SHOT Show: Wraithworks WARSCORP9

Wraithworks debuted at SHOT Show this year, both the new company and their first product, the WARSCORP9. This AR-style 9mm pistol accepts CZ Scorpion EVO magazines and employs a side-charging upper receiver with flip-out charging handle.

Using Scorpion EVO magazines is very appealing. They look better in a PCC-type gun than rearward-swept GLOCK mags do, they’re very reliable, and they’re extremely affordable. Not only from CZ-USA but from Magpul and Manticore Arms as well, in capacities from 10 rounds up to 35. There are even 50-round drums available from a couple companies.

The WARSCORP9 maintains the CZ Scorpion EVO-style paddle magazine release, which I love and which is inherently ambidextrous, but also adds a button-style magazine release on both sides of the gun in the general area of where you’d expect it to be on an AR.

The bolt catch and safety are also ambi.

Non-reciprocating charging handle folded in. Nice and sleek — out of the way.

And flipped out, ready for use.

In its first iteration, the WARSCORP9 is sold in pistol form with an SB Tactical SBA3 brace as standard.

In what has become a fairly crowded 9mm PCC / Pistol market, the Wraithworks WARSCORP9 stands out. For a little bit more info, here’s Wraithworks’ press release:

Designed and manufactured by Wraithworks, the new WARSCORP9 is truly MAGnificent and is the first USA made AR-15 to feed from Scorpion EVO 9mm magazines!

Starting from the ground up the WARSCORP9 features a new machined billet upper receiver, machined billet lower receiver, and extruded aluminum 7” M-LOK forend that are compatible with standard AR-15 barrels, trigger groups, stocks and stock components, and slightly modified bolt carriers. A slight modification to the bolt carrier is made to allow for a non-reciprocating left side mounted charging handle that is folded out for use and automatically folds back into the stowed-away position when released.

Controls are fully ambidextrous including ambi safety, ambi bolt catch levers, and even ambi magazine buttons and a paddle release. The paddle will release the magazine and pressing the magazine button on either side of the lower receiver will also activate the paddle release and release the magazine.

Controls will be extremely familiar to anyone who has used an AR-15, and all the controls are designed to be reached and operated by the pistol grip hand thus leaving the offhand free at all times to grip theforend, perform magazine changes, or do other tasks.

A 1:10 twist 8.5” Nitride coated 9mm barrel with 1/2×28 threads is complemented by a Wraithworks custom 9mm muzzle device. The operating system is rounded out with a nitride coated bolt carrier group and a buffer system and tube mounting an SB Tactical SBA3 arm brace. The Wraithworks

WARSCORP9 weighs in at 5 pounds 8 ounces unloaded and has an overall length of 24 inches with armbrace collapsed and 26.5 inches with the arm brace fully deployed. Aluminum components are MilSpec type III hardcoat anodized and the WARSCORP9 is 100% designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA.

Details and updates on the WARSCORP9 and on Wraithworks can be found at

Wraithworks says it’s a little too early to have the MSRP locked down exactly, but their goal is $1,000 or less.


  1. avatar Renault says:

    I like this one more then some of the others. But PCC’s are definitely a popular item these days because literally everyone is doing one. I think I’ve seen more new PCCs online between here and TFB then I ever thought I would. I think I’ll join in on the trend and get one eventually, but I’ll probably go with an MP5 variant though.

    1. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

      If PSA ever makes the Sub $1000 mp5 clone I’m all in.

  2. avatar Texican says:

    9s are nice for money saving fun but I want a 10mm so I can get into rifle velocities for self-defense. Ask all these PCC makers when they’re coming out with a reasonably priced 10mm version. Thank you!

    1. avatar jwm says:

      Doesn’t Hi Point make a 10mm carbine?

    2. avatar Jack Crow says:

      I am a big fan of 10mm in general, and share your interest in 10mm PCC.

      However, you aren’t getting anywhere near rifle velocities with 10mm.

      1. avatar Texican says:

        Underwood Ammo – 100gr Extreme Defender at 1825 fps out of a pistol. I would imagine at least 200fps more out of a 16 inch barrel. That is rifle velocity. A PCC in 10mm would be a fun gun. What would be really nice is a 6-8 inch barreled pistol with a folding brace. Compact yet powerful and useful.

        1. avatar WARFAB says:

          Slow rifle velocity.

        2. avatar Don from CT says:

          Warfab – that’s not much less than .223 out of a 10.5″ sbr. With a dinky little 62 gr bullet.

