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Daniel Defense announced its new RIII line of carbines and its Pro Chassis System at SHOT, which is now available as a standalone product for both Delta 5 and Remington 700 actions.

The RIS III handguard uses the same 6-bolt attachment system found on the RIS II handguard that was developed for SOCOM, but ditches the quad Picatinny rails for seven sides of M-LOK slots.

Lower receivers are the same as previous generations of DD4 rifles but they’ve been made ambidextrous with the addition of a right-side bolt catch and release lever.

Four versions of RIII are available at launch, with barrels from 10.3 to 16 inches to cover MK18 (10.3″) and M4A1 (14.5″) formats as well as DD4 lengths (11.5″ and 16″).

All of the RIIIs are chambered in 5.56 NATO.

Inletted for either Daniel Defense’s own Delta 5 action or Remington 700 footprint actions, the Pro Chassis System is an aluminum rifle chassis designed with tactical and precision use in mind.

I don’t have many details on the chassis yet, but it definitely looks cool in this 16-inch tactical-to-the-max configuration, though.

Here are specs for the 16-inch carbine . . .


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  1. DD is still using government profile barrels, flash hiders, and milspec triggers in their $2000 rifles? Ok Colt! Good to see more ambi stuff on the market though.

    • I’ve always found DD to be mostly overpriced. I mean, most of their stuff in their rifles is the same mil-spec stuff you can get elsewhere for a lot less and cosmetically DD may dress it up some but its still the same stuff you can get for less elsewhere most times without the DD cosmetics.

    • Lol. They literally sell multiple models with their CHF lightweight barrels, depending on what you want. I know this, because I own two of them. They also sell their barrels, which, from my experience, have outshot my KAC and LMT rifles, separately if you want to build your own. My factory M4A1 with the M4 profile does not lose accuracy as it heats up like the lightweight barrels do, and this past weekend produced a five shot group of .90, with four shots coming in at under half an inch with Nosler match ammo. Also, why are you paying 2 grand for a DD rifle? You can buy them right now on BDU for $1500-$1600 shipped. Primary Arms had them on sale last week for $1600 with a 12% off coupon. Stop getting gouged by your LGS.

  2. DD is not mil-spec. I know – it’s always easier to bitch. The components of each DD rifle are more than a cut above. Yes – they cost more. No big deal – you get more. One need pony take the time to visit the website and do the slightest digging into the specs.

    Further – it’s American made – not merely American assembled. Everybody says that is what they want. Here it is.

    Finally, one damn good company in the newest Number 1 gun industry state in the nation – Georgia.

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