SHOCKER: Gutless David Hogg Refuses to Debate Colion Noir on the Second Amendment

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As Colion Noir puts it in the video above, “The problem with the gun debate in this country is, there is no debate. Because the only people willing to debate is the pro-2A community.”

David Hogg backed out of a debate that was scheduled by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute and the Center for the Study of a Liberal Democracy when he found out his opponent would be Colion. The topic of the debate: Resolved – The Second Amendment was a mistake.

The challenge of defending the side of gun control — an industry that made him famous and likely pays him a handsome salary — was apparently too much for the Harvard Man.

In the video above, Colion concludes by urging his audience not to harass Hogg over the conspicuous lack of courage he shows in his convictions. He doesn’t want us to call him names or bully him. We disagree.

Hogg should be mercilessly mocked and relentlessly ridiculed for being all too willing to appear on MSNBC, CNN, NPR and other oh-so-friendly friendly outlets where he can rely on fielding softball questions lobbed at him by sympathetic talking heads. But when it comes to having to defend what he claims are his fervently-held beliefs against someone with a command of the facts and a willingness to refute his talking points, he’s nowhere to be found.

Not that his cowardice should really surprise anyone who’s watched him over the years. This is entirely in keeping with someone who’s received nothing by fawning admiration and the careful coddling of both the Gun Control Industry™ and the media ever since he slithered up from mediocrity and obscurity after the Parkland shooting.

By refusing to debate Colion, he’s shown exactly who and what he is. In Texas, they have a name for these specimens…all hat, no cattle.

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  1. I posted this video in another comment section earlier this morning.

    Hogg is inherently a coward anyway.

    • Hogg played the right card here. It is not politically beneficial for Hogg to debate a black man about firearms, period. It will cause some (a few) of his followers to politically align themselves not with Hogg, but with Noir, simply because he’s black. And they will pay more attention to the black man, than a white man. So honestly, this was a right political move for Hogg.

  2. He can’t just call Colion racist and drop the mic.
    The cornerstone of all liberal debate tactics.

    I suppose he could have called him the black face of white supremacy but that’s a risky gambit.

  3. “In Texas, they have a name for these specimens…all hat, no cattle.”

    Actually, we Texans have a more accurate name for these specimens. Hint: it refers to something produced from the rear end of male uncastrated cattle . . . .

    • Gee, here in the Appalachians we merely call them Chicken S**t!

      Note: Some of us in here West Virginia have a Texas connection. My great grandfather bought part of Davy Crockett’s land grant land in Bexar County from Crockett’s widow and lived there most of the rest of his life.

      • If that actually happened, how on God’s green earth did y’all end up in West Virginia?! I don’t know where it is, but Crockett’s land grant mighta been a real nice place. However, it may have been overwhelmed by the growth of San Antonio.

    • Ya know, “bullshit” won’t trip the censorbot, but “soshallist” will.

  4. And Hogg’s action in refusing the debate does against his own assertions and quotes where he invites two-way dialog and welcomes the opportunity for discussion. Quite obviously, Hogg knew he had zero real evidence to back up any of his gun control assertions. Noir would’ve eaten him for a snack…

    • And Thomas Sowell would have ripped Hogg boy several new orifices.

      THEIR idea of a “conversation” is they talk. We shut up, listen, obey, and beg for forgiveness after being shown the light.

  5. david hoggwash…You cannot Defend an Indefensible called Gun Control anymore than you can defend its sidekicks Racism and Genocide.

    • Who knew that Gun Control had its own “Rat Pack?”

      Gun Control, Racism, Genocide … who plays the part of Sammy Davis Jr.?

    • Bingo. No liberals would debate him after the trouncing he served them with early in his career.

  6. He is working his way to becoming the John Kerry of Anti 2nd amendment tyranny. He will become the greatest threat to the 2A rights of our children’s children, as well as their children. In the coming decades. Long after our generation is gone and foundered away the opportunity to stop those who will be their greatest threat. The greatest question left to be answered by those who have the ability to stop the tyranny. Is what kind of nation do YOU want to leave your decedents? One where their Freedom isn’t constantly under attack or one where they never know the Freedom ‘We the People’ once enjoyed.

