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School hasn’t even started yet in most places, but Collin College in McKinney, Texas kicked off the school-shooting season at 9:00 AM yesterday on their own Central Campus.

Patrick Gray Sharp, 29, pulled up in front of a police station across the street in what appears to be a white F-150, which he set on fire. Police indicate that he started screaming, and opened fire with an assault rifle (unidentified) on the building. The campus was immediately put on lockdown, which has since been lifted.

Sharp was found dead some 100 yards or so from where he started shooting. Whether he killed himself or was killed by the police is unclear. One man reported that the gunman was standing and taking potshots at vehicles as they drove by, but no one was injured.

There is speculation that there was another shooter, and police, although dubious, have locked down a one mile radius in order to be 100% sure that there is not another shooter on the loose.

Sharp was carrying an assault rifle, a 12-gauge, and a .45 handgun. Police report more than 100 casings cleared from the scene. Some of the buildings on campus were found to have bullet holes. Witnesses say that it looked like he killed himself, but the police department is leaving it to the coroner to determine who fired the only wounding shot of the day.

Authorities are stumped as to why he targeted the McKinney police or Collin College. The FBI and Farago’s BFF’s at the ATF are assisting the local police in tying up loose ends. For example, it appears that Sharp had attended Collin College for a while back in 2004, but there is no known grievance he might have had with the school. In the words of Chief Kowalski, “This doesn’t make any sense to any of us. The act is completely senseless.”

Details as they crop up.

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