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Cañon City-based Victory Defense Consulting is giving Centennial State shooters one last chance to blow off a little steam before the state’s enhanced civilian disarmament laws take effect on July 1. Along with a few co-sponsors, they’re putting on the Colorado Freedom Shoot at the Pawnee Sportsman’s Center in Briggsdale on June 29 & 30. The “Biden Challenge” shotgun competition should be a hoot . . .

Briggsdale, CO – June 17, 2013 – Victory Defense Consulting, in partnership with the some of the shooting industry’s most influential companies, has announced that they will be hosting the Colorado Freedom Shoot, June 29-30th at Colorado’s largest public range – the Pawnee Sportsmen’s Center, in Briggsdale, CO.

The Colorado Freedom Shoot is a family-friendly event that will allow participants to shoot solo or compete as a team in handgun, carbine and long-range challenges for cash prizes, gear and giveaways.

Also available to participants will be, “The Biden Challenge,” a shotgun event; and The MOD Armory Night Vision Demonstration, where participants will be able to see some of the latest Night Vision, Thermal and IR technology as well as compete during an evening event.

Participants will also be introduced to the range’s new 1,000+ yard engagement rifle range.

“Due to the recent legislation that was passed by the Colorado state legislature, this could very well be the last competition of its kind held in Colorado,” stated President of Victory Defense Consulting, J.J. Sutton.  “This shoot is important because it’s the last shoot where one can acquire magazines that can carry, or be adapted to carry more than 15 rounds in the state of Colorado. Not only that, but the new legislation now sends jobs, manufacturers and tens of millions in revenue to other states – leaving many without jobs.”

In addition to the various competitions, the shoot and its sponsors – to include: MAGPUL  White Raven Communications, Executive Security International, Thunder Beast Arms Corporation, CorBon Ammunition, Blackhawk! and MOD Armory – among others – will have high capacity magazine rentals, skeet, trap and sporting clays.  Featured shooters, like U.S. Elite’s Jim Erwin will also be on hand to provide demonstrations, private instruction and pose for photographs.

Several of Colorado’s Senior Law Enforcement Officials who have joined together in a Law Suit against the new legislation will also be in attendance to discuss their efforts in protecting the freedoms Colorado citizens are seeing altered.

About Colorado Freedom Shoot:

The Colorado Freedom Shoot will be held Friday and Saturday, June 29-30th, at the Pawnee Sportsmen’s Center: 40914 County Rd. 71, Briggsdale, CO, 80611.

The competition schedule will include:

Saturday June 29th

Handgun Competitions: From the Concealed Carry, speed and accuracy drills ($50)
Speed Steel Challenge: 5 rounds/reload/5rounds $5/Challenge
Carbine Competition: Defensive engagement using steel and paper ($50)
Long Range Competition: Mission Key Card with Sequenced Engagement of known distance steel targets ($50)
“The Biden Challenge”:  $25, firearm and ammunition included
“MOD Armory Night Vision Shoot”: $25 firearm and ammunition included. Contestants will compete for a $1,000 gift certificate and other prizes provided by MOD Armory.

Sunday June 30th

4-Person Team Event: $160/team. Each team will provide one shooter per competitive evolution; each evolution will be a blind challenge revealed to competitors only after the shooter has been selected. Events may include some or all of a selection of handguns, carbines and long range shooting platforms.

All weapon class shooting is limited and will be at a first-come, first-serve basis. There will be a $20 discount for those engaging in all three events. All competitions will be using a “defensive shooting” theme, to include low round counts, mandatory movements and forced reloads. For further information on weapons, weapon configurations, accessories and how to sign up, check out or visit the event Facebook page.

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        • No. It’s not GM but they need to find the best state with the greatest potential to move to rather than just jump somewhere where they might have to jump again.

          It’s called good business sense.

        • Magpul was actually based in Weld County (where the event is being held. ALL production has officially been moved from the State and no product is made in the State of Colorado. Their HQ is still here for a while while they fight the laws and are participating in the Federal Law Suit against the State of Colorado with 55 County Sheriff from Colorado. After that whatever the turn out is I expect they will announce their complete and total pull out form the State – they have already honored their word though and no longer make the product in the State – pulling out over $84 MILLION in tax revenues from the state and sending them elsewhere.

