall last week and made his presence (and condition) known. “Three officers came out to the lobby and that’s when police said Leone took a swing at one of the officers and a “melee” ensued. Detective Sergeant Jim Shumway reviewed surveillance video of the fight. He said it took the officers six minutes to restrain Leone and take him into custody.” But not before . . .

the ‘shroom-fueled yoot broke a pair of handcuffs (!), grabbed an officer’s gun and fired off a shot.

The officers used Tasers on Leone seven times during the fight, but they had no effect. Shumway said Leone appeared to be unable to feel pain. He was speaking gibberish and acting like he was on drugs.

“Somebody could have been killed from this. This could have been a real tragedy,” Shumway said.

So, retention holster, right?

Bruce McCain, a former Multnomah County Sheriff’s captain, told KATU News that a big concern is about the officer’s holster.

“The whole idea is if you’re in a scuffle, you cannot pull this gun out – even if you popped the top, this does not come out,” he said, demonstrating on his old holster with an unloaded Glock.

He says holsters are typically designed with three security mechanisms to keep anyone from grabbing the gun.

The Beaverton sergeant’s holster may have had only two safety features because his gun may have had a flashlight on it.

Or maybe it had none. Losing control of your firearm has to be on the list of a cop’s biggest fears. Officers we talk to say some jurisdictions require retention holsters and some leave it up to the individual. A call to Beaverton PD was unproductive.

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      • You are obsessed with race. Everything with you is race jwm. Everybody but you is a racist. A thug is a thug is a thug, regardless of skin color. I have a dream, that you stop judging people, not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

        • I believe the news chick in the video is a MILF.

          I forgot to add, as well, that everybody else is fvcked up but you.

        • I don’t think jwm is worrying about race – just the way the media portrays and pays attention to race.

          Face it – the biggest racists in the U.S. are the corporate news networks and race-baiters that profit so much off of controversy.

        • J&D, the newsbabe might be attractive, but she doesn’t hold a candle to that photo three posts down.

  1. Out of personal curiosity, how hard would it be to draw a from someone elses level III holster? Asuming the suspect dosnt know anything about the holster and the officer puts up a fight.

    • Just realised I wasnt very specific. I know they talk about retention in the article, I was just curious about anyone here who may have personal experience.

    • Depends on the holster. I’ve seen officers literally picked up by the butt of their gun during realistic confrontation demonstrations without the gun coming out of the holster. Lots of things come into play; make/model of holster, age/condition(of the holster), and whether any of the devices have been disabled, i.e., snaps unsnapped, hood not in position, etc.

  2. Wow, kid doesn’t look strong enough to break an egg, let alone handcuffs. He’s lucky to be alive – I believe deadly force would have been justified under those conditions.

  3. I’ve seen people high on mushrooms, and all they did was giggle. I couldn’t see them going hulk. I guess it depends on the temperament of the person.

    • “I couldn’t see them going hulk.”

      I like that. I am going to find a way to work that into my next conversation.

    • The timing seems suspect with Adam Kokesh claiming the police planted psychedelic mushrooms in his house.

      • Indeed. The typical effect of these mushrooms is just the opposite of super strength. Generally dexterity, grasping power and balance are inhibited. It is possible he became paranoid and it triggered an animal response, but that seems unlikely.

        The video itself is very brief and it doesn’t make any sense if he actually used the word “overdosing” because that isn’t possible. If you take too much, you will regurgitate. If you take just one, you very well may still regurgitate. It is considered part of the “trip.” The guy does not appear to be tripping, who was he on the phone with?

  4. This doesn’t sound at all like anybody I’ve ever seen on mushrooms…is it possible he said ‘sherm’ which is a street name for PCP, which seems more akin to the behavior reported from folks over doing it on PCP…or maybe he is just legitimately crazy and the mushrooms were coincidental to the rest of the encounter.

    • I agree… but then again, he “sought help”, in a rather unique manner. Doesn’t sound like ‘shrooms to me, either.

  5. Um, the dude broke handcuffs. Last time I checked, those were made of steel. If the dude broke steel handcuffs, I doubt that retention mechanisms on a holster would be any significant impediment.

    On the plus side I have to give kudos to those three officers for exercising incredible restraint. We regularly bash the po-po on here for unnecessarily shooting and killing fellow citizens. It sounds like they may very well have been justified to shoot the dude but opted instead for a 6 minute beat down. It seems fitting in this case.

  6. Half the people who trip on shrooms will sit in a corner contemplating their navels, while the other half giggle and babble about the pretty colors. Shrooms can induce panic disorder, but maybe the dood was trippin’ on something in addition, or maybe he’s schizophrenic. But at least he’s not dead.

    • PCP is my guess. At the VA once I saw a guy that was dusted that took all sorts of punishment and bodies to put down. They didn’t have tazers then, they dog piled him and he was tossing them around like rag dolls. He ripped a leather duty belt like it was toilet paper. There was a total of 8 men fighting him and it took all of them to finally put him down.

      • Bet everybody was sore as hell the next day, especially the guy who got the big beatdown.

  7. Speaking as someone who did the ‘shrooms a few times in his younger years, this kid was definitely on something else. Nobody I’ve ever known has done much more than sit down and stare, or wander in a yard-sized area. Superhuman strength? Forget it. Mushrooms make your muscles mushy and your reflexes unresponsive.

