Sheila Jackson Lee: Braces Turn Everyday Firearms Like AR Pistols Into ‘Killing Machines’

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It is ironic that yesterday was the two-year anniversary of the massacre of ten people, including a police officer, at the Kind Sooper Supermarket in Boulder, Colorado. Republicans are here today to attack the ATF and mount a defense of every firearm and modification involved in that shooting. I commend the ATF in identifying a problem and providing guidance to prevent the harm created by the misuse of stabilizing braces which covert everyday firearms into killing machines. 

— Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee via Twitter

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    • A member of the Ghetto coalition.
      Isn’t she the one that wanted the rover on Mars to go and take a picture of the flag we left there?🤣

      • Is she related to noted firearms expert and commentator Jessie Jackson? Who claimed a single shot from an AR15 will bring down an airliner or stop a freight train?

        (sarc) What can the police do against such firepower? (/sarc)

        Room temperature IQs, and I use the centigrade scale.

        • Just guessing however I’m sure if that single shot from an AR hit the right place it might bring down a jet liner, a freight train might be a little different. I’m trying to think of a place on an diesel electric moter I could hit that would stop it. ? Coming up short on that one. I think if I wanted to stop a freight train I’d put on my Superman costume.

        • In Uvalde, TX the police apparently stand around and watch children be murdered in the face of such firepower

        • I’m trying to think of a place on an diesel electric moter I could hit that would stop it.

          Only place I can think of is the “controller”, (the guy with his hand on the switch) one round through the brain housing group should do it…

    • This bimbette is proof that a spinal cord is all that is required to “remember” to breathe/no brain required.

    • Yea methinks a gun is naturally a “killing machine” all on its own. Thats why i have them to protect myself and my family.

    • The IDIOT is confusing pistol braces that assist many people to shoot better, with BUMP STOCKS that vastly increases rate of fire of a semi-automatic firearm. Ignorance is BLISS.

  1. Hold up AR pistols are everyday firearms………….well shit guess I don’t need to lock the mag to barely get it NY legal (county dependent). Are they even bothering to check what they are saying and how it may apply to common use?

    • Her support for Liberal Progressive Democrat policies and agendas have killed more people than all the firearms related deaths in the last 100 years.

      • Au Contrair, continue too at every opportunity. There is no better weapon against Liberal Progressive Democrats than allowing them to speak freely about who and what they are.

  2. It boggles the mind that this dumb bitch could even get elected president of her sewing circle. I guarantee if she took an IQ test it would not surpass double digits.

  3. If my everyday firearm isn’t a killing machine WITHOUT a pistol brace, then I need a different firearm. I don’t know about Sheila, but I want my firearm to be a killing machine, that’s kind of the point.

  4. So AR pistols with stabilizing braces are every day Firearms and it’s only their miss-use that turns them into killing machines, Interesting.

  5. Guns for me, but not for thee. Check Tucker Carlson’s monologue yesterday, 3/23.

    “You can’t have guns, but faithful servants of the Democratic Party can!”

    • Good little lackeys such as dacian, miner, Scott Peterson, and the Uvalde police force.

  6. Make no mistake the sick, giddy Jim Crow Gun Control democRat sjl has kkk nazi Gun Control poop for brains. Come and get ’em batch.

  7. No wait, maybe she’s on to something. Next we should consider banning wheelchairs and walkers as they turn everyday normal disabled people into potential Mobile Felons !!

    • adding a spoiler to a daily driver sedan or coupe turns it into a non-street legal, high speed race car killing machine, which is only good for helping drug dealers escape police and running down school children in cross walks.

  8. SJL, One of the dumbest people on the planet, well except for all the ignoramuses and professional victims who voted for her. Besides this oxygen waster belongs in prison for inciting riots and threatening SCOTUS and cabinet members.

  9. There is no rhyme or reason, like trying to reason with a drunk. The goal is disarmament to usher in communism and then one world government. Brandon even said last year that we are going to be part of the new world order. Never give them up, it’s the only thing keeping us from being invaded. Brandon, you can’t hold ground with f-16.

    • 45lc
      so right. who are they planning to use as boots on ground? our military, UN, China?
      behind every blade of grass…..

