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The standard position of Moms Demand Action, despite their statement that they “support the 2nd Amendment,” is that guns are bad, m’kay? And especially guns on the hips of those with a concealed carry license. The very first item on the list of the Moms Demand Action “facts” page is a link to the Violence Policy Center’s “Concealed Carry Killers” compilation, a piece which twists facts to scare people into believing that armed citizens are really just bloodthirsty savages bent on murder and mayhem. So it’s no surprise that . . .

the gun control organization advocates wholeheartedly against any form of concealed carry, demanding that stores put up “no guns allowed” signs and trying their best to agitate against the recognition of the (Supreme Court confirmed) Constitutional right. It’s kinda like watching the ACLU arguing in favor of warrantless and frivolous searches of people’s houses — it makes no sense. But this past weekend, Shannon’s hypocrisy was made crystal clear when she hired her own armed guards to protect her.

The most vocal and visible spokesperson for an organization which constantly claims that citizens don’t need guns to protect themselves had hired people to ensure her own personal safety. As I sit here writing this article, I’m at a loss of how to convey exactly how insane that sounds. Instead of following the unsolicited advice she’s spouted hundreds of times, she paid money for people with guns to watch her back.

After snickering at the NRA’s statement of “the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” she then went out and hired a couple of (ostensibly) good guys with guns herself.

Despite being so scared of 60,000 law-abiding citizens with guns that she staged sparsely-attended protest nearly a mile away from the NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibits, she paid money for two big, bald, burly dudes to stay at her side all day.

It’s almost like some of the habits of her new paymaster, Michael Bloomberg, have started to rub off on her. Mayor Mike is well-known to have a cadre of armed guards around him at all times, even when arguing that the average citizen doesn’t need guns to protect themselves. Now it looks like Shannon Watts is taking the same tack, a “do as I say and not as I do” attitude that’s just one of the reasons Bloomberg lost so much clout in this debate.

But Shannon can’t have it both ways. Either she stands by her statements that firearms themselves are the problem, root cause of “gun violence,” and that carrying a gun is evil, or we get the glorious opportunity to call her out on her hypocrisy at every turn and, like Mike, she destroys her organization’s credibility. Not that it had much to begin with, mind you.

The mainstream media won’t care — they need a photogenic face to put on the cause of gun control. And the majority of the Moms Demand Action drones won’t care either, since they’re running on pure emotion and don’t listen to logic anyway. But for those in the middle, the undecided voters who we’re fighting to bring over, Shannon’s tone deaf move is a Dukakis moment. A massive gaffe that can’t be taken back, and – we can only hope – will eventually destroy her campaign.

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  1. She tells us she is not against the Second Amendment, which apparently means, “I’m for the Second Amendment when I can use it to make sure my bodyguards are armed.”

    Check. Got it.

    • Just like how you’re for the Second Amendment ,unless someone’s dating an angry woman.

    • MDA is very anti First Amendment. They go to great lengths to suppress freedom of speech. Shannon and her supporters believe the First Amendment only applies to them.

      • So, very true. They can not let truths and facts get in the way of their failing agenda though, That’s why they suppress anyone who speaks the truth. Since they started their campaign against our constitution, NEW gun ownership has hit record numbers. They must be great advertisement for gun advocacy as well.Bloomberg’s money well spent!

    • Well this is really to be expected. These people are true believers in their cause. Nothing matters as long as they ‘win’.

  2. The psychology for the other side works like this.

    The average person is too stupid to make their own choices. As such, their “elite” perspective is needed to bring order to the chaos that individualism brings. Guns are just another tool too powerful for common, ‘untrained ‘ use. Of course, their superior intellect and movement requires specific protection above and beyond the need of the “untrained” rabble.

    Its a psychological complex posing as political policy.

    • so…..they’re like Professor X now? sweet! can i be Wolverine, or is that too common and violent?

    • When someone says they hold intelligence (usually measured by
      academic degrees) I find it gratifying to point out that often they
      don’t measure up. It’s really fun to confront them and directly question
      their intelligence. My encounters usually go something like this;
      ‘So your Ph.D. is in what? Really, you don’t have one? What about
      a Bachelors? Art History. Couldn’t handle anything harder than
      pre-algebra I take it.’ Nothing against art majors per-say, but I
      haven’t met all that many engineers or real scientists that work
      with the anti-rights crowd.

