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Over at, Matt’s come out of the GLOCK closet. The gun blogger and longtime law enforcement official has ditched his Springfield XD carry guns for GLOCKS. Why is Matt finally drinking the GLOCK Kool-Aid? Consistency.” Matt finds it difficult to make the transition from the CLICK of a GLOCK trigger reset to the Springfield’s relatively demure tick. So he’s ditching Perfection for “The First Name in American Firearms” (translate that into Croatian). As you’d expect, he’s trying to douse the flames before the inevitable backdraft. “Please do not take this as saying that the Glock is a better gun than the XD. I still prefer a few things about the XD.” Yes, but “Not having to stop and think about having a different trigger system is definitely an advantage . . . which is why I have now become a drinker of the Glock Kool-Aid.”

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        • I dunno’. I’m contemplating switching from my CZ 85B to a 10mm EAA Witness Steel (one of the later ones with thicker, non-cracking slides). Of course I’m not sure if that really even counts as switching from a CZ.

        • I love CZ’s but I hate the very small surface area of the slide. Combine that with the compact CZ’s with the stiffer recoil springs of the guns like the P-01’s. It’s a deal killer for me in terms of a carry gun. Sold my P-01 and when G19.

      • I purchased a Walther PPQ M2 in 9mm for my wife a few months ago. Have you fired one? I have fired Glocks, Smiths, SA XD’s, Steyrs, and so on. I enjoy trying out new weapons. I absolutely love that Walther. My wife and now fight over this weapon. The trigger on that PPQ is second to none. My daily carry weapon is a SA XD .45ACP service model, but I’m always looking!

        • I haven’t tried the PPQ M2, but I’ve tried the original PPQ and found the trigger to be incredibly mushy.

        • The PPQ trigger is mushy? Ha ha ha. Wow!

          PPQ – Best Stock Trigger for a Striker Fired gun.

        • Last year I decided to try out some plastic fantastic after many years of being a 1911 fanboy. I tried the Glock (Not bad, frame was much better than the first gen I tried many of years ago (which initially turned me off on them). Chunky though), the XDM (nice, comfortable fit, controls all fell to hand pretty nicely, nice enough trigger but not as nice as the Glock), the M&P (really wanted to like this. “America @#$%^& yeah!” 😉 but this has got to be poster child for worst stock trigger ever) and the PPQ gen 1 and 2. I went with the PPQ M2, it fit my hand the best and, in my opinion, had the nicest trigger of any of them. After pumping ~300 mixed rounds through it without cleaning, it’s my new favorite. Not as pretty as my 1911, but lighter with twice the rounds and overall more reliable or, perhaps more accurately stated, less finicky,

    • “Son, if you want to be happy you’ve got to lower your expectations and raise your effort.”

      I don’t know that I’d call a Glock or going ugly early at a bar success, but it’s better than failure. Reliability in either situation makes a certain fundamental sense.

    • Ralph: I will take this time to tell you of a late friend of mine. We would go to a pub crawl or out to any bar and he would always tell his friends. ‘I am going to ditch you guys because I am getting laid in 45 minutes or less.’ No joke this kid would ask every single chick in the bar if she wanted to bang and get slapped or hit by an errant boyfriend until he found one that said yes. I have never saw this guy fail with this method. Though I never did envy his catch either.

  1. We go from reviewing a classic S&W revolver to this in just a short time. Man, that’s a let down. Glock and Springfield make a good product. But a quality brick is still a brick. Who gets excited about bricks?

  2. I too join the ranks of those who drink from the fountain of glock perfection.

    First pistol was a 17, got it while in the Army where my issued sidearms was the Beretta. I shot the Glock and thought ohhhh this is what a pistol should feel like.

    I was a caracal F QS fan as well but cant trust it so it is a safe queen now.

    I now own a 17 Gen 2, 19 gen 3, 26 gen 3. I also have airsoft versions for each that fit the glock holsters so back yard “dry” fire drills involve enough plastic bb to make the wife say WTF.

  3. The comments are pretty supportive so far.

    I don’t like the XD and M&P triggers either. Too mushy and weird.

    • Trigger feel was a big part of why I made the same switch. It was always difficult to tell when my XDm would go when squeezing off that first shot. I like the discernible break in the Glock trigger more.

  4. My XD is great. Never handled a Glock, but I’m sure they’re fine. They’re both equally boring…

    I’m thinking Hi-Power for my next purchase.

    • I love my Hi Power MK III.

      Try it out and if you don’t like the stock trigger, have the magazine disconnect removed.

      The trigger pull is very much like a light smooth revolver trigger pull now, because you practically have to let it all the way forward to reset. This isn’t a problem for me since I shoot revolvers a lot, but YMMV.

      My trigger pull weighs in at 4lbs. It’s a dream to shoot.

  5. Whatever works best for him, and puts holes where he wants them.

    I’ve tried hard to love Glock. Multiple times. Simple truth is I shoot better with both my XDM45s (4.5 and C), and they just fit better in _my_ hand.

    Impossible to argue with Glock’s operational record. Second to none.

  6. I have gone the other way. My preference is the XDm over Glock.

    The trigger is very similar to Glock, and I haven’t had any issues. The grip is actually better in my hand, plus it holds more rounds. The field strip of the XDm (and XD) is much better and easier than the Glock (especially with wet fingers!). I also find the sights to be better than Glock, but it would be nice if both had factory fiber optic/TFOs.