    • Notice their increased sense of urgency in limiting (for you) fossil fuel resources. They’re trying to get over the hump of us not being able to stop them. Once that happens, it’s all downhill from there. They’ll limit your mobility and freedom by taxing older (and affordable) vehicles out of existence. The lower and middle classes will pay the price while the champagne so_shall_lists fly private all over the world and drive their yachts and expensive EVs.

      • It is much worse than that. Without fossil fuels, the energy grid will collapse as it is dependent on natural gas and coal to make up 85% of our daily power needs. Without diesel, the supply chain will be massively disrupted, raising prices and leading to massive shortages. Without fossil fuels, commuters forced out of cities by gentrification will have to forfeit their jobs. Without fossil fuels, or entire economy collapses and we become a third world country. Even though we have the largest untapped oil supplies in the world. Nice, huh? They call this the “Green New Scam.”

  10. Sheila Jackson is so intoxicated/impaired by medication and alcohol most times its a wonder she can even walk.

    • She is literally the face on the
      ” Lying Dog-faced Pony Soldier ”
      recruiting poster.

  11. Hmmm…ya know I’ve noticed a bunch of shorter than 16″ barrels Boyz have discarded the dreaded “brace” & are trying to shoot with nothing but a buffer tube. Imagine that old hag! That’s all I saw when I seriously got into gats some 13 years ago. Heck I had no interest in AR’s until 2019 when one fell into my lap as it were. Meanwhile SJL is protected by these machines🙄

  12. So the left calls AR-15’s “everyday firearms”?
    Does that mean they aren’t “weapons of war” anymore?

    They can never keep their talking points coherent.

    • Meanwhile the true everyday firearms, regular pistols, mostly stolen or black market Glock-like striker fired ones, in the hands of gangs, mostly felons or underage, without pistol braces, are used to kill far more people than her so called “killing machine” braced AR, AK, or even braced Glocks.

      Of course like things went in Canada, the goal has always been to ban the scary, less easily defended items first, because banning handguns back in the old days didn’t go very well, but if they could just get AWB back, they can work their way to regular handguns.

      Of course it’s always the type of gun blamed, not the type of person holding it.

  13. I’m amazed, just when you think you know just how stupid some people really are, you come across someone like her. WOW! Next level dookie.

  14. There is ONE very pertinent fact here that seems to have been overlooked. No crime has ever been committed with a firearm with one of these braces.
    Did anyone ever think of that?

  15. soon they will want to outlaw stocks for rifles and shotguns as well as optical sights then even ironic sights.

  16. The Republicans are prostitutes of the NRA and have done nothing to keep violent criminals and maniacs from buying weapons, especially those of mass destruction.

    Ms Lee was “right on the beam” in regards to her statement.

    • Criminals cannot legally even buy weapons in case you didn’t know… dumbass dacian. There’s already a law that against that. So long as they don’t buy one from an FFL. Laws do not stop crimes from being committed though. The law just allows the one breaking the law to be charged with a crime. BTW the NRA does not sell firearms. Have you ever read the Bill of Rights, and the 2nd Amendment? If you do not agree with the Bill of Rights you need to move to China. Man oh man…It appears you do not have a grasp on reality.

    • If democrats are so good at keeping guns out of the hands of criminals why does every dem controlled state have the highest number of gun crimes? And meanwhile…why do the repub. held states which have the highest gun ownership have the lowest gun crime?
      Dacian you’re stupid.

      • dacian will refute you by providing statistics that some Republican states have high crime/murder rates but will completely ignore that it is Democrat controlled urban areas that are inflating the statistics for the state.

    • and have done nothing to keep violent criminals and maniacs from buying weapons…

      WOW, where to begin with THAT idiotic little outburst… OKAY: There are hundreds (LITERALLY) of laws on the books both Federal AND State that make it ILLEGAL for “violent criminals” and the mentally disturbed from buying, possessing AND using a firearm… If the Soros funded POS left wing AGs, DAs and local prosecutors would do THEIR job and put those “violent criminals” away instead of releasing them back into the wild AND the Democrats would get some semblance of control over the Southern border AND state and federal agencies would communicate with each other concerning a person’s mental health issues you would see a dramatic decrease in violence involving the use of a firearm… Until that happens and the “Woke” crowd finally gets a grip on reality nothing will change, and you will still carry on with your bullshit lies…

      • But dat would be rayciss. Dose ‘ppressed people of color will be disproportionately represented in the criminal justice system.

