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Walther has taken its Q5 Match Steel Frame pistol to the custom shop and is offering the Meister Manufaktur line of hand finished guns. I swung by the booth to take horrible SHOT Show photos of absolutely gorgeous guns . . .

A Black Diamond and Black Tie were out for handling and man oh man did they feel good. Fit and finish on them is absolutely fantastic. Completely flawless in every way I could see, and the fit between slide, frame, barrel, and more was ball bearing smooth and highly precise.

Of course, I managed to only snap photos of the Vintage (color case hardened) and Patriot, which were behind glass. For lots of good photos, like the one immediately above, check out the Meister Manufaktur page HERE and click on each of the five models.

It’s always fun to see what a talented custom shop can do with finishings, engravings, and hand fitting. These guns are gorgeous and the Q5 Match Steel Frame is a fantastic shooter, too.


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    • iconic. bond, etc.
      but .380, you?
      i make do with 9×18.
      the hungies and the czechs are still within reach.

  1. avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

    Me love me some color case-hardened ballistic goodness a long-long time!

    • Geoff, I like color case hardening too. On the appropriate firearm. That Walther ain’t one of them.

  2. Got my youngest son the Black Tie for Christmas 2020. Great gun. It’s his first Walther firearm.

  3. FYI, the Walther Custom Shop (Master Manufacturer) is not doing the Patriot engraving work. The write up above infers that.
    Walther Ulm send small batches of Patriot slides to Bottega Giovanelli in Italy. Their artisans handle all the engraving work.

  4. $3,000 is a lot of money for some people, but $30,000 is just ridiculous money for anyone for these guns. Pass, can we get back to reality now. The only gun worth that kind of money is the one that just saved your life….and none of these will never do that.

    • IMHO, the time to buy was when these first hit the market.

      In Nov of 2020 the Walther dealers who signed up to be authorized Master Manufacture (MM) dealers had already received/reviewed the marketing materials, and had their first few MM examples. Part of the agreement was a discount price on the first few MM guns each dealer received.
      This lower dealer cost, combined with numerous MM guns on the market (there were several Black Ties on GB in Nov ’20) had some dealers undercutting their competition.
      The example my son received was only a few hundred more then a standard Walther Q5 SF.

      Currently there are none on GB, and the few I saw at my LGS are LONG gone. I’ve heard the import of the Walther MM guns has been drastically reduced too. Unfortunately, current prices will reflect all this.

      Here’s my sons BT alongside my “worked” P99 AS Titanium (post #20)……..

    • The $30k Arabesque Q5 is a factory made one off. For collectors, it’s probably a good investment in a literally unique firearm that has had a lot of press and documentation. I’m sure it’s long since been sold; otherwise, I’d buy it, never shoot it, toss it in a safe, and sell it for a profit in a decade or two.

  5. I will admit color case hardened is beautiful, but it is fragile. I was in a Cabela’s in the “Gun Library” looking at a beautiful lever gun and pulled it out of the rack and there was a huge scratch on the frame. They are fine to hang on a wall but other than that…Nope!

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