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Sheriff David Clarke is mad as hell and he’s not going to take it anymore. Sheriff Clarke considers Black Lives Matter an anti-police domestic terrorist group. What about their complaints about police brutality? The Sheriff ain’t got time for that. None. Whatsoever. And, apparently, CNN’s anchor has no time for Sheriff Clarke. The confrontation is an instant classic.


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    • When people give you lemons, you shove it down their throats until they start seeing yellow.

    • “When life gives you lemons, don’t make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don’t want your damn lemons, what the hell am I supposed to do with these? Demand to see life’s manager! Make life rue the day it thought it could give Cave Johnson lemons! Do you know who I am? I’m the man who’s gonna burn your house down! With the lemons! I’m gonna get my engineers to invent a combustible lemon that burns your house down!”

  1. Why don’t we have someone like this for atty general instead of the last two useless ones?

    • And 3-AG’s ago came up justification for torture, an invasion without declaring war and tapping all americans internet traffic without a warrant – now thats an AG we can all get behind. they all just serve the king that appointed them, sorry.

    • My sheriff’s a bitch too. She refused to sign off on NFA items when the law required a CLEO signature.

  2. This is what happens when argue with a liberal !! If does not fit their agenda your asked to leave…

  3. Sheriff Clark is a badass. Just listening to his voice makes me intimidated. I am sure glad he is on our side.

  4. Funny. Lemon pretty much told him “if you aren’t going to say X that fits the message I want to send to the public, you can leave”

    I thought this was an interview?

    • Lemon said he wanted a conversation but would not let the Sheriff say what he wanted. Some “conversation”.

    • Yeah and that guy was ridiculously condescending. You don’t talk to the sheriff like that!!

    • I figured out during the Ferguson dust-up that Lemon was an idiot, but even he should have been able to see that the Sheriff was merely trying to connect the dots between the BLM ideology of hatred for the po-po and the incidents in Dallas and Baton Rouge. So either he is a truly stunning idiot or he just did not want to go there. The Sheriff accused him of nothing, yet Don was getting all defensive, claiming that the Sheriff was accusing him of something–which he wasn’t. Don asked the Sheriff for the Sheriff’s opinion, but tried to “debunk” the Sheriff’s opinion even before the opinion was fully stated, constantly interrupting. I though it highly amusing that he cited the Harvard study as standing for the proposition that officers are “more aggressive” with black perps than white perps, yet also claimed that the study was invalid because the sample size was too small. Which way do you want it don? Pablum?

      The Sheriff clearly won, and Don’s only escape was to end the conversation. Don handled this very poorly–but he has done so in the past, so no surprise there.

      • Exactly. Either the study is statistically significant in its entirety or it’s not. The communists like lemon only want to cherry pick what paints our police as racists in order to divide us.

        • In the ultimate example of cherry picking, now the socialists are comparing a handful of cliches from the two speeches given by Michelle Obama and Melania Trump and calling it plagiarism.

        • Ted Kennedy and Uncle Joe (Double-Barrel) Biden were kicked out of collage for plagiarism, if memory serves…

      • Let’s not forget that Lemon, with no detectable sarcasm, seemed to think it a valid possibility that a missing airplane may have been sucked into a black hole.

  5. As a whitey, if I go on a shooting rampage now I’ll be accused of cultural appropriation.

  6. This is why I have donated to the Sheriff’s re-election campaign several times and will do so again.

      • “losing the debate”

        Pro-tip: refusing to acknowledge problems with today’s police and their practices by yelling back at uncomfortable questions doesn’t mean the pigster won the debate. 🙂

        • Uncomfortable questions. Not uncomfortable. Learn to read.

          Don Lemon should have just asked, “u mad bro?” 🙂

        • Seriously? Are you really trying to deny the existence of a common phrase? Or are you truly this ignorant? I’m leaning towards the latter. Try googling it.

