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As always, 5.11 showed a variety of new gear at this year’s SHOT Show, but this one might be of interest to those who work in areas where it’s particularly important to conceal the fact that you’re carrying a gun.

Their Holster Shirt is a base layer equipped with Velcro-closed pockets on both sides for discreet, deep carry of guns and magazines.

5.11 has also updated their line of excellent Defender Flex pants, probably the best, most comfortable concealed carry made. A couple of other interesting items they were showing included . . .

If you keep a head lamp in your hunting gear bag or car for emergencies, the 5.11 RAPID HL 1AA headlamp features as much as 330 lumens of output and a unit that can be removed for use as a hand-held right angle flashlight.

And for ensuring you have all the gear you need on the road, 5.11’s Vehicle Ready Hexgrid seat unit attaches to the front or back of your car’s passenger seat and is easily and almost infinitely configurable to carry whatever you may need on your travels.


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  1. I’ve been using a backpack that way for many years. Great way to have all my junk handy and easy to take in the house or work.

  2. I like to reserve judgment on gear like this until I go hands on. Better yet, used by someone whose opinion I trust. That said, I’ve used 5.11 for years. Always gave good service.

  3. Car organization stuff is always nice if it’s well built and there’s an actual 5.11 store that’s not a terrible drive away. Might have to look at that hexgrid thing since I’ve destroyed my Smitibilt stuff.

  4. Country of origin? 5.11 has for years sourced from China brought much of their overpriced (for chicom) stuff.

    You don’t want any thing coming off a 747 freighter from China this week (or not already on a boat).

    • As much as I despise China, I don’t think you can even find clothes made in America anymore. The best you can do is another Asian country that isn’t China, like the Philippines, where at least your money isn’t supporting communism.

  5. I’ve worn 5.11 for a few years now. Their CCW outer shirts are great with hidden pockets on the left and right sides. I just wish they would bring back the plaid shirts. The solid color ones look like prison uniform shirts. Yuck!

  6. 5.11’s packs are good as I’ve been using them for years and they have held up very well. Camping, hunting edc and they keep going. However, their pants have gone downhill in my not so humble opinion. I can’t stand the current metrosexual limp wristed tight pants. Men’s pants should not be tight. I don’t care how flexible the material is, they look gayer than a bag of dicks. The taclite pants are the only pants I’d buy from 5.11 anymore.

    • I have a few pairs of the taclite pants, and the shorts too. They’re the only 5-11 style pants I like too. I use their belts too, their mid to top tier ones.

      • I’ll check them out. I’ve been looking into changing my wardrobe since I started carrying guns. Most pants aren’t gun carry friendly. IWB, OWB, or pocket carry.

  7. The 5.11 Holster shirt isn’t ‘new gear’. The customer reviews for that product on 5.11’s website go to back to 2015. True Spec was offering a nearly identical one at least as early as 2015. Undertech was making a similar product back in 2009. Not sure who started it all, but it’s not a new concept.

  8. I have not had any success with the undershirt. My 1911 and G21 are too heavy for the pocket and print against the overskirt.

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