      • Yes sir, IF they have a degree, its in “Art” as you stated, or some other go-nowhere degree.

      • I concur. I am a development manager who is responsible for hiring software developers. I have seriously lost faith in our colleges years ago. I test everyone I consider hiring, degree or no degree, and it is the kid who started coding at 14, who reads manuals like novels, and doesn’t have time or money for college who tend to pass these very basic tests. In my industry, it is very true: those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.

  3. Shannon Marmion Watts, aka Shannon Renee Troughton, Shannon Renee Weaver and Shannon Renee Marmion, is nothing if not a consistent snake in the grass.

    She flacked for Montsanto, but I’ll wager she won’t feed GMO foods to her own family.

    She flacks for Bloomberg and wants to take away our guns while she hires armed guards to protect herself (from what I have no idea).

    She is easily bought and paid for. I think there’s a name for a woman like that.

    I wonder if Shannon ever lived in Babylon.

      • So what would you prefer to call a woman who will do for money what she wouldn’t do for fun. How long do you think she would be out there if someone offered her more money to do something else, pimp pantyhose for 500K a year for example. You can hire a lot of “eat me last” Judas Goats with Bloomberg’s money.

        • If the best you can do is call names, you’ve pretty much demonstrated that you have no ability whatsoever to offer an intelligent response to MDA.

          And, they will simply use that to prove their point that many gun-owners are, more or less, unthinking mouthpieces of somebody else’s agenda.

          If that is what you are going for, then job well done.

      • Paul, i LOVE that your every response is to try to put someone on the defensive rather than debating rationally. he was drawing a comparison. an accurate one too; both whores are PR reps use their mouths in similar fashion. just a matter of the amount of money and what goes in or out that makes the difference. hope that wasn’t too low brow for your delicate sensibilities.

      • In a world of $50 million grass roots, claims of unpaid spokesperson, and affiliation with Monsanto I think it’s clear what she is but I’ll just call her an oxymammon.

  4. Does Shannon make speeches in “gun free zones”? Do her armed protectors accompany her with their guns? Or does she now shun gun-free zones because she can’t be safe in one? Someone needs to call her out on that.

    • I think she should just hang a gfz sign around her neck. If you believe her crap, all problems are then solved. Alinsky Rule #4: “Make the enemy live up to it’s own book of rules.”

      • Precisely! Someone needs to ask her why she doesn’t just depend on the police to protect her, isn’t that what they are for? And her answer would beeeee…..??

        • I would guess her answer would be pure deflection with “#gunbullies” attached for good measure. Oh, and because childrenzzzz!!!!

        • If the video is any indication, the answer would be [crickets chirping]. Typical dialog for her ilk.

      • Come to think of it, I would like to know if the guns her armed security totes have a magazine capacity of more than 10 rounds. And if they carry more than 7 rounds in their 10-round mags.

  5. Modern liberals hate the whole concept of individual Liberty. They can’t be superior if everyone is equal. Their lives are worth defending but yours is not. Tjis mindset explains everything Obama and Holder are doing. They are not misunderstood or confused. They know exactly what they are doing.

    • Had the same thought myself, but I figured her wrong-headedness is old, her gun-toting-by-proxy hypocrisy is a relatively new element I take it.

  6. By Shannon’s logic (the logic she applies to us, the unwashed masses) all she should have really needed to do was make a placard proclaiming 2,000 yards around her in any direction a “gun free zone” and she would have been safe from “gun violence”. That’s her “common sense” solution for protecting everyone else from madmen/criminals in schools, workplaces, stores, etc, so why shouldn’t it work for her?

    • I’m sure someone here has some hardware that could tap that from more than 2,000 yards away. UGH, the thought of “tap that” makes for bad mental images. I’m so sorry. BTW, this is in no way shape or form a call for violence against the “grassroots” organizer. And I can’t fricking believe that I had to include the last sentence after a sex joke. I hate the Internet sometimes.