          Lesson time: the term “uncomfortable question” means the question causes discomfort on the questionee, not the questioner. And the video clearly shows he pigster getting massively butthurt and reacting like an animal. 🙂

    • Clarke is probably the most vocal 2A supporter among police chiefs, if not all cops nationwide, and you blast him for defending our pro-gun stance in a rigged media trap? With friends like you, who needs the antis?

      • Because being pro-2A justifies his blanket defense of police criminality in this exchange. Sure thing.

  7. I actually kind of liked Lemon until this interview. I’ll still watch the guy, but it won’t be the same. Lemon says ” we can walk and chew gum at the same time.” Yet he can’t. He just wants to talk about Baton Rouge, but not why it happened. The cop wants to talk about why it happened in his opinion. He thinks it’s because of BLM.

    But why is there a BLM? Because there is at least a perception in the black community that cops target black people and treat them differently and kill them. Study’s go both ways on this. Either way we have too many bad cops and unions need to make it easier to fire them. Dirty bad cops are a deadly liability. The overwhelming majority of good cops need to push to fire the bad ones.

    • Agreed. However, liberal progressives lack the fundamental capability to understand cause and effect.

      This guy is my favorite sheriff of all time.

  8. That p&^%y couldn’t even look the Sheriff in the eye. I’m sure he had to change his shorts after that segment. Sheriff Clark looked like he wanted to slap the stupid out of him.

    • thank you. that stood out to me as well. what a snake- a “shifless skonk.”
      i remember being flashed that same smile that clarke displayed at the very beginning of this discourse by a certified baddass once. things were not looking up.
      i daresay shareef used some restraint.

    • Military vets that feel they’ve been wronged and take it out against the police.

      Dorner is unique in that he actually was a cop beforehand, but allegedly lost it when the LAPD’s underbelly became too much for him to let slide.

  9. Is it any wonder that CNN and MSNBC rank dead last in television ratings?
    The sheriff states the truths that are there, that I, as a white guy, would not dare share with a diverse audience. We so need this guy on the national stage in some capacity.

  10. Why would a reporter wish to debate anything or talk over a person they’re interviewing? Doesn’t seem like honest journalism. Let the man talk and maybe you’ll have a story to share. Talk over him and you just prove why we can’t trust whatever you decide to report.

  11. BLM is a terrorist group. Obama incites violence and terrorism. Is it any wonder good people like this have an issue with them?

    • Hey now, just because many of their members openly call for and revel in violence against authorities in revenge for suppressing their illegal and violent activities doesn’t make them a terrorist group.


  12. Watched this during lunch. The good Sheriff tore lemon a new one. I tip my hat to Sheriff Clarke.

  13. About a hundred years ago Booker T Washington said in effect, there is a class of black people who work to keep other blacks angry and focused on the past.
    The upper class black has done very well in society. Don Lemon represents this group who never speak about the positive things that lower class people need to do to get out of the ghetto.
    A white policeman is not the problem.
    The welfare system, white enablers and black on black crime are the problem.

    Go sheriff Clark!

    • I work in a special needs school. We have some very bright kids from urban areas and their only disability is that they have dyslexia and need reading remediation.

      These are bright kids with college potential – but they will not go to college because they have no support at home. Their community views going to college as “abandoning the neighborhood”.

      This mentality is foreign to me. My grandfathers on both sides of my family came to the US 5 years ahead of their wives and children to build a life here. They sacrificed their happiness and lives and demanded that their children do better than they did.

      It’s unthinkable that some parents don’t want their kids to be better off than they were – yet this philosophy runs rampant in poor urban communities.

      Until all parents want the best possible outcomes for their kids, we will always have big social problems.

      • “It’s unthinkable that some parents don’t want their kids to be better off than they were – yet this philosophy runs rampant in poor urban communities.”

        Sadly, it’s not just poor urban communities, but also poor rural communities. Sadly, most Indian Reservations out west have a similiar mentality. If you leave to get educated, college, job, whatever, one is “abandoning your tribe.” There is a reason that reservations have high unemployment, poor schools and a major problem with alcohol and drugs. But if you try to leave, even so you can come back and try to help your community, you are shunned because you abandoned the tribe. It’s sad, but even Native American communities are subject the same issues facing the poor in inner cities. Native American have a better view out thier door though.

