SHOT Show: Remington’s V3 Turkey Pro Shotgun…Just in Time for Turkey Season [VIDEO]

Remington V3 Turkey pro

courtesy mfr

We’re less than 90 days out from spring turkey season in most states and with that in mind, Remington is showing off their new(ish) V3 Turkey Pro shotgun. Their V3 line is an incredible bargain in an American-made, ultra-reliable shotgun (see our review of the V3 Field Sport here).

The V3 has Big Green’s VersaPort gas system that lets it shoot just about anything and keep on going (check out JWT’s review of the VersaPort-equipped VersaMax here).

The V3 Turkey Pro comes ready to go with a pre-mounted, bore sighted Truglo red dot optic and Headbanger extended choke tube for an MSRP of $1195. That means retail will probably be in the $800 to $850 range, if similar Remington products are any indication.


  1. avatar Smigen says:

    Nice looking thunderstick. Any chance I could get one from a company other than Rem…rem…that big green company. I can’t bring my self to say the name of the once great company known as Remington. Crap, I said it.

    1. avatar Geoff "Bring the EDIT button back, will ya, TTAG?" PR says:

      “Nice looking thunderstick.”

      Didn’t you mean “Boomstick”?

      (Shop smart, shop S-Mart…)

    2. avatar JMR says:

      It’s a benelli m4 clone.

      So just buy a benelli.

      I have a versa max, it’s a nice gun, no complaints on the mechanical side and I’ve shot thousands of trap rounds through it. The fore end is a joke however.

      I also never plan on buying another Remington again, unless they improve dramatically price and quality.

      1. avatar Clint says:

        What are you talking about?

        The m4 is an inertia driven system and the V3 is gas. There is also about a $1000 difference.

        1. avatar JMR says:

          The M4 uses an A.R.G.O system.


          Don’t know what m4 you’re talking about.

          The value of the Benelli, and having a shotgun where parts fit properly, is worth the $1k.

  2. avatar Carrucan says:

    Turkey is evil. They should call it the V3 Freedom Pro Shotgun.

    1. avatar Shiffrod says:

      Lolololol just got in from turkey hunting for lunch. I agree about evil turkeys. They are just born bad.

      1. avatar JasonM says:

        I’m planning to get a turkey sandwich for lunch.

  3. avatar Chris says:

    Truglo Optics are garbage.

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