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Yesterday, as throngs of SHOT Show refugees headed for snowier climes, Ruger introduced “the next handgun you must own”: the 22/45 Threaded Barrel Rimfire Pistol. And there I was thinking that the Springfield Armory XD-M .45 was first on my shopping list. Why exactly must I own a $425 ten-shot, Picatinny rail-enhanced pistol chambered in 22LR that’s ready to accomodate a suppressor? So I can shoot a pistol without ear protectors? So I can pretend to be James Bonds? No se. But this much we do know: suppressors are hot . . .

After stoking-up on Cerberus’ money (you’re welcome for bailing you out of the auto industry and sub-prime lending), AAC is going great guns. Another sign that quiet is the new pocket pistol: Stoeger has just introduced the model X20 Suppressor airgun.

Unlike other airgun manufacturers that utilize only sound dampening baffles, Stoeger’s X20 Suppressor utilizes the Dual-Stage Noise Reduction System. By combining the functions of an internal air-regulator ring and baffles that work in tandem, noise is reduced better that any other airgun on the market. The air-regulator ring has four decompression holes that bleed off most of the compressed air before the pellet even enters the baffles. The remaining compressed air dissipates throughout the baffles further reducing noise.

Who knew that silence could sound so sexy? Air quotes alert!

When tested in a certified anechoic chamber by F-Squared Laboratories, an independent testing facility, Stoeger’s X20 Suppressor proved to be as much as 7.05 decibels quieter than the competition’s “quiet” airguns.

At the risk of seeming impolite, what competitor might that be, and how quiet is the X20 Suppressor in absolute terms? I guess that info’s above my security clearance.

In any case, I’m all in favor of quieter guns. I know there are limits to what can be achieved when powder goes bang, but noise suppression is obviously an area that’s gaining commercial traction. In fact, I reckon it’s only a matter of time before a manufacturer bakes-in noise reduction technology for a more powerful gun.

Meanwhile, can someone please rid me of that stupid Rhode Island law banning suppressors? In fact, how about we get rid of the federal prohibition against suppressors altogether? As far as I can tell, legislators in even the bluest of blue states are no longer deaf to common sense gun legislation. Ironically enough.

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  1. At the risk of seeming impolite, what competitor might that be how quiet is the X20 Suppressor in absolute terms?

    I think you are missing a punctuation mark of some kind there. In answer to the first question I would guess they mean the Gamo Whisper.

    • D’oh! MIssing “and” inserted. I’m not an air rifle guy (yet) but I do know how to use a computer. Click here for decibel ratings of some popular models. The R7, number one on the list, was rated at 88 db. Is the Stoeger quieter than that? I’ll call them next week.

  2. Rhode Island will let us own almost anything except for Suppressors and machine guns. I’ve never heard of a single crime in lil rhody in which a suppressor or machine gun was used. I wouldn’t use a suppressor anyway, I love loud guns, they will scare the poop out of the badguy.

  3. “I love loud guns, they will scare the poop out of the badguy.”

    It scares the hell out of the bad guy for that fraction of a second before you hit him too!


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