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Military sales only? Where’s the fun in that?

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  1. Steadicams make cameras stable with clever counterweights, not gyros. There is a gyro-based system that filmmakers and traffic copters have been using, though.
    Two films that I know of depict an actual steadicam used as a weapon stabilizer – Nemesis and Aliens.

    • Steadicam was initially made with Kenyon gyros in mind. Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back (the flying bike scene on the Ewok planet) was filmed with a steadicam and our gyros. The gyros help control the swaying and pitching motions inherent in steadicam footage.

      Many of the films made today are filmed with steadicams and gyros!!!

      Also note, it is springs or elastimers that make a steadicam what it is….the counterweight systems are not steadicams and are susceptible to pendular motions.

      Many of the California police departments have our gyros for use in helicopters.

      As far as a weapon mount, a steadicam would have to be modified to take the percussion of firing a gun or it would be twisted metal in no time!

      I suggest you do more research on the subject…

  2. Made one of these with 2 12-volt motors, some small flywheels, a 12 volt battery, and some foam core. Works great. Total cost $~50I could make that design for less then $1000 in parts alone, these guys are cleaning up!

    Wait on 2nd thought, I’ll make you a similar design for the discount price of $49,999 HA, Ha.

    No really I will make one for you, for a lets say 20 less! Discounts on orders over 5.

  3. Ugh. If you refuse to sell on the civilian market at all, please don’t even bother showing up at SHOT Show. I don’t care if it’s a $50k product, I’m so sick of that attitude.


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