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Smith & Wesson wasn’t at media day yesterday, so we didn’t get to pull the trigger and make it go bang. But a quick look at the new single action hammer-fired micro-compact in the Smith & Wesson booth made us even more anxious to give it a proper workout.

The CSX feels very solid in the hand with its all-metal construction. It’s sized right in the sweet spot along with the other hot micro-compacts like the P365, Hellcat, Shield Plus and Max-9. And it’s 12+1 round capacity means you won’t be giving up anything just because you want to carry something small that’s also cocked and locked.

We have a CSX on the way and will have a full review of the pistol in the near future.

Caliber: 9mm Luger
Action: Single Action
Capacity: 12+1 and 10+1 Rounds
Barrel Length: 3.1˝ (7.9 cm)
Rifling: 1:10 RH
Front Sight: Metal White Dot
Rear Sight: Metal White 2-Dot
Frame Width: 1.12˝ (2.8 cm) with Controls 1.01˝ (2.6 cm) without Controls
Overall Height: 4.6˝ (11.7 cm)
Overall Length: 6.1˝ (15.5 cm)
Sight Radius: 4.6˝ (11.7 cm)
Grip: Interchangeable Backstraps
Weight: 19.5 oz. (552.8 g) – 12 Round Mag
Magazine Weight: 2.4 oz. (68.0 g) – 12 Round Mag
Barrel Material: Stainless Steel with Armornite® Finish
Slide Material: Stainless Steel with Armornite® Finish
Slide Finish: Matte Black
Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
Frame Finish: Matte Black

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  1. I can’t wait to read TTAG’s full review on this. Because I have a CZ 2075 RAMI, and I’m looking forward to comparing the two.

        • I saw the review. He wasn’t that high on it. His wife liked it, but he prefers the P365 XL for carry. He was loaned the gun by a local gun store, not the manufacturer. He said ammo was paid for by his viewers.

    • Does it matter, lol? This gun won’t be available for us here in CA in any form. Because “Unsafe Handgun Roster” and Democrat feelz.

    • Yes, except less expensive and higher capacity. I’d be interested in the Performance Center version you know they’ll be offering in the future.

  2. Any idea why Smith and Wesson decided to make a hammer-fired semi-auto pistol when nearly all (if not all) of their semi-auto pistols up to this point were/are striker-fired designs?


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