Montana Rifle Company American Legends Rifle is The Friends of the NRA Gun of the Year 2016. Wait. What?

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And The Friends of the NRA Gun of the Year is . . . the Montana Rifle Company American Legends Rifle! Wait. What? It’s still 2015. Who voted? Yes well, that’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works. The MRC’s building 1500s bolt-action ALRs in .300 Win Mag “exclusively” for Friends of the NRA fund raising events in 2016. Which accounts for the fact that the rifle “features laser engraving of the Friends of NRA logo and ‘Gun of the Year 2016’ text in gold Cerakote on the floor plate.” Now how much would you pay? Seriously. How much? What if I throw in a rubber chicken dinner? Now if they’re auctioning it with that hat . . .

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  1. avatar TX Gun Gal says:

    Beautiful rifle, and I’m not a long gun sort of person.

  2. avatar David B says:

    I love me a Henry rifle, but never was a fan of their truck driver, fireman, janitor, duck wrangler, paperboy commemorative editions. Having personalization on a gun turns me off. I was in a LGS that had a consignment piece about a very specific state county. Sat collecting dust for a loooong time. This is no different.

    Although, I’m shocked that Pepsi and Coke don’t advertise on the sides of slides. I’d see their advertising more there than on tv.

    1. avatar notalima says:

      Much like how the prices of video tapes fell back when Pepsi first started advertising as a lead-in, Coke can put their engraved logo on my pistol if I can have it for 20% of the current price. But I have no shame so…

  3. avatar MurrDog says:

    I wouldn’t pay a dollar for that.

  4. avatar Frank Masotti says:

    While a life member I am not a “friend” of the NRA. Thus I would not have one if it were even given to me. Not to mention I am not a fan of the 300 blackout.

    1. avatar BillC says:

      What’s does 300 Blackout have to do with it?

    2. avatar Mark Lloyd says:

      Good thing they don’t make it in 300 BLK but rather 300 WM then huh!

    3. avatar Curtis in IL says:

      From their web site:

      Friends of NRA events boil down to one goal— fundraising for the future of the shooting sports… for The NRA Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization… for local grant funding in areas such as youth firearm safety and education programs, hunter education, range development and improvement, women’s training seminars, and wildlife conservation efforts. Recognizing that America’s young people represent the future of the shooting sports, State Fund Committee grants are frequently given to youth programs, allocating more than 50% of grant monies to this important area.

      501(c)(3) means your donations are tax deductible.

      What’s not to like?

  5. avatar jwm says:

    I have no need for a rifle as potent as the .300 win mag. If I did I would find a decent used Browning semi auto in said chambering. Sweetest shooting .300 win mag ever.

  6. avatar BillC says:


    The number of production is 1150, not 1500. It says so while showing the number at the end of video.

  7. avatar IL-annoyed says:

    I like the Friends of the NRA events. Only attended 1 ever, and win the Gun board raffle. Got a Rem700 CDL for only $300 in raffle tickets. So I’m batting 1.000

  8. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

    I don’t know about rubber chicken, but I bet you get a free bowl of soup with that hat.

  9. avatar FedUp says:

    “The Commemorative Gun Chosen to be Issued for the Year 2016” is a more accurate name, but it doesn’t sound as good, so the PR folks used “Gun of the Year” instead.

  10. avatar Anonymous says:

    Still no mention of HR 4269?

  11. avatar PPGMD says:

    I don’t think they are saying Gun of the Year in the manner of it being a rating. But that they selected (or more like the company gave it away for pennies) to be 2016s big auction rifle.

  12. avatar Dyspeptic Gunsmith says:

    I’m sorry, but when the finishing of a rifle with a nice wood stock involves the word “something-koat” or “something-coat,” I want to own that rifle about as much as I want to rub a cow pie in my hair.

    Is it really that difficult to blue a gun? Jeez. And, OK, you don’t want to do a gold inlay. You could polish the floor plate and then laser etch the logo on the floor plate before blueing it.

    In addition, this one has gaps in the inletting and uses allen-head screws.

    1. avatar ropingdown says:

      They blued it. Matte blued it. Laugh.

  13. avatar ropingdown says:

    ” The MRC’s building 1500s bolt-action ALRs in .300 Win Mag…”

    They say “1,150 units.” Has that changed?

    Pretty gun. Looks an awful lot like my Model 70 Super grade.

    1. avatar BillC says:

      No, it’s just one of the many errors you can find in pretty much every blog post as of late. It seems to be getting more frequent, you don’t even have to hunt for mistakes anymore. It’s all just clickbait now anyway, or stuff you get feathers ruffled. I guess we get what we pay for.

      1. avatar David B says:

        Come on, BillC. I love writing myself, but even I realize that when you are littering the world with an incredible number of quality posts, mistakes will happen. It’s a trade off. While I love me some grammar policing (there, their, they’re, thar, ther), give ’em sum o dat slack we all need. And a happy new year too.

  14. avatar ZigHunter says:

    I like how he shot it without irons or a scope and looks like the recoil was a bit much for him.

  15. avatar RenegadeDave says:

    I guess they know the type who opens up their wallet for the NRA better than we do. I don’t make big donations and I’m totally uninterested in that gun.

  16. avatar Accur81 says:

    Well, I like it and I hope the NRA sells every single one. The gun reminds me of my .300 Win Mag Model 70. My gun is matte stainless with a synthetic stock, and very similar to my Model 70 in .30-06. I like matte and subdued finishes. If I didn’t have something so similar, I might be inclined to buy one.

  17. avatar Fuque says:

    Anyone else think that shot @ :30 was the road to the sun in glacier NP ?

    1. avatar Biff says:

      Without a doubt.

  18. avatar AndrewF says:

    What is wrong with this being the “Gun of the Year”?

  19. avatar Ric H says:

    I just bought one of the 1150 units, it is a beautifully crafted piece. I carried a 700 Remington chambered for 300 win mags in ‘Nam and this is every bit as nice a gun. I did not buy it to shoot, it is for display only and brings back a memory or two. The money goes to a good cause and I end up with a very nice gun for my collection. thumb up.

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