  14. “Sheriff, yes, that’s a different conversation…”

    No it’s not. You just don’t want to have it! That’s a thread that is inextricably linked to BLM. Lemon’s statement here is equivalent to me saying pulling a thread on a sweater has no bearing on the overall sweater’s integrity when it clearly does.

    Per capita blacks have a greater number of interactions with police because per capita, black people commit an extraordinarily disproportionate amount of crime. Much of this crime tends to be violent crime, robbery and murder. People who commit such crimes are more likely to resist the police and people who resist the police are more likely to get shot by the police. Ergo, the per capita shooting of blacks by cops his higher because they commit more crimes and resist more often.

    Those are facts.

    Due to those facts, the vast majority of the BLM argument is bullshit. Therefore people are getting hot under the collar about bullshit and when that bullshit meets social media it spreads very rapidly. The people on social media generally cannot research anything and are emotionally invested in the message which is why they get hot under the collar about this. Combine that with a federal government which, in pursuit of federal control of local policing, not only gives the bullshit a pass but acts as if it’s true and you have a recipe for disaster when mentally unstable or completely brainwashed people get this message, get heated and think that “fighting the oppressors” is a good idea.

    Fighting and killing real oppressors is noble and just. Fighting and killing oppressors created by a bullshit message is murder.

    That’s the point. La Résistance was a noble fight against the Nazis. Killing cops for perceived transgressions that don’t match up with facts or reality is murder based on an illusion but murder none the less.

    • “Cop on black” crime is truly the Reichstag fire of the modern socialist movement. If the Nazis had blurry cellphone vids, and airheaded American kids with facebook, my God…

    • As usual, the lib/progs have it exactly backward. Compared to their rate of involvement in violent crime, black men get shot by police less often than white men. Far, far less.

      There are very solid studies indicating that police are more likely to handle black suspects with physical restraint and that they also stop and question black males more often than anyone else (which may be the result of racial bias or may just be experience with criminals). And there are also solid studies showing that police are quicker to shoot white suspects and slower to shoot at black suspects.

      As a white guy I’m less likely to be singled out by the police for any type of interaction — and more likely to be shot if I wind up in conflict with a police officer.

  15. I love Sheriff Clark. He’s the Democrat version of a RINO (DINO?). He runs as a Democrat (because that’s the only way to get elected in Milwaukee County) but he’s speaking at the Republican convention? Yeah, baby!

    Just watch all the entitled left-wing black “leaders” call him an “Uncle Tom.”

    If I was a cop, I would work for him any day.

  16. “I can’t have a conversation with you if we are both talking at the same time.” – Don

    Then STFU and let the sheriff finish what he was saying.

    • Up until the point when Clarke used the same Harvard study to support his argument and then Lemon dismissed the study. Typical Liberal squirming on display. Like trying to nail jello to the wall. That is the trouble with “having a conversation”.

  17. Don thinks that all these things are isolated and wants to talk about just this one thing. All of them are interconnected however.

  18. Great Sheriff. I really like him a lot. Hope to see him somewhere allowing him to have big influence.

  19. Lemon only wanted Clarke for a straight man to further his narrative, “Racist cops are mean to black people.” Clarke didn’t let him get away with it.

  20. Downlow Don Lemon, CNN’s effeminate, limpwristed, BlackLiesMatter propagandist a repeat offender when it comes to reciting the debunked “Hands Up! Don’t Shoot”!” cheer got reamed by Sheriff David Clarke and unlike Donny Boi’s usual mates “America’s Sheriff” didn’t use K-Y. I’ll bet after that verbal beating which exposed the passive/aggressive racial arsonist Downlow Donny for what he I mean “she” is “she” ran home with tears in her eyes to the grandmammy, mammy and aunties that raised her when their men abandoned them and jumped in their collective laps begging to be comforted.

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