I’ve uploaded the same gun/ammo combo at seven and ten yards on YouTube. Click here for the guntruth channel. If you could subscribe, I’d be most appreciative.


  1. That spread looks optimal for that target distance, but what if the bad guy is *ten* yards out? I sure hope the FBI Hostage Rescue Team doesn’t carry these…

  2. Try the Federal OOO buck, they group very well past 10 yards and hit to point of aim in my Public Defender Polymer. They also penetrate very well, more than 4 gallon jugs in my tests.

  3. The group looks good at five yards, which would be realistic for home defense. But, we need a penetration test to determine whether the PDX rounds would be efficient manstoppers without overpenetration. Inadvertently knocking off the neighbors is frowned upon in MA.


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