        • To VDC: Magpul is/was NOT based in Weld county, it is/was based in Boulder, which is in Boulder County.

        • TO: Will Power
          RE: Boulder?!!??!?!

          All the more reason to get out of Colorado.


          P.S. I drove through Boulder shortly after 9/11. NOT ONE AMERICAN FLAG FLYING ON ANY HOUSE. Only on government buildings.

    • I guess legislators called their bluff. All the while more money is flowing into Colorado from people purchasing the new batches of PMAGS and the politicians are reaping the benefits.

      I guess there’s always D&H Industries in good ol’ Wisconsin. Home of Bravo Company and Midwest Industries. Some fine names in the AR world.

  1. TO: Dan Zimmerman
    RE: Uuuuuuuhhhhh…..

    I believe you mean Canon City, Colorado…..30 miles west of where I live in Pueblo. Albeit the event IS held up in Briggsdale, CO.


    [The only Man who was perfect got nailed to a tree for His timerity.]


    The evil woman lives two blocks from me…..

  2. Would’ve been more of a statement to hold it July 1st rather than June 29th-30th. Now it just represents a funeral.

    • I agree. Keep the Sheriffs present. Heck, hold it an additional day. It’s pretty damn arbitrary that the same activity can be legal one day and illegal the next. If this event raises awareness and resistance against an unnecessary law, then its a good thing. I wish we had these things in CA, but alas, most of our population cares very little about freedom.

  3. From: gregg [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Thursday, March 28, 2013 12:29 PM
    To: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]
    Subject: Colorado legislature anti-gun laws

    Dear Colorado Legislators,

    After reading your new proposed anti-gun laws I felt compelled to send you my views on the matter. I admit that I’m a small business owner and employ less than 10 people; however, I still have a voice.

    My wife and I have two sons and their families that live in Colorado and they have been trying to convince us to move our business there. We have many customers from Colorado for our stock customizations that it made a lot of business sense to relocate from Texas in order to be closer to most of our customers and family. We had also anticipated expanding our business once we relocated to Colorado and have just started to put our services on-line to attract more customers.

    We have visited the Estes Park area numerous times in preparation for purchasing land and have been pursuing establishing our business there.

    These laws, in my opinion are totally miss-guided, simply window dressing, delusional on the part of legislators, and do nothing to remove the guns from the hands of criminals who already have the weapons and does nothing to prevent mentally disturbed individuals from obtaining and using weapons of any kind.

    How many more children have to die before you pursue the criminals and mentally disturbed individuals more aggressively?

    When will you pass laws that force criminals to turn in their weapons instead of criminalizing law abiding citizens? Yes, forcing criminals to turn in their guns sounds like a joke; however, your track record in reducing criminal usage of guns is miserable.

    Even if you do not pass the current proposed anti-gun legislation we feel the Colorado legislature has demonstrated its intent and position, therefore, we believe that it will continue to pursue miss-guided and delusional laws of this nature in the future.

    With the news of the Colorado legislature bringing these anti-gun laws into act we now believe that the attitude of the Colorado legislature toward the 2nd Amendment and the lawful rights of gun owners is such that we cannot continue the process of relocating our business there. Therefore, we are abandoning our efforts to relocate and expand our business in Colorado. We have been discussing these issues with many Outfitters in other states explaining that we will not be able to support them in Colorado as previously planned plus we will be presenting our views to other gunsmith business owners when we meet later this year.

    Gregg Sterner
    G & M GunSmiths
    Carrollton, TX

  4. There are a lot of good PPL in CO which makes it even more difficult for me to move my hunt to ID but considering the large amount of Tax Dollars my trip would contribute to the Crypto-Commie Slavers in power in that state I feel obliged to do so.

    • Voting with our money is a powerful way to punish the gungrabbers, so good for you. Personally, the only contact I will have with Colorado is flushing the toilet on the airplane when I fly over it.

  5. Word on the street is that LEO’s from ban states are already having to traffic banned magazines illegaly into their own juresdictions simply to maintain adequate preparedness proving both the law of unintended consequences and that beaurocrats are morons!


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