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Walther initially announced the Walther CCP in .380 way back in January 2019, and then nothing ever happened. The gun disappeared for some reason. In 2020 they sent a press release out relaunching the gun. It was a standard press release as if they had forgotten the CCP in .380. They finally had one at SHOT Show 2020 and I have to say the excellent Smith & Wesson EZ series has a real competitor with this gun.

Why I like the CCP M2 .380

The CCP M2 .380 is a soft shooting gun…a crazy soft shooting gun. The CCP in 9mm was already a soft shooting, easy racking gun. The CCP M2 .380 takes that ease to a whole new level.

The gun barely moves. The soft coil system from Walther has been a widespread success for reducing recoil. This system reduces recoil and makes shooting a small gun quite pleasant. Take a system designed for 9mm and shrink into a .380 ACP gun and you get one of the softest shooting centerfire subcompact handguns on the market.

The CCP M2 .380 has an easy to manipulate slide as well, making it well suited for shooters with weaker hands. The slide glides rearward and it’s stupid easy to rack.

At range day it took me by surprise. Muscle memory has instilled in me that I need a little bit more force to rack a slide. So when I picked up a CCP M2 .380 and the slide rocked rearward so easily, I was shocked.

It did so without a grip safety like the Smith & Wesson EZ series. It’s naturally light and it loads rearward with very little force. The front and rear slide serrations give you a nice, solid grip on the slide. The relatively low powered .380 ACP cartridge combined with the gas retarded system of the CCP M2 .380 produces very light recoil. It’s an amazingly controllable handgun.

The CCP M2 .380 may give the Smith & Wesson EZ some real competition and does so without the need for a grip safety. Ultimately it’s a simpler handgun with the same reduced recoil and reduced effort required to work the slide. Walther has a winner here and hopefully, they advertise it as such.

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  1. As long as you never have to deal with Walther Corporate, who are literally a bunch of asshat tools, then the firearms are generally ok.

  2. I still want to trade my CCP 9mm for the new one that doesn’t require that stupid tool. Waiting….since last March. Haven’t heard from them, other than initial response. ( I don’t even mind if I lose a few $$) Bought the Ruger LCP2. Very nice trigger.

    • Tell me more.

      The two biggest problems I had with the CCP 9mm were the takedown requiring tools and the somewhat weird thumb safety.

      I could probably live with the thumb safety if they simplified field stripping the gun.

      For the TFB editor it would be nice if you did a review of the CCP .380 / 9mm vs the Shield EZ .380 / 9mm. There are a lot of people who would benefit from an easy to manipulate pistol.

    • “Haven’t heard from them, other than initial response.”

      Wow, what a surprise Walther customer service treats its customers like shitz!

      This is my surprised face..

    • The wifey got the CCP 9mm for our anniversary a couple of years ago. She’s utterly smitten with it.
      If you ask her how she feels about the takedown issues, she’ll tell you it’s an absolute breeze… she makes me do it.


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