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Sara T. My "ugly" guns

No two persons are exactly alike. No two will agree on everything. When building your own AR, do it the way you want it done. Don’t pay attention to those calling the result “ugly.” I’m aware that my newest build is not on everyone’s beauty list, but I like it, and that’s all that matters. Story over. Except it’s not . . .

I’ve had positive feedback for the most part in the gun (parts list below.) But I find it humorous that when a friend called my new gun ugly. I laughed saying ” it’s not for everyone.” My liberal friend said “you’re not offended are you, Sara?” As if I was more worried about how my gun looks to others than the fact that they’re concerned that I actually have one.

Either way, it takes more than words to offend me. I wouldn’t do what I do – write, blog about guns, build guns, etc. – if I cared what others thought. I don’t need a safe space like these crybabies on college campuses that can’t handle a difference of opinion.

I’ve been called fat and dumb and ugly and many other things I can’t type here – simply because I’m a gun rights advocate. None of that changed my mind. I didn’t get offended or cry myself to sleep. Others’ opinions of my appearance or my beliefs are not my concern, especially if they are negative in nature.

Most gun owners are like myself: they believe that the greatest freedom we have is the freedom to pursue happiness as we see fit. As long as we don’t hurt others, we should be free to keep and bear arms in whatever form we choose, whether that’s a traditional hunting gun, a muddy girl camo rifle or a full-auto SBR. Unlike gun control advocates, we simply want to be left alone. That’s what we consider beautiful.

List of parts:

Jack lower receiver
CMMG lower parts kit
Skeletal hunter collapseable stock with buffer tube and spring
Primary Arms barreled upper reviever
Unique ARs handguard
Ultimate Arms muzzle brake
American Arms charging handle
American Arms Bolt carrier group
Troy magazine (I use Magpul as well)
American Technologies Network scope

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  1. If someone wants a pink AR, let ’em have it. We can’t be exclusionary just because someone doesn’t like the guns we do. Too much is at stake to alienate people.

    • Finally.
      Unfortunately a lot of people disagree.

      But this is the most important thing to keep the pro gun side growing.

      Have you seen the hi point guys on their forum?
      Lot of folks ridicule them.
      I say more power to them.

      • It is the price we pay for living in a diversified society. I like my guns like I like my women. Stimulating and easy to control.

        • “I like my guns like I like my women. Stimulating and easy to control.”

          Huh. What I get is, loves to be taken out on weekends, always demanding expensive accessories and food, loves to be oiled up and rubbed down, she can make a heck of a bang when you hold her just right and push on the right buttons, IYKWIMAIKYD.

          But that’s my rifle, my wife on the other hand loves to shoot also, truth be told she has a Muddy Girl Savage bolt action in 30-06 that has a pretty good kick. She loves it and shoots pretty good for a beginner.

    • Exactly. If ‘skittles, experience the rainbow’ doubles the numbers of firearms owners, make more, sell more. I could really care less if someone has a blaze orange, pink, and lime green AR. If that is what you like, go for it.

      Several friends have gotten their ‘others’ to go out regularly by going down that exact path.

    • You could do what i am doing. I am taking an already complete gun (Stag Arms Model 1) and am slowly modifiying with the parts i want over time. Not a true build from the lower reciever on up.

    • So far I’ve been buying complete uppers but assembling my own lowers. That lets me play piecemeal with bits like stocks, triggers, safeties, etc. that I interact most with. At the same time it helps avoid messing with the parts that actually contain the “bang” … working up to that.

      • Uppers are actually less fiddly than lowers, with two exceptions:

        • Running into an alignment issue between the BBL nut and torque spec.

        • Head spacing. Easier if you’ve got a bolt jig/press (Brownell’s has a really affordable one) to dis/assemble your bolt for headspace check (and gauges, of course). Some folks don’t go down this path, but I’ve had one (yes, only one of the many I’ve done) that actually had an issue with headspacing.

