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Palmetto State Armory is a company that doesn’t seem to be scared of making weird stuff a reality. They started with their AK-V, beating Kalashnikov USA to the 9mm AK pistol and rifle market. Better yet, they chose the very aesthetically pleasing CZ Scorpion magazines as their base mag. They didn’t stop there though.

This year they showed us the AR-V. The AR-V is an AR-15 PCC in both rifle and pistol configurations that uses the same CZ magazines. PSA Produces their own CZ Scorpion compatible mags but you also have choices from CZ, Prepper Gun Shop, and now Magpul. Speaking of Magpul, they’ve released a drum for the Scorpion that is being advertised with the AR-V at their booth.

The AR-V Live and In Color

The AR-V features a proprietary upper and lower receiver as well as a proprietary bolt. The upper and lower make it easy to work with the CZ Scorpion magazine. This includes last round bolt hold open and a unique magazine release as well as a bolt release.

The magazine release is an AK/CZ Scorpion-style ambidextrous paddle just forward of the trigger guard. If the paddle appears small, don’t fret. The guy at the PSA booth said it has been an issue for some shooters and they’re looking at a bigger paddle for smaller hands.

I handled the AR-V rifle and was mostly impressed. The bolt locked back without issue and my big bear paws manipulated the paddle mag release without issue. The magazines ejected cleanly and quickly. One of the benefits of a CZ mag over a GLOCK magazine is the lack of a rearward cant.

GLOCK mags are great, but the CZ mag is meant for a PCC, not a pistol. It’s more ergonomic in my experience and if you don’t own a GLOCK it’s a worthy magazine to invest in. Scorpion OEM mags are cheaper than GLOCK OEM 33 round magazines, too.

If you already have a GLOCK, I could see wanting to use common magazines, but if you are like me and own a CZ Scorpion it makes things much simpler.

My only complaint was the size of the bolt release. It’s very small and is a pull-down device. I feel it needs to be a little bigger for easier engagement. The AR-V will likely also have a reasonable price tag if it follows the PSA mold.

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  1. That’s the same bolt release as the AK-V. It’s not a problem on the AK version since you have the bolt handle easily accessible, but with a conventional charging handle on the AR platform, I can see where it would be more difficult.

  2. *Yawn* More vaporware like the PSA MP5. Will believe it when I see it and would rather have Glock mags so I can use them in other guns I own.

    • You aren’t helping by whining about Glock mags. PSA said specifically that their goal is to promote the “common use” provision of Heller. Group Think of “Muh Glock Mags” kills innovation.

      Be a protector of the 2A and expand your catalog of firearm platforms.

  3. Kinda cool. CZ mags seem like they’ll be the PCC standard which isn’t a bad deal in its own right. I like the Colt Mags but would certainly take something lighter. Can’t wait to see some other makers start rolling these out and some 80% lowers too.

    That said I’ve got the Glock mag lowers as well as the Colt style mag block so maybe I’m over committing at this point and should focus on one type.

    • I like the CZ mags a lot. The Prepper/Manticore mags aren’t bad, but the feed lips feel a lot sharper than on the mags made by CZ.

  4. Aren’t the CZ mags double stack, double feed? That would make them easier to load than glock pattern mags.

  5. If they can make these cheap than the Scorpion, nice. If it’s going to cost more, than I’d rather just buy the Scorpion. That said, I’m all for choice and innovation.

  6. YAWN
    Why buy a PCC when you can simply have high capacity Glocks,etc.
    Course we can’t have any of those evil devices in Marxist NY

  7. Don’t mind proprietary upper and lower, it would be a necessity to make Evo mags work. But proprietary bolt? That puts a damper on things. Was hoping you could stick a CMMG radial delayed blowback kit in here which is a proprietary barrel, bolt and BCG. Looks like the perfect PCC is still yet to be made:

    – Evo mags (or any readily available, cheap, curved, 9mm, double-feed mag, ideally polymer)
    – LRBHO
    – Paddle mag release (and button too, ideally)
    – AR ergos (FCG mostly, CH is okay but side-charger is good)
    – Delayed blowback

    Lots of people have gotten close, Angstadt Arms sells their upper alone so you could pair it with a Colt lower even though they lack paddle mag release. That is unless Noveske sells their Space Invader lowers separately but so far they don’t. Both are somewhat attractive; AA is roller delayed but uses Glock mags, Noveske uses Colt mags (which are alright but it has paddle mag release) but is straight blowback.

    Even then they’re both so expensive you may just consider going with the tried and true MP5 even though it lacks LRBHO it has everything else and quality clones can be had less than $2,000 anyway.

    We’re in a PCC renaissance though so I imagine it’s a matter of time before the perfect PCC comes along.

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