    • dacian the demented dips***,

      So, give us a list of the game-changing anti-2A, anti-gun, fascist legislation your Dimocrats have passed – and be sure to note the statistical results.

      Every time I think you’re too stupid to insult . . . you find a way to be stupider. Like Sheila Jackass Lee, everything you THINK you know about firearms is complete bulls***, of the purest ray serene. If they ever compiles an encyclopedia of ‘negative knowledge’, I nominate you for Editor-in-Chief. You’re so completely stupid, you think Manual Labor is the President of Mexico.

      • you think Manual Labor is the President of Mexico.

        He would have been but the Cartels assassinated him, said he sounded to much like hard work…

        • MAXX,

          Yes, but that insight would require that dacian have at least some passing familiarity with actual manual labor. He is as bereft of knowledge about manual labor as he is knowledge of firearms, or basic education. dacian is an ignoranus.

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD. There you go again. Prostrating yourself before the altar of racial gun control. I find it pathetic that you seem to think that the only people who have the right to free speech are you Lefties.
      If you don’t like guns, don’t buy one!

    • Even if there was some “reasonable” action that could be taken, you communists would use it as a foot in the door to continue to push your anti-American, anti-freedom agenda. You have shown your true (red) colors so many times nobody is fooled anymore. Give you an inch and you take a mile.
      You also might want to take a long hard look at yourself before calling anyone else a prostitute.
      You get nothing. Except contempt.

  17. So all I have to do is put a pistol brace on something and I’ll have a killing machine?
    IU’d like to jam one up Sheila jackson’s ass and see if it makes her a killing machine.

    • WHOA! Hold on, there, Country Boy!!

      Given how toxic that babbling moron is already, do you REALLY want to ‘weaponize’ her???

      OTOH, perhaps if we got her, Hank Johnson, DiFi, Debbie Wasserman-Skank, Eric Swallowswell, and America’s Dumbest Bartender in the same place, we could create a singularity of stupid – no thoughts could escape the gravitational field of their overwhelming stupidity.

      • I thought Simian Jackson-Lee’s character showed promise in the last Planet of the Apes flick, I wonder where she finds the time for the dual career.

        • Too easy – she doesn’t actually do any work in her ‘official’ job.

          Like Eric Swallowswell, she’s an affirmative action Congressperson. “Hire the handicapped; they’re fun to watch.”

  18. She’s an idiot, ignorant, a liar, or a democrat politician from a “safe” district. But I repeat myself.

  19. During Thursday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives’ (ATF’s) regulatory gun control push Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) claimed the ATF has been keeping us safe since 1886.
    Jackson said she was “incredulous” that a hearing highlighting the ATF’s regulatory gun control push was being held.
    She then claimed there have been “over a 100 mass shootings” already in 2023, but did not provide any substantiation of the claim. She also claimed there is “a constant range of gunfire across America,” including “on Sunday, when many people in America are seeking the solace of faith.”

    • possum,

      You ended up on the wrong planet, my friend. Like Buzz Lightyear said, “There is no intelligent life, here.”

      It’s almost like possum’s are smarter than Congresscritters. Imagine that.

  20. These people read prepared scripts written for them by others.

    Her knowledge or lack of knowledge about braces is irrelevant to the message, which her supporters will lap up like a kitten at a saucer of warm milk.

    That said, Jackson’s one of the few where I honestly think she probably believes this tripe.

  21. President Clinton did say that representative Sheila Jackson Lee was competing with Monica Lewinsky. But after Monica got caught. Clinton stopped returning Sheila’s phone calls.

    Jackson Lee has done an outstanding job of keeping blacks disarmed. This makes her white liberal benefactors very happy.

  22. It is always interesting to hear the ignorant pontificate about things they know absolutely nothing. With or without the brace if someone wants to kill people they could as with any firearm. Pistols don’t have braces so what would make them any less lethal? Again, it is not the gun but the intent of the person using it.

  23. Debunking Sheila Jackson Lee’s Babble At House Assault Weapon Ban Hearing – HR 1808.

  24. Mentally challenged or as we used to say an idiot. Uninformed fool. They don’t even realize how stupid they look

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