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      • Yup. This guy wad a nobody a few months ago. Hes riding this as far as it will take him. Bet he needs armed security now.

    • Yeah, he knows he’s right so he waffled on the final question. You guys should at least have the courage of your convictions and say “No, I don’t support background checks on private sales.” But, I’ve yet to see it. It’s always, “Well, I’ll tell you what I do support.”

      • Mike we have back ground checks in CA for every transaction, yet it has done nothing at all to reduce gun crime or any crime. We have ten round magazine and bullet buttons, but most gun crime 90% + in Oakland CA is gang related.
        We say it until we are blue in the face, that criminals don’t follow the law..

  1. I love how the Mayor and Comrade Morgan turned to the background check issue after they realized how they weren’t going to get the Sheriff worked up.

    How can two intelligent people argue against people being armed and trained just in case they find themselves in the exigent circumstances that they Sheriff talks about? I cannot wait to read that CNN has cancelled Morgans show.

    • “How can two intelligent people…”

      Piers Morgan is NOT intelligent. Why do we even give him the benefit of ratings? The only reason people watch his show, or atleast clips of it on youtube is to watch him get frustrated or told off in an argument.

      I just want to see Clarkson punch Piers in the face. Where is Jeremy Clarkson when you need him….

      • He doesn’t HAVE any ratings. He has the worst ratings of ANY CNN SHOW, EVER!

        Obviously, they nevertheless think it’s really, REALLY important to keep him in place. Because his mission matters to them.

        • He is under a contract. So, even if his show flops, he still gets paid. Rather than cancel him, it’s cheaper to run out his contract than put a new product on in his place.

          Or, some network suit really does believe he’ll acquire an audience, and this is one way to draw viewers.

      • I guess you’re some kind of genius, huh, Roll? That’s why you say such cutting things as “he’s not intelligent.” The truth is he’s probably more intelligent than the norm, and well read. He probably went to good schools. He’s an internationally known journalist and TV personality, who are you?

        If you guys have such a good argument, why do you continually stoop to such infantile personal attacks as that?

      • And Piers used ad hominem attacks the second a real issue was addressed. Piers has a producer in his ear, Clarke does not. Piers used a case of a woman who said “Clarke said I could” WHAT? No he didnt, that’s a red hearing. I wouldn’t have addressed a citizens decision to unlawfully use a firearm either. MOving on… What does Piers do? Accuse Clarke of making the LEO missions statement “arm yourselves” YES! HE did! WE SHOULD BE ARMED! If we are not already, he merely suggested that it is HIGHLY likely that POLICE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RESPOND; Regardless of the fact the police have no requirement to protect us (Warren v DC). We have no right to protection, thus, it is our duty to protect our selves. It’s plain and simple logic. Clearly Piers is pushing an agenda and frankly I’ve heard enough of his nonsense. HE has not once made a legitimate argument in an equal, fair, and open forum.

        I think what we should do is have a screen up and every time someone says something about guns, we fact check it LIVE. And see then who’s right. Only then will we get a remotely honest perspective. Every host Piers has had on the show to discuss firearms, he has used various logical fallacies to attack his opponents and propositioned baited question after baited question. Piers is a liar, and a traitor. If nothing more, he is at least an agent-provocateur.

    • I’m shocked that our friend Piers hasn’t found himself in “exigent circumstances” given all of the bull he spews on a regular basis. He’d probably change his tune dramatically…

  2. I’m sorry, I had to stop the video about three seconds after Morgan started talking. Who the #%#@ does he think he is to talk to people that way? I thought the petition to deport him was dumb, but now I kind of want to go sign it.

  3. Piers Morgan wants people to “ballpark” (make-up) stats on the spot. Kudos to Sheriff Clarke. We need someone like him in every county.

    • right? “I dont have those numbers.” – “Make some s#%t up than!” – “Piers I dont have those numbers.” – “You dont have a clue.”

      That was a loaded question. He wanted him to make something up, so that piers could have the producer fact check it, and then attack him for making up statistics. God these guys are pathetic.

      GO CLARKE!

  4. Watching Piers Morgan is bad for my blood pressure. He uses his position to bully and demean his “guests” and then wallows in his anti-gun self righteousness. Its a good thing for him that he is in the news media business, he would be unemployed in any other sector for doing his job so poorly.

    I applaud the sheriff. He is an excellent example to all pro-gun people by weathering that storm of contempt without flinching and still getting his point across.

    • His bosses must think he’s doing his job quite well, because his ratings are BEYOND abysmal. They want him there, hammering his message, every night. Who is watching is subject to lengthy debate.