      OTOH, has anyone ever noticed that all of the Astroturf orgs out there have to hire armed security to protect themselves, whilst they proclaim to be grassroots and have the support of the populace. Meanwhile, you have folks like the TEA party (truly grassroots whether you agree with their positions or not), and I have never heard of a single one with hired goons for security. Is it maybe because the posers like Watts know good and damn well that if the majority of the unwashed masses figure out that they are actively trying to eff them over, the posers could become a target? Or at least they fear that they would become targets? If so, then it would reason to suspect that they understand good and damn well that they not only don’t have the popular support of the people, but are likely vastly outnumbered by their opponents, are aware of such, and are scared. It would leave me to believe that either Ms. Watts is HIGHLY dedicated to the whole anti-gun movement, or she stands to make millions now from someone like a Bloomberg or a Soros (not implicating him directly, just an example), or she intends fully to make a name for herself with a dedicated following that she can later turn into the basis for a political machine.

      Wow, I rambled off from my original quip. Sorry, MattG, I should have made this it’s own post.

      • Tea Party doesn’t need armed guards since many of them are likely armed to begin with. I recall one Chris Matthews hyperventilating at one of them around the last election. Her apparent courageousness in the face of armed opposition is precisely the image that her goons were hired to present. The reality is that she faces an emprirically demonstrable lesser threat from law abiding gun owners than she does, statistically speaking, from her OWN DEMOGRAPHIC (soccer moms.) That she would be so quick to use this tactic in her insane attempt to paint gun owners as conspiratorial assassins without considering the hypocrisy such a move represents seems more furious hissy fit, than calculated political or financial strategy.

    I know its been stated before and it goes like this:
    Antis don’t want anyone to have guns until THEY do.
    An anti is a person who hasn’t been a victim of a crime then they’re wishing for a gun.

      • ok, how about the other Jim that’s been posting vs you all afternoon? Paul, to quote the line from the movie Snatch, “you don’t bring a fella that size with you unless you’re trying to send a very particular message.”

        so, we should be “intimidated” so that she FEELS safe….do i have that right?

    • Yeah they were, after that shoving incident they caught heat for being “anti gun, but having body guards” So they basically argued its ok for them to have body guards with guns, but none of us measly peasants should have them.

      • Palmguy, shhhh…Pope Paul is on a tr0ll. Oops, I meant “roll.” Don’t spoil it.

    • Well, yeah, we have the Information Director of the outfit posting a statement admitting that all the MDA executives travel with armed private security. Guess that qualifies.

      • I think a couple of their “executives” may have realized the hypocrisy of their actions and bailed.

  8. Here’s an easy way to dispel the political term “gun violence”. All you need are several notorious firearms, a webcam, a running timer, and a message.

    First, round up all the “scary” guns in question commonly owned by law abiding citizens:

    1. A semi-automatic pistol
    2. An “assault” rifle (an AR is the most commonly used by the media)
    3. A “hunting” rifle (bolt-action preferred)

    Second, load them up with live ammunition, safety off, and lay them all down on a table facing an appropriately safe backstop. Frame them all nicely in full view of the camera lens.

    Now leave the room. Keep the camera rolling and start the timer.

    What the antis and the media will see (which all gun owners already know) is that guns aren’t the cause of gun violence. After all, we have a room full of “scary” weapons that are supposedly responsible for murdering our children. Surely there will be bloodshed. Or at least violence of some sort… right? No?

    Well that comes to no surprise to anyone with an IQ over 40.

    Smart people know that people are the cause of gun violence. Without violent people, there can be no gun violence, or any other classification of violence. And here we have proof.

    End of discussion.

    Guns are simply mechanical devices, devoid of life and free will. The NRA should add this to their site as a common sense PSA.

    • Unless one of them is made by Remington, in which case a bumble bee lands on the safety and it discharges.

    • Does this qualify? It has been around for a few years now.

      Thank god we are keeping such a close eye on these dangerous assault weapons. I can’t imagine how many people they would have killed, if we weren’t watching them.

  9. I for one am growing tired of the amount of attention that Shannon Watts gets on this site. This video is “stale” at this point. If TTAG is going to insist on giving Ms. Watts 24/7 “coverage”, consider this post to be my demand for equal “air time” for Dana Loesch and/or Emily Miller, or any other intelligent and articulate spokesperson for 1st and 2nd amendment rights. Thank you!

  10. Having trained a little for and done a few hours of protection for high value personnel I doubt these guys know much about it. When they decide to move in the opposite direction both of the goons just start moving in that direction without any regard for where SW is. They just about leave her behind. Likely they simply hired the biggest baddest most intimidating people they could find. Right out of central casting. I bed dollars to doughnuts they weren’t carrying guns at all.

