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Got guns? In D.C. the answer is no. Although the Supreme Court struck down the Capitol City’s handgun ban over a year ago, residents haven’t exactly been beating a path to the police department’s doors to begin the expensive, intrusive and time-consuming process of securing a legal concealed carry firearm. If we’re talking about illegal guns, well, sure D.C.’s got guns. And that’s a bad thing—-provided we’re talking about criminals. Oh wait; they’re all criminals, ’cause they’ve all got an illegal gun. D’oh! Anyway, the District have launched the “Got Guns,” a program to remove illegal firearms from the city’s criminals. According to The Washington Post, anonymous tipsters can score a $1000 reward if they lead police to recover an illegal weapon. What could possibly go wrong?

The official po-po webpage explains the rules:

Rewards are paid for tips that result in a firearm recovery and/or arrest. Reward amount varies depending on the number and type of firearm(s) recovered and whether any arrests are made as a result of the tip, not to exceed $1,000.

TTAG called the “Got Guns” tip line to see how much for what, when, where and how. The officer answering the phone asked for an AMS Tip Number. You hurt your what? When I explained my query, he put the phone down and went for help.

After five minutes listening to a cop telling a war story in the background, the officer told me no one had told him about the rules for the “Got Guns” program. He gave me the Public Information Officer phone number.

They had no clue. After a transfer to another, much less friendly officer, I learned that the amount of money paid depends “on a number of variables.” And they are? “Determined by the detectives. We don’t publicize that information.”

So now you know. Or not.

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  1. We are supposed to trust these people. Another program that will waste peoples time, money and energy.

  2. Dang! And here I was hoping I could leave my POS Hi-Point somewhere in the District, drop dime and collect a cool grand. Ratskers.

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