    • He wasnt there to discuss background checks. He was there to debate his decision to advise Milwaukee residents to be prepared in case they find themselves in ‘exigent situations’ where the police cannot help them.

      • Yes, the “how many people have defended themselves by firing a firearm was an obvious loaded question”. No one knows how many pulled a firearm & never had to fire. Thats why it didn’t pay to walk into carefully prepared BS, Randy

  5. That migraine is one funny guy. I’ll bet if he ran forward fast enough he could get his head out of his ass. We have a bunch of Clark haters here, I’m going to write & show some support though, Randy

  6. I’m confused as to why anyone pays heed to a subject bred in a nation that was ruled by a monarchy for nearly millenium and now exists as a socialist state about individual liberties.

    The guy’s a moron who can’t make a point without talking over everyone else to interrupt their arguments. I’m glad the sheriff basically walked all over him.

    I do wish he’d just said ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the question about background checks, though. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, and I can see good arguments for both views on the subject.

  7. As an American citizen who happens to be “white,” I found it particularly reprehensible when Piers seemed to be mocking Clarke’s tone of voice in the ads. In no way was it “Hollywood style” or exciting in any way. Personally I thought Clarke’s delivery sounded too scripted and emotionless but that did not take away from the message. I appreciated when Clarke calmy explained that “this is how I talk…” Do people not expect a black man to be soft spoken and properly enunciate his words?

    Piers, please go away.

    • I also appreciated the “this is how I talk” response. It was much calmer and more measured than mine, as I was yelling, “That’s his !@#$% voice, you jackass! How about you find a point to argue, instead of casting aspersions on his delivery.”

      I think Piers is just a little uncomfortable that Sheriff Clarke’s deep voice made his pants tight.

    • If the page recycled and you never saw it, then you may have gotten spam filtered, due to something you said, more than 2 links, or simply that it happens to be Wednesday. It will get moderated into existence eventually.

  8. I want to be interviewed by Morgan just so that I can warn him “if you talk over me again this interview is over” and then leave when he can’t control himself.

  9. I may not be up competing with Piers and the good Mayor on an intellectual level, but I listened to that ad multiple times and could not, for the life of me, manage to interpret anything he said as, “Don’t call the cops, it won’t do you any good. Instead, grab a gun and shoot at anything that moves.” What I got was, “Call 911, but we might not be there in time to save your scrawny @$$. In the meantime, tool up and defend you and yours.”

    Anyone else able to follow Morgan’s logic there? Maybe you could help me, I’m just a pre-med student. Maybe words don’t mean what I think they mean.

  10. It’s not that a couple of elitist statist “we are so superior to the chattering classes”
    types are against us “common citizens” having weapons to defend ourselves; it’s the incomprehensible fact that so many so called “Americans” actually agree with these arrogant and disgusting individuals.

  11. Any time I hear Piers Morgan say “now wait a minute” I get aggitated. This man portends to be a journalist, but cannot help smothering his guests with his own opinions. He’s an overbearing brute of a character that has no business working for a news network.

    A journalist asks a questions and waits for a response. He doesn’t interrupt (repeatedly) a person responding to his questions because he doesn’t like where he thinks the response is headed.

  12. Poor Pierced Organ, trying desperately to gain traction but still having the lowest ratings of any CNN program in the time slot in the last 21 years. What a POS.

  13. I puke in my mouth every time I see that limey subversive, apologies to all of English decent. But then again the mayor is “American” and the UK did drive Morgan out of Jolly ‘Ol England. Even formed a petition not to take him back. Spot On, chaps.

  14. What happen to the person that beat that mayor with a crowbar? They should have thrown a parade for him and given him an award. It’s a shame Pierce wasn’t there to receive the same beating.

  15. Piers is a complete douchebag.
    Not that long ago, back in the safe England that he likes so much, he ran his mouth about shooting someone he did not like.

  16. I wish the sheriff had asked the mayor what’s the 911 response time for the city police. Per Piers a semi-automatic weapon “modern assault rifle” can fire 100 rounds a minute. So even if the mayor said 30 seconds, the bad guys can still get off 50 rounds before the police arrive.

  17. I live in Wisconsin, and not that far from Milwaukee County. We are very proud of the good sheriff, he has become a local hero.

  18. “How many people have defended themselves…”

    Not enough. That’s the point. Too many people are calling 911 and hoping to be saved.

    It’s such a bogus stat because it ignores the burglaries and home invasions where someone was not able to defend themselves, and makes it look like it’s unnecessary to own a firearm for home defense. How many people in the UK defend their home by firing a weapon?


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