    • MAIG, MDA, Everyclown for Gun Safety, whatever they are calling themselves today — they admit that all their honchos have armed guards when they travel.

  11. What’s funny about all this is that invoking the aura of “mother” was supposed to have shamed our great nation into surrendering it’s freedom by now. Instead, Shannon Watts has become more of a villain than a hero, and it DESTROYS her inside. “WTF, does this entire nation hate their mothers?” she thinks to herself as she feverishly deletes pro-liberty comments from her facebook page. Her gradual mutation into this man-hating feminist is likely a direct result of this phenomenon.

    • Yes indeed… she has become “that thing” in America’s attic.

  12. If Shannon says that gun control works when in reality is the opposite, then GMOs must be good, when in reality is the opposite and every nation in the world are banning not guns but the GMOs.

    • Hector, I don’t know if GMOs are good or bad. I know that Shannon worked very hard for Montsanto to keep GMO content a secret and to prevent disclosure of GMOs on food packaging. And that makes me very suspicious.

      • As far as GMOs are concerned, the track record of GMOs today show that they are used as a vessel for God knows what, and anyone can look in foreign press articles going anti-GMO. In warfare, food, money, intel, et. al. are weapons. One example is that scientists in Monsanto want a GMO-free cafeteria, but for everyone else is the swill. I believe Shannon is using the same propaganda model that of pro-GMO, twist it into an anti-gun propaganda delivery system. Your suspicions are correct, Ralph. If it quacks like, walks like, and acts like a duck, then it must be one.

  13. was that her body guard at the last few seconds of the clip making serious distance between him and her? looking to me he had is head down …probably checking he emails for his next gig…

  14. I still think we can solve this whole debate by just selling the antis “gun free zone” tshirts that will offer them 100% protection from their own fears.

  15. How do we know Shannon Watts does not carry? Diane Feinstein, that gun control matron has acknowledged that even she carries!

  16. BREAKING: TTAG’s hard on for MDA has surpassed the 4hr mark. See a doctor.

  17. This woman is entitled to her opinion, but I’m not listening or paying her any mind. She and her kind will have no effect on my life or my freedom. Until she shows up at my door with armed men we have nothing to talk about and she is no threat to me in the meantime.

    Take care of yourself and your family and work outward from there if you have the resources. I’m not wasting my time fighting other peoples battles in other states, particularly in states I deem lost, unwinnable, or overrun with Leftards and loons. The crazies need someplace to live too I guess. I live in a bastion of gun owners, in a state full of gun owners, surrounded on all sides by gun-friendly states full of gun owners. It doesn’t suck to be me at all.

    Come and take them. I dare you. Effin’ Bloomies.

  18. Who says they were armed? What kind of article is this? You provided no evidence that they were armed. I read this site for logical discussions, reviews ect. not bitching. We can laugh at and absolutely tear down their ridiculous “arguments” and actions, but this, this is pathetic. Oh and you’ve already beaten the dead horse that is that video.

  19. I don’t think TTAG reporting about MDA this often is obsessive at all, the liberal is a fascinating sub species of the human race, some called “Moms Demand Action Against illegal Mayors(?)” are a particularly curious creature, let’s watch now as we get a previously unseen video of them on thier natural habitat…….

    • I agree,Pashtun6; I think the only ones that disagree are the leftist leaning types that don’t like their idols being held up for ridicule.

  20. It’s interesting…. sat through spiderman 2 last night with teenage pricks behind us throwing candy at people, talking through the movie, and another asshole texting on his phone in front of us the whole time…. somehow my firearm didn’t do anything on its own, and I complained to the management….

    It’s almost like 99.98% of gun owners aren’t crazy jackasses…..

    • well, when I suggested we go to her house, dammit, there I go again, I mean MDA’s corporate HQ, and ask if they would like a lawn sign saying “there are no guns in this house” (a la Project Veritas did with Eric Holder’s house), well, suddenly, she started up with this whole stalking thing. . . . . go figure.

  21. Reporting on MDA and Watts is extremely important. For those who were in this fight before the internet, We took Sarah Brady down hard. We had to do it in friendly mags, news outlets, gun shows and the like. She was the Watts of the late 80’s to mid 90’s. Now she is a nobody. We proved her agenda and America stopped paying attention to her.
    Ignore these people and they will pick away at your rights. Expose them at every possible turn and they will slither away.

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