    • The SCIENCE™ is settled……… yeah more than a bit of that going around various fields.

      • yup, I used to spread their “science” around the fields on the farm while growing up. Straight out of the feedlot, chicken coops and hog barn.

        • Sounds like your science was infinitely more valuable as it served a useful purpose and achieved beneficial results.

    • Pick any of their topics. It’s all the same. They rely on lies and emotional manipulation. One of their tranz cult leaders, who is a college professor, canceled his planned debate with Michael Knowles at the last minute. They’re afraid of the truth.

  7. The Hogg Boy is an intellectual and physical coward and he proves these labels on a daily basis.

  8. What a shame.
    I would of truly been interested in watching that debate.

  9. Gun control is an argument between one person who knows what he is talking about, and another who doesn’t know anything about the subject.

    David Hogg debating Colion would be a complete waste of both of their respective times. It would also make Hogg look even more idiotic than he already does.

  10. Colion Noir and other Youtube personalities should get more focus.

    The TSRA should be selling his shirts instead of Nike. Everything they have suggests they are only interested in the 2A on the surface. TTAG should be promoting Noir instead of smart guns and a ton of other non-gun related craziness ads.

    If we are going to be serious about this then lets be serious. Otherwise, what’s the point?

  11. he wanted the debate one sided to his side. Plus, he is a chicken and a crisis actor. the last part is really debatable.

  12. To be fair (not that he deserves it), I wouldn’t want to face a trained attorney that is clearly well versed on a topic in a televised debate. Noir is a beast and add to that the fact that he’s defending and arguing on the side of truth, and ANYONE would be an idiot to accept the debate…

  13. By by golly, that David Hogg certainly looks like a manly man he should join the Navy and become a SEAL, judging from his masculine physic and intelligence quota hes got what it takes.
    If not that maybe the USMC.
    A front line charger,winner of medals and protector of Freedom.
    Private Captain Major David Hogg.

    • DEI is the big new thing in the Navy/DOD so a flaming pansy in Seal Team sounds like the ticket.

      Sounds to me like Hogg is a wasist wasist wasist. And guts? No balls/no brains is more like it (in the lil’d and co mold).

      • Noir’s support of gun grabber LaPierre, even after it became irrefutable that LaPierre was against the Constitution (like when he publicly admitted he worked to ban Americans from owning the most common firearms in the world), is well documented

        • And that makes Noir’s talks about guns and gun laws, null and void?

          Oh, I suppose you wouldn’t know because you’ve never listened to Noir speak on those topics, because.

        • “that makes Noir’s talks about guns and gun laws, null and void?”

          Yes, because it means he doesn’t *believe* in them, just find them currently convenient. Same reason Abbot can’t be trusted since he publicly told the Texas legislature to “consider” seizing un-enumerated powers.

          The Constitution is an absolute contract to give government explicitly defined powers to avoid infringing on natural rights given to man by the creator. It has no room for compromise or the compromised.

    • Seems the simps are those who are denigrating the NRA and their supporters.

  14. This absolute zero scrub of a pup only has any influence because folks in the Media can’t help themselves from talking about him. Just ignore the pipsqueak turd.

  15. just 5 days ago ttag posted a story about hoggwash saying he joined Harvard’s gun club and wanted to get involved in debates.
    guess it’s business as usual with him.
    THEIR idea of a “conversation” is they talk. We shut up, listen, obey, nope!! not going to happen hoggwash.

    someone should post his own comments about talking to the other side back to him.

  16. Is it cowardice for a pajama boy to decline to get in the ring with Mike Tyson, it a man prudently knowing his limitations? Hogg isn’t prepared to face opposition. He’s been playing T-ball and getting praised; and now he got invited into the Big League. Noir would slaughter him.

  17. What would the reaction be if I said :-

    ”Is this the SAME Fat Beared Coward of Doubtful Sexuality substituting GUNS for sex who’s collecting Commision on every purchase of firearms that can be traced back to articles on the TRUTH ABOUT GUNS and who approves of the firewarms Industry having half of Congress and a President in it’s pocket and who think’s it perfectly acceptable to call somebody a COWARD for merely stating his OPINIONS’

    Of course being reasonably civilised I would say no such thing because I appreciate tha every body is entitled to their opinion

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