        Once you start down this path, the combinations and options are excellent. And you too can join the ‘build addicted’ 😉

        • John, I wish I could say it was ‘just’ one more tool but:

          • Barrel Nut Wrench (maybe more than one type depending on the handguards you choose to use across multiple installs)
          • Upper Vise Block
          • Reaction Rod (or Brownell’s barrel extension tool, same thing, less $$$, though you can do without either and just use the upper vise block)
          • Headspace gauges (Go, No-Go, Field)
          • Roll Pin Punch (hopefully you have them if you do any work on lowers…) for the FA retainer pin
          • Torque wrench that goes to at least 85’lb (hopefully you have one already)
          • Vise (hopefully you have a good one already)
          • Non-graphite grease (or anti-seize) for your BBL nut install (not a tool but…). AeroShell M33s is great. Unless you plan to just red loctite it down and never pull the BBL off.

      • Heh, exactly. I got a friend to build just one component, now he since built 3 more and has plans to build more.

        I am a self-admitted build addicted. I have a problem 🙂

      • Yeah, I’ve already been bitten by that particular bug and am fighting a rearguard action (I.e. so my wife doesn’t hand me mine on a platter) to keep it under control…

        • Easy solution: have her shoot yours, when she loves it, have her shop for parts and accessories, and build your wife her own rifle. Worked great with mine. That and she’s a staunch 2A girl, and is paranoid about living in a “dangerous” city (Williamsport, PA) after living in a semi-resort town on the St Lawrence in northern NY her whole life.

  2. I am a 50yo man who happens to like Hello Kitty. I’d love to have one of those pink and white Hello Kitty ARs that caused such a kerfuffle a few years ago… just not bad enough to actually drop the money on one.

    • Go for it. (..if possible.)

      I think there was only one actually and it was a custom job..I probably would too if I saw it if not just to make people go “wat?” at the range. If I’m wrong please correct me. If only to see the faces on the guys at my LGS when I transfer it in.

      I considered uploading a pic of my custom purple AR next to my Tavor and Tactilite 50bmg, but figured that it would bring the “real guns have wood” no-humor-allowed tribe out of the err.. woodwork.

    • Hey just take what you have and get a bunch of “hello kitty” , maybe “holly hobby” (or any other cutesie) stickers and/ or decals and “dress it up”!!!
      can always take them off.

  3. Personally, I find most ARs kinda boring. That hasn’t stopped me from having one in my collection.
    “I’ve been called fat and dumb and ugly and many other things I can’t type here – simply because I’m a gun rights advocate.”
    From what I’ve seen and read, none of those traits apply to you, Sara.
    F@*k ’em.

    • I find most guns boring and sometimes shooting them ends up feeling like a chore. But oddly enough, i like ARs and shooting mine makes me giggle (still after owning it for nearly 2 years now).

    • Yeah. God forbid it doesn’t have staked buffer tube castle nut.

      I know you know – but for the rest of the class.. man. Mil-spec is not just another word for “better”.

      • “Mil-spec is not just another word for “better”.”

        When I hear “Mil-Spec” tossed into a description by someone I enjoy pointing out that *everything* bought by the military has a “Mil-Spec”, including a bucket and a mop.

        And there’s a quality difference between floor cleaning supplies and reconnaissance satellites.

  4. A pink AR will shoot you as dead as a black or FDE one. Or perhaps I should say a pink AR will remind an elected official of his powers’ limits as well as an FDE AR.

  5. I’ve been called fat and dumb and ugly and many other things I can’t type here

    My jaw about hit the floor when I read this. Nothing said along these lines should give you any pause whatsoever, it’s about as absurd as talking about four sided triangles.

  6. Ah yes, how the liberals love strong conservative women!

    Muddy girl’s not my thing, but that’s just because I’m old enough to remember 1992 when just about everything came in muddy girl, although they didn’t call it camo back then. Met a guy on the beach at Daytona once that had his muddy girl Kawasaki ZX7 Ninja tattooed on his chest. I seem to remember liking the bike at the time, but it’s probably best to avoid tattooing things that you merely like on your chest. Then again, live for the moment, you only get so many of them.

  7. Henry Ford said his customers could have a Model T in any color they want, as long as it’s black. Eventually the auto industry realized that appearance and individuality are important to some people.

    Looks on a gun aren’t important to me (good thing, since I have Glocks and a Hi-Point). But I enjoy seeing how other people dress theirs up. Makes life a little less boring.