    If you are not a fan of “no external safety” on the Glocks, The XD series has a grip safety (no biggy for me).

    One thing I don’t like about the Glock 26 is no rail. The small XDm comes with a nice rail for lights/lasers if you want to add one. You can’t go wrong with a Glock, but a Glock is not the best for everyone.

    • I wish the XDMs were closer to the size of a G19, which I find to be just right. The subcompact Springfields have very short grips, while the full size ones are too long for somebody with average size hands. Yes, you get a larger capacity magazine, but the size and weight can be too much. There’s nothing in the middle that would match the size of a G19 almost exactly.

    • Insert waffling between CZ and Glock fanboydom comment here. Something to the effect – Glock for carry, CZ for fun…or something.

  7. I own Glocks as well as XDs and there is a lot to like about both of them. Glocks have the slight edge for me but also have an unfair advantage because I have used them for decades. If I was handling each for the first time I think it would be a hard choice. As always what works best for the individual should drive the decision.

  8. I can’t believe you tricked me into reading one of those damned X vs Y arguments that make me hate people I would otherwise get along with.

    I feel so dirty.

  9. Aw, hell, why choose? Plenty of room in my gun safe for both! And while I’m at it, why not toss in an S&W M&P to boot? ‘Specially AFTER it’s been recalled and fixed! To me, they’re all good. Shot ’em all. Loved ’em all. Beretta M9, too. (Them Italians sure know how to make a smooth runnin’ gun!) Stop the hatin’!

    • The only complaint with the 92 is that it’s freaking huge for a 9mm. My buddy had one for years and I never saw it jam or stutter in any way. But try to carry one around all day.

      • While large the M-92FS isn’t that much bigger than a full size G-17. I guess many like mid size autos. But for service size autos there pretty close for normal size. Try the MK-23 that’s a BIG freaking pistol for the caliber.

      • Oh, no doubt it’s a gun for people unconcerned with concealing it. Cops and the military can walk around with it on their hip. That said, it’s one fine working piece of machinery and a pleasure at the range. Plus, it satisfies the guys who seem to be askairt of plastics being used in firearms.

  10. I guess I’m just weird. I like the trigger on my XDm. It could be better, and a Powder River Precision upgrade is on my horizon. But compared to my buddy’s GLOCK-brand GLOCK (I think it’s a Gen2, might be a Gen3), I like my Springer better.

  11. I still prefer my M-9 over a G-17. But who cares every one has a preference for a pistol this is worse than cares in bias. Ive shoot both XD and G series they both fine. Its up to what you want to carry.

    Plus Id take a handy M-1A over any other 7.62mm rifle any day.

    • +1. I have never had a problem out of my M9. I would also put my 1943 Remington Rand 1911A1 up against any Kimber, Les Baer, etc. Loser buys the scotch.

    • Maybe, but then you’d have people falling all over each other to point out (again) that the Springfield Armory we know and love today is not your daddy’s (or granddaddy’s (or great-granddaddy’s)) Springfield Armory.

  12. I’ve noticed that many polymer guns out there have squishy triggers including my wife’s M&P 9c. Thankfully, there are plenty of aftermarket parts and accessories that can fix that.

    For instance, I just installed a new trigger and duty/carry upgrade kit from Apex on hers that made a huge difference and even increased her accuracy.

    My point is, carry whatever floats your boat, but if there’s something you don’t like about your gun, don’t be afraid to look for ways to improve it.

  13. Did I miss some new law where people are only allowed to like one brand of handgun?

    Perhaps I like many brands and choose what I personally use based on subjective, personal differences that may not apply to others. Imagine!

    This is news?

  14. Just get a HK and you’ll be smiling every time you hit the range.

    I would take a look at a Steyr, but they’re not available in my state.

    • I just hate paying 1/3 or more $ for the same performance. HK is pretty, though. Both are still overpriced compared to, say, a S&W627pro wheel 8 shooter with 4″brl. for $750 (which aint cheap).

  15. I’ve owned Glocks, a HK, and been forced to carry a couple of Berettas for work.

    The Beretta was easily the worst of the pistols among two models too.

    HK > Glock > Italian Crap

    • Dont know about you. But I carried a M-92FS for year and never had a issue and out shot Glocks any day. Strange you may hate both the Beretta and HK but the US military disagrees with you.

  16. I can’t wait to get to a free state and rent some different firearms so I can check out a Springfield and a Glock…a CZ, a Browning. Ha, you get the idea. I only know Sigs from the brief time I lived in a free state. Oh and when I get to that free state I have 5K set aside to buy any pistols and modern sporting rifles I want. Maybe some Milsurps too, but I already have a safe full if those.

  17. The clincher for me in my 20 years of Glock ownership is their customer service. It’s outstanding which, in my experience, is unusual in the firearms industry.

  18. Wow, impressed with a Glock. Huh. Okay, when you folks stop playing out on the sidewalk with the tactical Tuppeware, step up to a 1911 and find out what a real combat trigger should feel like….
    /obligatory Church of JMB reference…

    • I guess these arguments are pretty tired by now. A lot of comments here are just “going through the motions”…

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