    • In the 70s I spent a few months in Mississippi and was hanging around fellow motorcycle nuts… not “1%” bikers, just small-town longhairs with Triumphs, Sportsters, and Z1s. Pretty much a pothead crowd but I remember that most of the guys not only refused to do shrooms (which were free for the picking on damp mornings) but had horror stories about friends who had done too many and wound up permanently damaged. Not a crowd that believed “it’s organic, natural and harmless, just like weed.”

      But yeah, sounds more like PCP, meth or some combination thereof.

      • I have never seen or heard of anyone being “permanently damaged” by psilocybe mushrooms, and I have personally witnessed hundreds of trips. Mushrooms are probably the mildest, least profound psychedelics that are commonly used in the US.

  8. Hypothetically, if one had dabbled in prohibited substances early in one’s life, one would be willing to bet that shrooms were not the substance used in this instance. One’s (hypothetical) experiences involved long hours listening to classic rock, giggling, and inordinate touching of inanimate objects, not breaking handcuffs and fighting anyone, let alone authority figures.

  9. Oregon…enough said. If this were 13th street in Eugene he would have had a bag of Cheetos with him before he tried to pull the cops gun. I sure miss home.

  10. Shrooms? Yeah, I doubt it. Maybe if they were amanita mushrooms. Even then. . . Never heard of anyone on ANY tryptamine drug becoming violent, ever.

    Even PCP isn’t going to make a normally non-violent person go crazy and start attacking cops. Yeah, no. Clean the house or something maybe. Tens of thousands of people in the 70’s did PCP and there’s just a handful of stories/urban legends. It probably is less likely to make you do something violent than alcohol, as a percentage of people who have taken it, anyway.

    The guy may have taken some mushrooms or something, but I doubt that had anything to do w/it.

    If someone goes crazy and does things like this, and it’s because of drugs (not counting alcohol), it’s almost always because of one thing. And this goes for the stories about people going crazy on “bath salts” as well. Almost certainly because of:

    Stimulant psychosis. When any true stimulant is taken in high doses for long enough, it’s bound to happen. People will literally go psychotic, temporarily. Despite what the wikipedia page says, I’ve never heard anyone having it from a high dose of caffeine though (caffeine isn’t really like other stimulants, so much as it somewhat “removes fatigue” really).

    Take enough meth for long enough, enough ritalin in high high doses for long enough, enough coke continuously for a long period of time in high doses, or enough of one of the research chemical stimulants in high doses for long period of time, and it will happen.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this kid did something like blame it on mushrooms to avoid telling the shameful truth of “i stole my little brothers ADHD medicine and took the whole bottle over the weekend”.

  11. I really like how the entire altercation takes place in the bottom third of the screen, and is almost completely covered up by the stupid screen banner. Shit like that makes me stabby.

  12. This kid went to high school with my son. He was a junior last year, about 6 ft tall and a pretty good basketball player. His family moved suddenly from our good community down to Beaverton and obviously things went downhill from there. He is so lucky in so many ways in this incident. Hopefully…hopefully this situation can turn his life back around.

  13. “The officers used Tasers on Leone seven times during the fight, but they had no effect.”

    Translation: They deployed the device incorrectly or ineffectively.

    • Because of the scuffle they may have only been able to use contact application of the TASER, which is far less effective especially against a person who is not feeling pain. unlike the deployed use in which the TASER can override the CNS and block voluntary muscle control temporarily, the contact application only causes pain compliance.
      Also I have seen “Hopped up” people walk right through or only be partially incapacitated by TASERs. I have also seen medical problems cause this kind of behavior. Hypoglycemic Diabetics, and Post-Ictal Seizure patients have all surprised myself or law enforcement in encounters.

  14. The key words in this clip are the police had to use a taser REPEATEDLY on the guy. Makes me wonder how really effective less-than-lethal defense options are on tweakers…

  15. “Officer, might I suggest using your nightstick?” – Reggie Hammond (Eddie Murphy) in 48 Hrs.

  16. If someone is going for my gun and there’s a question of whether or not I am retaining it, it’s a deadly force scenario. There is no such thing as unarmed. Well, there is, but not the way people think of it normally.

    Maybe it was an attempt at suicide by cop, maybe it was a tweaker, but I imagine the only reason he didn’t get shot was because doing so was do dangerous in the scuffle for officers.

  17. From the little experience I have had with my cop friends. A cop has to engage those safety levels. He can have it set on 1, 2, or 3 for retention depending on the situation and the police officer may have not had all retention levels engaged. If the kid knew to rock back the gun in the right way or just did it coincidentally then he could have released the gun despite the retention safety. The III safety still can be drawn from by a police officer when needed. The retention holster is not impervious to criminals just to ones that try to yank the gun straight out of the holster.

    • Granted the video isn’t that good, but can you break handcuffs? I haven’t tried, but it’s not something I expect from regular strength humans.

      • There are videos all over the web showing how to break zip tie cuffs. I’ve done it and was amazed at how easy it was. The steel ones? Not so much.

  18. If someone goes crazy and does things like this, and it’s because of drugs (not counting alcohol), it’s almost always because of one thing. And this goes for the stories about people going crazy on “bath salts” as well.

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