  8. Stand tall, don’t think small
    Don’t get your back against the wall
    Shoot straight, I can’t wait
    Aim for the heart and fire away

  9. Listen it’s not how the rifle/pistol looks but the results of pulling the trigger and there after. So if a women wants a pink camouflage gun or flowers painted on it and it makes her happy so be it .

  10. Message to Fat, Dumb, and Ugly:

    The ones who made those statements only prove the adage that “liberals are closed minded and intolerant examples of the party of the self proclaimed open minded and tolerant”. The more they open their mouths, the more they expose their bias, naivety, and stupidity………They obviously must have seen a picture of you that’s entirely different than the pictures I’ve seen……..Consider their vitriol a badge of honor…….It only means you’ve struck a chord for conservatism and squarely gotten under their skin…………I’d say a job well done!……BTW, this is the same advice I’ve given my daughter……….

  11. “I’ve been called fat and dumb and ugly and many other things I can’t type here – simply because I’m a gun rights advocate.”

    OMG! I can’t countenance that. I can’t even think it!

    Joe Friday Mode. Just the facts:
    1. You are a very attractive lady. Full Stop!
    2. Someone called you fat? Have they seen their optometrist lately? lol
    3. Anyone who allows their ideology to color their perception of reality deserves exactly zero respect. Please give Mr Walking Dead the consideration he deserves at your earliest opportunity!
    4. Any time you step out on the line you’re going to be criticized by small minded people. Wear your colors proudly, and keep ’em flying!

    I purely love slender, attractive women who appreciate firearms (that flank shot in an earlier article of yours was a killer!). I have one for my own. She rocks!


  12. It is awful, and I like it. 🙂 It is your firearm, so make it yours…

    BTW, on the name calling — “fat and dumb and ugly” — it is the immature debating tactic of someone who wants to silence an opposing view. Essentially, if they cannot win the argument, they insult the opposition. It has been in the playbook of most oppressive ideologies — Communism, Fascism, Progressivism, and the school yard bully, for example — from the moment humans walked the earth.

  13. I prefer my firearms blued with wooden stocks. Black or silver is acceptable, too. I don’t like chrome, camo, brown or any other artsy-fartsy color. However, it’s Sara’s gun which makes it her choice.

    As far as fat, dumb and ugly are concerned, I can tell from Sara’s writing that she is far from dumb. And, in this dirty old man’s estimation, she is neither fat nor ugly.

  14. Bob 301,
    You are 100% correct.
    When you cannot win on the merits in a debate, an “ad hominem” attack on the character of the opponent is a last resort .
    Another tactic used by anti gunners include “straw man attacks” where you set up a false argument and refute that instead of the actual topic at hand.

  15. … I find it humorous that when a friend called my new gun ugly. I laughed saying ” it’s not for everyone.” My liberal friend said “you’re not offended are you, Sara?” As if I was more worried about how my gun looks to others than the fact that they’re concerned that I actually have one.

    Note that Sara’s liberal friend is DEEPLY CONCERNED about what others think of her. That is why she asked if her comment offended Sara.

    I only point this out so that we have additional insight into gun-grabber attacks. They attack our character assuming that we will curl up into the fetal position upon discovering that some group of people does not like our decision (to be armed in this case).

    Pro tip: use that against gun-grabbers. Make them painfully aware of how reprehensible they are for abdicating their responsibility to protect themselves and their families … and how awful that looks to their family and friends.

  16. Hitting your target is what’s important, not what the gun looks like. The Muddy Girl is fun and colorful, and if you like it that is what matters. It’s certainly more interesting than all black.
    By the way, your photos are very attractive!

  17. Is it me or did a bunch of the comments disappear since yesterday? Where did all the discussion go about how to defeat the ridiculous adware that this site doles out? Although it might not have been on topic it was, nevertheless, “good stuff.” If the powers that be decided to censor all of this immportant information couldn’t they at least have put a comment into the thread explaining the reasoning? Hmm. It smacks of the kind of thing that Obama might try. Did someone declare a TTAG executive order?

    Fortunately I remembered the name of AdBlocker Plus. WOW it makes things run better here. What was the other extension that was recommended?

  18. “I’ve been called fat and dumb and ugly and many other things I can’t type here – simply because I’m a gun rights advocate”

    Gun rights advocate or not, I think what I will call you is gorgeous.



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