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Coming to F-1 Firearms this year is a full line of rifle suppressors plus a smattering of aluminum-framed, Gen3 GLOCK-compatible handguns.

Covering everything from .22 LR to .50 BMG, which I’d have to say takes care of most things you can shoot from a rifle, F-1’s new suppressor line is made entirely of titanium and has no barrel length restrictions.

The monocore design keeps things fairly lightweight, yet robust. F-1 will offer their suppressor line in a handful of different DLC colors. Plus black, of course.

Details on MSRP and availability weren’t yet finalized, but it won’t be long.

Over to the handgun side of the house, F-1’s BSF is a G19-sized, Gen3 GLOCK-compatible pistol based on an aluminum frame.

From the looks of it, F-1 has a bunch of finishes, barrel, and sight options in mind.

They’re even toying with bolt-on grip panels, which I think is a cool idea . . . though the execution still needs some work.

These new products aren’t yet up on the F-1 Firearms website, but keep an eye out there for details when they’re released. TTAG will look to put them to the test when ready.

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  1. I wonder if the Patent expired on the Gen 3 Glock, because all these companies seem to be going for Gen 3 compatibility on these “not a Glock” pistols. The price of the PSA interests me, but I know how much fun the F1 AR15s are to shoot, so I assume an aluminum framed G19 would make a decent range/carry gun.

    • There are a billion Gen 3s in circulation. They have finger grooves and no backstrap adjustment. For a better fit, you can buy a new Gen4 or 5, or you can get a 3rd party frame that takes the parts you already own.

    • “I wonder if the Patent expired on the Gen 3 Glock, because all these companies seem to be going for Gen 3 compatibility on these “not a Glock” pistols.”

      I believe that is the reason, the patent is expired.

      I have a question on aluminum-framed Glock clones – On the polymer ones, the pins are held in by the deform-ability of the polymer, ‘gripping’ the pins tightly so they won’t fall out, exploiting the elasticity of the polymer.

      Will aluminum behave the same way, and more importantly, will the metal frames have a limit on the number of times the pins can be removed and replaced before they lose the ability to retain the pins?

      • I bet KNS will be making some anti-walk pins. I’ve never personally had an issue with a pin on an aluminum AR, but some people have.

    • An interesting thing I keep hearing both in articles and comments about all the generic Glock slides and frames, sig p365 and 320 frames, mag conversions, etc is “cool, this would make a decent concealed carry piece.”

      My question is, how many of you are carrying frankenGlocks and wacky mag conversion Sigs, 80% builds, or small company builds?

      Personally for a carry gun I would rather use a pretty much stock gun from a reputable manufacturer vs a build or upgrade gun. And not to say those don’t have issues sometimes (Walther PPS, Sig 320 and P365) Nothing against builds or generic or custom parts brands, and for range use or just for the fun of building them I say go for it, but I just don’t think I would carry them.

  2. Tacticool as fuck. And they even tried to add a 1911 style grip thingy?

    This is what happens when you go full retard. I used to think modded glocks were cool, then I bought a SIG and grew the fuck up.

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