      2. avatar MeeesterPaul says:

        40 Sw 65grain Copper hollow point chrono’d at 2360 in my Hi-Point 4095 Carbine. Worked well at 100 yards. Haven’t checked it at longer ranges yet. With a Vortex Strike Eagle scope zeroed at 24/55 yards for light 40s (180gr/800fps) the Laser loads were about 6″ high at 100.

    3. avatar Hannibal says:

      If you want ‘rifle velocity’ then you want a 5.56, .300AAC, etc. You’re not getting near it with 10mm. In fact, in a long barrel you can get 9mm loads that approach the same velocity as 10mm, albeit with lower mass (obviously).

      10mm is a more powerful pistol round, not a weak rifle round.

      1. avatar Texican says:

        See my reply to Jack Crow above.

    4. avatar PTM says:

      Money saving? No way!

      When I got my PCC Carbine I was routinely blowing through a case of ammo on a weekend with it!

      They are super fun to shoot you just can’t stop.


    5. avatar Wedge259 says:

      B+T has announced a 10mm version of their APC9 that’s been shown at shot show

  3. avatar ‘liljoe says:

    Why not just get a cz scorpion?

    1. avatar Mike H in WA says:


      I can get a Scorpion for less… and it’s a proven platform.

      1. avatar Mike V says:

        But, it’s plastic…the whole thing is almost all plastic. Which is great, if you like plastic.

        1. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

          spot on. couple hondo fer metal and modularity is good. but, folder.
          eventual 10mm swap. 9mm for funzies; 10 for coffee table.

        2. avatar Whatever says:

          But, it’s plastic…

          Says the same people that carry a glock

        3. avatar GluteusMaximus says:

          It is indeed but t really is built like a tank.

        4. avatar Don from CT says:

          For $479, you can get a glock mag based lower and an upper from Palmetto State Armory. Its tough to beat that for the money. Throw in a RRA 2 stage match trigger and you have a nice gun with a goo dtrigger for $560.

    2. avatar California Richard says:

      I dont like having a lot of different parts for a lot of different guns in a lot of different boxes. This system has parts compatibility and ergos with AR based guns The little bit of extra money spent would make it worth it to me. That being said I use Colt mags which use 95% of standard AR parts in 9mm to include the lower so I (me personally) wouldn’t go the Skorpion mag route.

  4. avatar American Patriot says:

    That’s a very nice looking set up…..Love to have it!

  5. avatar enuf says:

    At “$1000 or less”, guess I’ll be sticking with my Ruger PC Carbine.

    Would like to see Ruger come out with a mag well for the CZ mags tho, including drums.

    1. avatar SoCalJack says:

      Is it for the curved higher capacity mags? Glock mag well length dictates straight mags. But the MP5/skorpion evo3 curved mags do have an cool old school asthetic.

      1. avatar Red says:

        Exactly… glock’s flawed design and then subsequent popularity has thrown a monkey wrench into modularity especially as it pertains to grip angles and magazines.

    2. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

      Now that magpul is making a back packer stock for the Ruger pcc it’s more attractive to me. PSA is also making a G19 clone for $300ish…. Im going to go poor this year if I give into all this temptation!!!

      1. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

        back packer on the takedown…?

        1. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

          I think I was very clear. But Rugers current 9mm takedown rifle, has a newly released by magpul stock. It is the backpacker. Very similar to the 10/22 takedown version. Were the fore-end clips into the but stock.

    3. avatar Mike V says:

      Are you using Glock mags or Ruger mags now?

      1. avatar enuf says:

        I already owned a Ruger SR9 and a dozen magazines for it. So I am using them in my PC Carbine.

        1. avatar Mike V says:

          SR9C was my favorite carry gun, except that little safety…wish it had nothing at all or something more like the lc9.

    4. avatar Cloud says:

      Lol Ruger.

  6. avatar Ing says:

    That is a slick looking unit. I’d love to have a 9mm carbine, but there are so many other things competing for the money…heck, I don’t even own a shotgun yet.

  7. avatar strych9 says:

    Damn, PCCs are just coming out by the truckload.

    1. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

      they’ll be uniformly banned in short order.

  8. avatar Cloudbuster says:

    They look better in a PCC-type gun than rearward-swept GLOCK mags do

    And, dahling, ees better to look good than to feel good. An I look mahvelous!”

  9. avatar Mike V says:

    That charging handle looks a little too smooth and out of the way when folded. I’m sure it works fine under normal circumstances, but what about gloves, moisture, low light, stress…

    1. avatar Dan W says:

      I used to laugh at comments like this. Then I started shooting in the winter with real gloves. The controls on the AK now make a ton of sense.

  10. avatar No one of consequence says:


    And something in my brain said “Dalek!” when I saw the muzzle end.

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