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Next Post reports that Provincial court Judge Barbara Veldhuis sentenced Anthony William Beare to six-months in the slammer for failing to tell the police that someone had stolen his 9mm handgun. Beare claimed he didn’t report the report the gun stolen for fear of losing his job at the Shooters Edge firing range.  “You have all the paperwork, there is no harm in having weapons, they are all properly stored,” said Veldhuis. “By that extent of logic, there is no reason why you shouldn’t report someone breaking and entering your apartment . . . no reason not to pick up the phone.” Maybe it had something to do with this . . .

The judge made the sentence consecutive to a five-year prison term and lifetime firearms prohibition meted out to Beare, 31, last summer.

He had pleaded guilty then to 14 charges stemming from a cache of illegal guns, homemade pipe bombs, ammunition and drugs found inside his rented De Winton home during a raid in December 2008.

Context people. Context.

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